Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Slipping through my fingers ......

Its been 10 days since my second term ended. Time changed place changed my fellow classmates changed basically my college changed but all this was not enough for changing me. I am still the daydreamer of the class who gets bone cracking shivers whenever any professor asks any question or just says aloud "Wake him up".

Life is all about learning from your mistakes n coz i commit lots of them my learning curve is mostly pretty steep. My wingies got an electric rod to beat the heat of calcutta. Now when u are using an electric heater u should never touch the water to check the temperature. But since i lack patience exactly the same way daler mehndi lacks dressing sense I touched the freaking water. Since i m a Big Guy these lil shocks are no match for my mental strength still for the next five minutes my left hand was not responding to my brain commands ...

Since few days i m having some skin pigmentation trouble. I kept on procrastinating the ritual of visiting a doctor. It somehow hurts my sunny deol style super macho image i foster abt myself. But then i got scared and finally visited one dermatologist which they say is greek for useless doctor. I wonder is there any point of time someone pages for a dermatologist and says "Doctor we have an emergency" or may be " Hey man u are GOD u saved my life".
Wateva the female was typical aunty who gave me a sweet witty smile when i told her about the seriousness of the situation. Somehow she felt like i was over reacting n i m just one step away from the girls who shouts aloud and breaks bathroom mirrors when a single mosquito bite mark appears on their face.

My family still thinks i m useless lazy boy who will make a mess of his life if they wont keep on guiding me.... Leaving aside the thodi bahut daant of my mom for not cleaning my room, my father scoldings for not being responsible enuff my life has been a nice journey till now and one of the major reason is i have always had nice friends around me. But then it is pretty obvious that people like to be friends with me i mean who will hate the small kid around the corner who is always forced to sit in the front rows, who cant beat anybody, who cant outscore anyone in the exams n who cant steal anybody's girlfriend.

But past few days have been amazing I am having the best time of my life.
I wanted to write down here something so that when i will be telling stories to my kids about my young days, i will have some proof to show them that at some point of time i was happy n i m more than just the irritating father whose got a problem with my daughter's dressing sense and my son's new body piercing.
Even though i know this whole nice time will end sooner or later but then whenever i will just look back at this n i m sure a small smile will appear on my face till then i m living the moment :)

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Insomnia ......

We all know what goes on in a bedroom…. Don’t get any ideas I am talking about a bachelor guy’s bedroom so there is no action in here. But your bedroom is a place where you are all alone; it’s a place where you can go into introspection lean back think about important issues of life. A place where you can dream with your eyes open. But then the best thing can be just to pull up that blanket feel cozy and sleep or MAY BE NOT, coz there is no sleep in your eyes then u wake up sit in front of your computer and start punching arbitrary keys to write some crap.

Winters have started in kolkata. n its pretty cold out here. I know you guys from north India must be like what a baby Calcutta ki thandi sorry THAND bhi koi thand hai ..thand to humare punjab mein padti hai. But yaar main 4 years Bombay mein reh kar aaya hoon . Bombay taught me lots of things like how to stand straight in a crowded local train n balance your whole body weight with just two fingers along with half support of ur thumb, 1000 lines you should never say to a beautiful stranger girl in a shopping mall and how a 4 Rs vada paaw can give u more pleasure than that of a Le meridian’s black forest if u have the right company.

Most of the guys will understand my sentiments when I say it aloud I can’t take a bath daily in winters. IIM has installed a “SOLAR HEATER” but the SOLE purpose of that supposedly hot water tap is to ooze out muddy water and the beauty is, that tap plays with you I mean sometimes it gives u hot water and sometimes not. Now thts wat u can call energy conservation in real sense. To get hot water from that tap is almost like hitting a jackpot and then there are echoes in my ears “AYE BITWA!! Aaj nalke mein Garam paani aawat rahi jaldi jaldi naha lo”.

There is another reason why i can’t take a bath daily. Call me shy but I prefer to bathe in privacy … but here it is pretty difficult to snatch those private moments because all the time I got company. I wish main keh sakta ki that company consists of Angelina jolie and her half Asian half French cousin. But this company is of desi breed Miss Lizard. I don’t have any personal issues against her but its just that her shaking tail and her eye color doesn’t go with the mood.

I have few things to worry nothing major it’s just that my end terms are going on and as always I am under prepared and over stressed. Now a series of night outs only can help me but who wants to lose precious sleep for few marks.

There can be many reasons for someone not being able to sleep................... but then once u accept all sides of yours it’s much easier to sleep at night.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

I need a hair cut...dammit

Life is all about making choices …… it takes shapes based on the kind of trade offs we make and things we pick up. Let it be about developing a new friendship, standing up for your mistakes or taking an elective like biz ethics. But these choices can be pretty fatal at times. Imagine wat mistake Jitender committed when he decided to have a second baby and he gave this world Tushar kapoor.

But there are Bigger issues in my life……………

I need a haircut … n I m pretty scared. I know you must be thinking what’s there to be afraid of. I mean a barber's shop is one of the most peaceful shop u can ever visit to. There are no irritating aunties around discussing latest prices of atta daal or the colour of Tulsi’s saaree in the last kyunki saas’s episode, nor it’s like a doctor where u can never be sure of wat gonna get inside ur body or sucked from it. Infact it’s a dream land all the guys who go into a salon disconnects themselves from the outside world and for some moment start picturing themselves as sharukh khan, johny depp or Ibbu Hatela’s fav Salman Khan leave aside whether the guy’s got a looks of mungeri lal still he starts imagining.

I am no different but somehow this whole hairdo thing doesn’t excite me. May be coz I did my basic groundwork in my childhood days tried lots of things to look presentable but since nothing worked out so I stopped imagining. Still once in a while these kind of fantasies pop in. But then I cant comb my hairs somehow tht makes me look organized which I m not. So I go for the spiky look but then bhagwan ne baal hi aise diye hain ki mere baal spikes ki jagah shock khaye hue insaan ko resemble karte hain. So mere desperate efforts ka afthermath yahi hai ki mera comb ka kharcha bach gaya :)_

Coming back to the original issue why m I scared? So the reason is the deadly dude barber of JOKALAND. This guy gives u a haircut for 12 bucks thts cheap but in return he not only keeps ur hairs but also your pride and dignity. Last time when I went to this shop he gave me a cut which was a hybrid between Lalloo yadav’s jhintak Sadhna cut and Beckham’s 2002 world cup crown cut. Situation itni buri thi ki when I came back log mujhse dhoodh aur alloo pyaz ka rate poochte they. “ KA HO ?? DHOODH KITNA RUPYA KA DIYA??” somehow I survived through tht humiliation phase but I don’t wanna do the same mistake again. I did some research and people told me there is habib’s at esplanade. Please call me kanjoos but I can’t shell out 250 bucks for a haircut so that option is also out of mind. Now I will again have to make choices. Since Calcutta is such a promising place I m afraid to do so. So now I m looking out for new places to gets my hairs chopped and yes once again I will picturize myself as Brad pitt’s Mr smith cut.

Now some arbit stuff but there is something more which creeps me out these days..........and that is the thought...................Its Scary To Suddenly Realize How Vulnerable You Are To SOMEONE……………………………

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Summers ............

People who read newspaper beyond Bombay Times and watch TV for more than just Indian Idol, K series or Nach Baliye must be knowing that Summers placements have ended at IIMC. Don’t get any ideas coz I m not going to any Firang Investment Bank nor I am earning in dollars. I am going to HSBC India , Bombay office . When I moved into IIMC I thought I will be selling detergents to housewives or shampoo to young and beautiful females but Credit cards, house loans and NRI accounts is what written in my destiny.

It’s a strange thing but few days back somebody asked me what HSBC is n I said it is Hong Kong and Singapore Bank ….as always people corrected me it is Hong Kong and Shanghai bank my response to this was “ Jab lene hi nahin wale to naam jaan kar kya karunga”.

Father was like "haan haan woh hong Kong bank hai" ( I am sure he asked some oh his friends or googled for it ). Wateva he was happy. But then his reaction changed next day when he called me up and said " I read it in the newspaper even saw it on NDTV..... about people who got overseas placements and who wud be earning in dollars. " tumhe nahin milla???"

Ab unhe koi kaise samjhaye ki Me going to firang land is only possible if i join Dawood's gang earn some extorsion money and fly to dubai. or i can join some Bhangra band like tht of Daler Mehndi and usske luggage ke saath pack hokar illegaly export ho jaun. Since I dont see either of those happening in the near future i am happy with Bombay. :)

My mother still feels how come anyone on this earth can find me useful for a job. But then I also share the same thoughts so its hardly an issue.Well before summers started i already started my quest for alternate professions like chain snatching, shop lifting or pickpocketing. But after i did a cost benefit analysis and looked at the police records i decided to take the easy way out. I am still thinkin of some other professions but it looks like Indian laws are not tht easy to break

Going back to bombay is going to be hell lot of fun I will revisit IIT BUt haan i will make sure ki main apne department ke aas pass se bhi na pass hoon. Kahin galti se bhi kissi prof ne dekh liya aur agar pehchaan liya to faltoo mein hi usska mood kharab ho jayega. Bombay is going to be lotsa fun.... most of my stupid frnds will b there. We will live the good old days once again :)

I have been watching lotsa movies lately and just two days back i saw Vivah. Ladies get ur hankies ready coz Suraj barjatiya is back in action. Its not a movie its a lesson to be learnt. I got so many fundaes by watchin that movie tht now even i can feel i can write a book " easy road to marriage" BUt make sure you dont watch the Movie alone coz the results can be fatal bring in ur frnds and let the movie roll.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Long long time ago.....

Its been a long long time since i blogged n a lot happened in between.
My end sems got over n now I m officially 1/6th corporate bastard read manager. End sems are over and unlike the expectations of most of my frnds I m still in IIMC n they didnt kick me out of the place. Go thru my scrap book n u can find scraps like..."ABe tu pass ho gaya??". If i got frnds like these then i m sure Satan cant do any worse. But i dont blame them for this afterall i earned this reputation after 4 years of consistent efforts at iit.
Now the vacations are on and I m at my home. Sitting at home doing nuthing gives u a lot of time to think abt imp issues of life like why ARjun SIngh is still alive, why katrina's skirt is creating a big chaos n why my neighbour's daughter is not hot.

When u get back to home ur parents treat u as if u were stayin in a food deprived refugee camp of bangladeshis.Day in day out mummiji asks me " Beta Vicky!! kya khayega?" Its okay mummiji main wahan bhi khana kha leta hoon. But when mom's hand cooked food is conmbined with SAffola 0 % cholestrol food ....resistance is futile.
Pehle mom used to ask me ki beta koi gf bani n all but now my mom has the complete confidence on me ki yeh mere case mein to nahin hi ho sakta now she doesnt asks me this anymore. BUt the new bike ignited some hopes still no success....

Besides this i do one more imp thing n tht is changing channels . If tv channels wud have paid for clickin their channels everytime on the same lines of Google....main abhi tak millionaire hota. By this time i m a complete TV guide. I mean if u will wake me up at 2 am in the night i will be able to tell u which show is running on which channel. But this perfection in terms of F TV is only for late nigth shows. :)
Movies come in for rescue... i have seen deewar, viajy path, kaliya , gande ladke 2(bad boys 2) katil sherni (lara croft) ... last two title coz my cable wala shows english movies dubbed in hindi
Now when i got back to home mataji got all religious n all and she arranged a puja in my name. Though i enjoyed it but sittin there right next to the HAWAN KUND made me realize how difficult it is to get married where u have to sit thru the whole thing for whole night.
Now comin back also means meeting all the unclejis n auntiyaan> I m kool till the discussions stays to hows calcutta ?? Hows ur hostel ?? But my anxiety rises from 0-100 in 2 secs as soon as the discussion evenly remotely touches my engg marks or generaaaal Studies. But by this time i hv mastered the art of evadin the whole point cleanly with an innocent look a sweet smile and a dialouge....." Ji kafi padhai karni padti hai ...time hi nahin milta".
I m leaving in two days to the beloved Jokaland.....Dengue is the big thing these days so mataji already started stuffing up my bag with odomos all out n all... unka bas chale to MACHHAR DANI (mosquito net) bhi pask kar de.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dude!!!! Wats wrong with you???

Getting a Bike is by far my second best decision at Joka the first one offcourse is when i took Enviromental development as my elective. But still the worst decision is getting a Tata indicom connection ...god knows wat was i thinking. BUt like many other Indians i also got decieved by Kajol's pretty smile and her intoxicating eyes.When she said "2 saal tak tan tana tan" i thought she was talking specifically to me. BUt like many other mistakes in my life I m going to rectify this one too by getting a new reliance connection.

But my life is on an emotional roller coaster ride and the hardships in this place are immense. The long night outs of cag sessions with ur frnds and then the horrifying moments of classroom when u try to stay awake by pouring coffee in ur food pipe. The sense of satisfaction of seeing smone smile and the frustation of watching someone everyday and my inability to talk to her. The groovy moments when u are enjoying on a weekend with ur batchmates and then suddenly u realize u have a submission on monday and life goes on...........

Father called me up and he said how are ur mid sem marks ??? I said i guess they will let me stay here for another sem(coz u get kicked out of the institute if u flunk in two courses). He got all furious "u will never be serious in your life when will u start acting responsibly". Everyone expects you to be focussed and be clear about what u want out of ur life. But is it that its not.

Being the youngest kid in the whole Khandaan responsibilty is one word which was out of my dictionary. Only responsibilities in my life at home were to get good marks, dont indulge in any fight with my sisters and get AALU pyaaj from the market. Now since I m in a hostel since 2002 all these above things are also gone.Though parents still want me to study a lot but .........

Forget family members here even the seniors wants us all to be so serious. Everytime u go into a presentation three magic words appear in frnt of u FINANCE, CONSULT ya MArketing and everytime this thing comes in frnt of me I feel like Sita Mata giving agnipariksha. Asking me abt the details of these three fields is like askin Udham Singh Tau about the latest Jamelia video. Still i hv to make a choice.

But the good thing is I have an option of making a choice here but wat abt those things on which we have no India losing to pakistan, Tussar kapur getting new movies, my mom's liking for kahani ghar ghar ki and meeting smone who suddenly becomes so imp in ur life tht one word frm her can make or ruin ur day.

But i wont bore u guys with the senti menti stuff here mainly coz of two reasons.
1) i dont want my stupid frnds to get back to me after reading this ....aise bhi they already rip me off a lot in the wing

2) I knw how boring it is to read abt smones feeling given the case its not MILLS N BOONS.
Its 5:30 in the morning n i can listen the birds chirping and Gecko of the Bastard "Butt for brains" lizard which is there in my room. The song I m listening to is " Hands of time frm A lot like love ...and every nerve in my eye is telling me to go to sleep otherwise i will miss tom stats class.....

Monday, August 14, 2006

Is it a Plane Is it a bird....No stupid its an Apache

YEah the dream come true for every guy..... I bought a TVS Apache on 8th of august.
If u dont knw abt apache then its the bike jisske ad mein some So called "COOL DUDES" are crying their hearts out "Its Now or Never".

Well i wont say all the usual stuff ki its my first love n its my girlfriend n all coz these things are debatable.
But no one can deny the importance of All Out(mosquito repellent) in joka campus, Proxies in class and a bike in a guy's life.
First bike is always important in a guys life...during my grad all my frnds had bikes so i never bought one kyunki kabhi kami nahin hui. But this was my last chance to own a bike in the college n thts why i bought it.

BUt with Huge powers comes great responsibilities and with all this comes in even more advices. Suddenly everyone becomes a "Gayatri Driving School" ka trainer.
First thing comes frm papaji ...the standard: beta helmet hamesha lagana....speed 50 ki range mein. Ab if u wanna drive a bike at 40 Km/hr wats the point of buying a 150CC bike.Still looking at KOLKATA BUS service driving i think 50Km/hr is not a bad figure.
Gabbar Singh se jaise Rampur ke gaonwalon darte they ussi tarah calcutta niwasis are afraid of city buses. One old frnd of mine is in calcutta and when i went to meet her she was not ready to sit on my bike. She looked at the bike then gave me a strange look as if this is going to be her last ride. Thankfully i drive pretty slow so she was relieved.BUt as i was coming back again came the HUGE DOSE of advices....Ankit slow chalana and keep an eye on the BLUE DEVILS.

Mataji is even better .....campus ke bahar bike mat le jana... yaar ab agar sirf campus mein chalaunga to 2 saal mein bhi 500 kms nahin chal payegi. Still unhe khush rakhne ke liye haan haan sirf campus mein hi chalaunga.

Sisters are kool and they gave the normal advices nothin worth metioning. ALl this is because my sister bought a Sunny Zip in her school days n usski wajah se mujhe bhi woh chalani padti thi. SO she still feels guilty for buying that crap and now she feels happy for me.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Arbit illusions

Well first things first....someone told me to do this so I m hereby declaring ki I didnt quit smoking.But last week was mid sem time and obviosuly tension mein ur will power shakes a bit and a smoke once in a while really helps. BULLSHIT seriously it hardly helps its just the mental thing.

So mid sems got over in which i was ROYALLY SCREWED and then came in the hostel events called the WORLD WAR.No point of boring u guys with wats its all abt but in a nutshell its the most enduring physically n mentally challenging event i ever participated in. Ur voice chokes and even the eunuchs of Grant road will run away after hearing ur screams n chants. Itni frequency se raids to Grant road mein bhi nahin padti n i m sure ki mumbai ke dance bar owners bhi raid ke liye itne alert nahin rehte honge jitne hum log they .

BUt in the end it all starts making sense ...the stupid bashings, the tyre raid the march past and the final party.I always believed the frndship which is formed by working in a team in a crisis situation is the strongest.So at the end of this week i made some real good frnds and learnt some good things.

So Anu tagged me and i"ll have to follow the ritual.Anu ki wajah se yeh serious sa blog likhne ka chance mila raha hai. Interesting post i must say the only scary thing is it reveals a lot abt u....

I am thinking ….
How the hell krish became a hit? Why the hell there are exams in any institute??? Why there is only one charlize theron>?????
But besides all this i m thinkin how times just passes by especially the good days of life. My graduation's 4 years ended so soon ....n now after my first month in joka i believe these 2 years of MBA will also pass by pretty fast.I wish i had an option of continuing this student life forever.......
I said….
Well i say a lot of crap n u can ask my frnds to confirm that. But all the things i say somehow make sense atleast for me..:P I believe in frndship, relationship n family one shud never care for wat the person in frnt said or did wrong. U shud always go back to the people who really mean so much in life to u ditching all the personal ego n all.

I miss...
the time which i spent with my sisters now they both are married and they both are way too busy with their careers.My best frnd in this world is my younger sis i miss the time when she understood wats going inside my head without even askin me. The innocence of life is now gone and the responsibilities are coming in.

I hear...
everything arnd me but i grab only those things which makes sense to me. Somehow i was always able to do this thing wat i learnt just now is called SELECTIVE attention.

I wonder...
how few small moments of life become so important that u keep them in ur memories for ever.These moments are like ur comfort zone whenever smthing goes wrong u can just disconnect urself from the rest of the world and then get in the zone.

I regret...
Very few things. I always belive wateva decisions I took in my life were best at tht instant.Maybe sometime later u can think I wud have done this n such crap but the fact is its only ur gut feeling and instincts which u can trust.

I am...
A guy who wants everything in life.............

I dance...
for fun n when i feel like. In my grad time i took part in all the choreo events but later on i found it pretty monotonous so ditched it. Now i just dance to enjoy.
I sing...
very BAD.....But still i have this fantasy of being a rock star which i knw is never gonna be fulfilled :(
I cry.....
Whenever TULSI bhabhi aur jassi ko yeh zalim duniya satati hai.
I am not...
a very stiff person. I feel that u shud always be flexible in life..Coz life is never stiff u meet so many people n they all hv their own issues n all besides tht there are so many situations when u need to twist ur ways a bit. So i m the person who has no issues with tht.
I write...
coz this gives me a sense of freedom ..
I confuse...
with my own thoughts... So many things are going on in my head all the time its really like tuning a radio to a particular frequency.
I need...
some good frnds all the time arnd me. Abhi tak god infinite consistent hai n i never had a shortage or a void of good frnds arnd me.
I should...
be sleeping early in the night. My body is gettin all fucked up sleepin at bloody 5 am in the morning..:(

I finish...
this blog

I m not tagging anyone but still Anu good one i really enjoyed writing this.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I m still in calcutta surviving and loving every second of it.
BUt i m in huge huge trouble coz I dunno how, but a lizard sneaked into my room. Now i cant stand lizards n this one is a killer i tried all the measures to scare her(wats the gendre i dunno) off like throwing my broom at her i even played Himesh Reshamiya's songs continuosly for 4 hours.I left the room hoping she wont be able to bear the groovy beats. I came back to my room but this little bastard was still there.

Waise my hostel is a bit scary infact the whole campus is... u can find creatures in this place which will make u revisit the whole Darwin's theory. I mean one day i spotted a brownish fella with 8 legs n two wings..... n here i was thinkin when the IIMC brochure said Discover a NEW SELF they were talkin abt the students.

Mess food is good but the mess boy sorry ASIF DADA always gives me a strange look when i politely refuse for fish.He offers me fish n i say "na DADA" ..His facial expressions changes as if somebody called aishwarya rai ugly n he is like dada aaap FISH nahin khate lekin chicken khate ho??? AFAIK there is no section in IPC or under Maneka gandhi's rulebook that if u eat chicken u got to eat fish.

Life@iim is busy for sure, the whole concept of NIGHT sounds like a distant thought to me. I m not new to night outs but those were all fun night outs when i spent the whole night watchin movies or on bike or some beach etc. But here people study till 5 in the morning and still they are all there in the lecture.Back at home Mom used to say "vicky beta raat ke barah baj gaye ab so ja"..n here the whole timeclock runs on a different note.
Kuch dinon se mera gala kharab tha.I was talking to my sis n suddenly there was a small cough ...bas this lead to the opening up of a whole medical encyclopedia for me. Since she is a doctor she thinks she can do the diagnosis of anythin accurately n she started like tu phir se smoke kar raha hoga thanda pani mat peena $%#%$#%$ capsule le lena.........
though this time she was right i was smokin a bit.... but in the middle of all this there is a good news I quit smoking :)
I screwed up my quizes i m a bit sad :( but things will be better :)

Monday, July 17, 2006


Its been ages since i wrote anything here... Well to start off now I m in calcutta finally settled and now I m loving this place. I can say this thing proudly for my institute but for calcutta its too early to pass a judgement.
My batch junta is pretty kool ... but they gave me a stupid sa nick "Chunnu" bloody iit mein Laddoo yahan chunnu .....aisa mere saath hi kyun hota hai:(

A trip in the streets of Kolkata will make u feel the need of globalization.ITC generates 80% of their gross revenue frm Bengal alone......Bongs really smoke a lot.
The single most talked abt thing abt Bong land is the Bong beauty but I didnt see much of tht during my two outings.
BUt God is great thnkfully in our batch there are 47 females to add to this God gave me a golden oppurtunity in the form of my hostel.
Now abt my hostel its a mixed hostel, But i m a big big jerk. I m very very bad at this dating game. This legacy is contuining right frm my school days. I m very bad at this flirting thing. I tried it many times but failed miserably everytime. All my crushes were crushed...
It started off with my class 8th crush (isse pehle ke bachpan ki bhool they)
Nice female we were good frnds then came the deadly day of rakshabandhan ....... n the story ended there.
Class 9th/10th things were going oaky(i was the chipkoo frnd)but i was enjoying every moment but still one fine day it all ended(here also the rakhi thing but verbally)

Class 11th one of the most famous gal of the school mnay guys were fighting for this female i was one of them. But before i cud have made my move. This gals gave me straight signals tht i m not invited .. we were good frnds once I lost the frndship too:(
But i mention here, all the time i never told the gal in question explicitly tht i Like/love her...I was always in the building up stage n in most cases i was the frnd whom they later ignored.I guess i will never have the courage to tell a girl how i feel abt her.
All this doesnt gives u an insight of my desperate efforts but this can be a help
I met one of my class 12th crush after a looong looong time n the first thing i said to her was " Yaar tu moti ho gayi hai".
I cud have said anything "u are looking gorgeous" or just plain hello or any other damn thing but MOTI. I dont knw much abt female psychology but i knw for sure no gal, let her b the last one alive, will like that.
School life ended n i reached the dream land Bombay for my graduation ...but i was in iit the worst place in mumbai for dating thing.
In iit Demand exceeds supply.... so the competition is pretty tough and Bombay females hate iitians for two reasons
IITians dont have any money( true in most cases)
they are geeks (a misnomer)
But i tried hard in bombay but my great dating skills came to the rescue of the gals there too,n they were saved from me.
So sticking to my SIngle--ship i dont have any hopes from calcutta too.....
Two weeks are left for midsems and i knw nuthing abt wats going on in the classes its 6:46 am right now n here i m worrying abt my NOgf history.
Old habits die hard :(

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweet home Alabama :)

Right now I m at my home with no other job other than stuffing up myself with my mom’s hand cooked food. My mother is trying everything in her power to make my 30 inch waist jeans useless, but I m holding my grounds and to rescue my self from the extra nutritious diet prescribed by my mother I play football daily for around 1 hour. But since my “Studious” friends decided that they need to study hard for their end semester examinations I m thinking of other options like swimming or badminton.

But staying at home has got its own plus points and negative points, its like a 24x7 free ticket to a spa especially when your home visits are just twice a year than u need to do nothing just sit back and enjoy. The morning tea is in the morning in the real sense and also the food menu is decided by my VETO Power.

When I m at my home I watch a lot of TV. I love news channels and talk shows. But these days football is on so it’s really fun to watch late night football matches and in between take a look at the beautiful models walking down the ramp on Fashion TV.

But watching television whole day long is a big task in itself. Sometimes I feel the only people creating news in this country are the news channel people themselves. Let it be India losing in WI or Rahul mahajan taking cocaine they got a half an hour show for everything.

Music channels always come for rescue. But wait a second something is seriously wrong with MTV people its not at all cool anymore…after every song there comes in an irritating promo of GHOOM or some stupid model will be blabbering bullshit. I thought it’s a MUSIC television only if it’s showing any Music. To add to this of the few songs they actually show more than half of them are Himesh Reshamiya’s songs.

Half the time ESPN n star sports are showing India’s old matches when they actually won. I mean common in a country like India even my mother must be knowing the few series we actually won but they keep on showing them again n again.BUt martian hingis made a come back thts a good news :)

Don’t even get me started on star plus n sony the K series is still on and every other day a new show pops in where some aunties n few teenagers are pissed off with their life and the family melodrama goes on.

The comedy shows on the television will make u curse the no free arm rule of India. It wud have been so easy to shoot the producers in a free arm nation like USA.

The movie channels keep on repeating the few good movies they have i saw The italian job twice this week on HBo. okay its a nice movie

Have u seen the new talent hunt matter how bad a person sings those guys are always ready with their ass licking comments....Kya gaate ho beta matlab tum to cha gaye... Bas sur taal is missing baaki everything is perfect.

Kabhi raat ko "Sansani" n Crime Reporter dekhan i m sure u"ll die out laughing the hosts looks like a by product of ramsay brothers camp and these guys will make u beleive u are living in Old town

okeis the cafe time of 1 hour is up :(( so i m leaving kyunki i cant sit here for another half an hour

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Journey

Kill yash chopra burn karan johar and behead subash ghai for playing with our emotions, I m sure many of u out there must be having this sweet little fantasy of meeting a beautiful lady in a train. Kabhi nazron ka ladna, kahin hansi ka jharna kahin aakhon ka machalna to kabhi kahin hasi ka jharna to kabhi aanchal ka phisalna.

But fantasies like these live only in one’s dream. Still train journeys are fun. But after 21 years of experiencing the phenomena knwn as Indian Railways I have seen a lot of fairer sex. Since on my way to Indore I had jus one novel One Night @CC (chetan bhagat messed up this one royally) and a boring crowd arnd me so I tried to categorize the kind of fairer sex I came across in a train …. (The age range is just 17-28..kyunki I care for only these )

1) Life is an Honeymoon . the happily NEWLY wed couple dreaming abt her spouse’s new car new house and how life is going to be a cake coated with cream of promises, sugar coated with sweet sex, double layered icing of affection and a cherry on the top of awesomeness. This is the most happening pair in the arena, one can spend hours looking at them. The husband tries to impress the wife with each and every move.They will talk in eye language and the timely giggle will make u wonder wat a beautiful institution this marriage is. But if u want to get the real picture just look arnd a bit and u can spot a middle aged couple an ur myths will be clarified.

2) K-channel-Young beautiful or not so beautiful accompanied with their families. Mostly the fathers are the biggest trouble, They think every second guy who passes by his daughter is a threat to her virginity or is looking a future wife in his daughter. The daughter is normally the sati savitri version of aaj ki naari .

3) Ma beti— If the father is missing and u get a chance to meet the mommy ….only god can save u .”Beta kahan ja rahe ho?” “Bombay mein kya karte ho?” Aur agar kahin beti bhi mataji jaisi hui tab to kya kehne, Moreover many times they start the conversation with BHAIYA …….now u tell me kissi bhi bande ka kya interest reh jata hai.?
.U can survive a dengue fever but surviving the dual channel All India Radio is tougher.

4) Purani jeans aur guitar the college grp females . Its easier to get into the grp mostly these guys will b playin antakshari.The older aunties arnd will be cursing ..aaj kal ke bachche to bas. The guys trying hard to outshine each other and the girls absorbing the chaos arnd them, In my opinion this is the closest one can get to reach the yash chopra fantasy but in my 21 year career I just came across one such grp once n the crwd was awful L

5 Akeli nari …Mostly scared and extra concious and if u are blessed with one or two unclejis in the compartment u got a package deal. Ur every move is monitored and is under the public radar and even a simple decent chat can be considered as ur dating move.

I knw I missed out many other females but who cares coz I m sure none of the female I came across would be rem me …nor they will be reading this …Now I m traveling tomorrow to bhilai frm Bhopal ..chhattisgarh express once again riding high on the dream wagon but I knw once again my heart will break n my dreams will shatter still happy journey…..

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Leaving Bombay

Today i"ll be leaving Bombay, i"ll be going to indore then bhopal then Bhilai and finally calcutta.

My frnds are happy as the noisiest person( coz of my 24x7 winamp) is going. My mom is happy coz unka pyara vicky ghar aa raha hai. My profs are happy coz they wont have to deal with me anymore, IIT is happy tht one more graduate is getting out of this institute to add to the IITB alumni association, My gali ka kutta rambharose is happy kyunki ab main roj usse bread khilaunga...mere ghar ke aas pass rehne wali ladkiyan are happy kyunki unka ek aur secret admirer wapas aa raha hai. Raheem kasai is happy kyunki usska ek murga har do din mein bikega.

But i m a bit sad , sad abt leaving this great place iit , sad abt leaving my frnds here, sad abt my department junta sad abt leaving Bombay. frnds ka naam nahin likhunga kyunki i"ll miss few of them rounga nahin kyunki woh valfy ke time mein ro chuka hoon. But i knw this was the best phase of my life pata nahin aage kab aise frnds milenge.

Aur blogging junta/orkut junta.( sab ke sab to orkut par ho hi) to please touch mein rehna kuch din ke liye gayab rahunga har jagah se but main WAPAS aaunga. Aur haan bambai ki is concrete wali mitti ki saugandh wapas aaunga.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pappu Pass Ho Gaya

main janta hoon yeh kaam kathin tha!! raastein mein kai rukawate thi ... yeh Jaleem professors, yeh bhaybheet karne wale courses, woh mushkil mass balance woh prachand reactor, woh vishal-kaye labs ,woh class ki needra, woh pran le lene wale presentations woh copy kar kar ke submit kiye hue assignments woh dardnaak projects aur submissions jaise kitne hi parwat samaan badhaon ko paar karte hue aakhir woh ghadi aa hi gayi jisske liye san 1985 ki pratah subah 7 bajke 10 min par iss nanhe munne balak ka janam hua tha.....aur antatah iss bachche ne apni pyari ma ka sapna pura kar dikhaya aur 4 saal mein engg ban hi gaya.

Okay life continues and to kill my time i saw 21 episodes of Prison break ( run time 43 minutes each) in a time span of 20 hours so thts almost back to back. But i enjoyed every minute of it .

Now this one deserves a pat on my back atleast from Ram Gopal Verma coz tonite i saw the night show of "Darna zaroori hai " so wats great in tht ...but the point is I saw "darna mana hai " too in the theatre ( first day second show). I knw any normal soul wont do it unless RGV had u on gun point but when u go out with frnds u have to agree with the majority. But when i walked in i was happy we were not alone we had company there were 14 more people ... yes its true this movie will make more money than the last one.
These modern day horror movie makers will never get it right. Gone are those golden days when the "RAMSAY BROTHERS " used to give us finest, unadulterated and most humorous Horror flicks. When the tittles are like "hawas ki ek raat" "virana" "purana mandir" "purani haweli" or any other damn thing which can be purana/ purani, the job is half done.
those movies were real cinema the original storyline, the super funny comedians, the scary sound effects, the blood( which looked like ketchup) to add to this in each n every movie there used to be a swim suit scene in which Miss( or Mrs hmmmmm) Thunder Thighs used to expose her perfectly shaped body.
The situation is equally bad in hollywood have u seen the new movies all crap "SAW series" "the Ring" "the eye" nuthing in there. Remember the classis Sam Raimi's "Evil dead" series ... i mean those were classic movies where there were flying hands, twsited faces, melting flesh and the blood was by gallons. Those kinda movies required deep thinking and heavy efforts on scripting. I mean it is damn difficult to come up with ideas like flying axe or moving hands.
To give new lessons to these new age kids Sam raimi is making THE EVIL DEAD again [ as if three were not enuff x-( ] This guy is like Subash guy flop after flop and he wont stop ........
But who gave me the right to pass a judgement?? n wat the heck if he is happy making movies kyunki I m a happy man ....... coz Pappu pass ho gaya

Sunday, May 07, 2006

To kill a second .....

My room is dark .... Infact i take special care to restrict the sunrays from entering my room. Its not like that i have Vampire genes in my DNA, its just that when the temperature rises to 30C in mumbai things go really bad.
I m having lots of free time since my admission is on 23rd of june so now i can officially do wat i always do n tht is to do nothing. But to do nothing is a big task in itself and tough times like these forces a normal banda(like me) to do weird things.
In the attack of such a desperate time i saw "Shaadi se pehle" and BY GOD life ban gayi. I wonder how people like mallika sherawat okay she's got a great body but yaar kuch aur bhi to ho. All she does is walk arnd in a bikini which is no more exciting.To add to this the music of the legendary Himesh Reshamiya ---the god. There is something wrong with this guy...the cap the black jacket and the beard this guy needs a lecture on human civilization so tht he will knw we no more live like nomads.
Well to kill time i have been doing orkutting too. Its fun though it may sound lame to many of u but i was looking at the profiles of many beautiful girls. I knw its not a great thing to do buts it is my guilty pleasure secret.
I was planning to start gymming for the fourth time in my life. I start everytime then i quit in between but whenever i see perfectly shaped abs of many guys all i can do is just feel jealous and satisfy my ego by thinking , I m single jsut coz i dont have muscular body like tht.
I watch movies way too much but since i have already seen arnd 500 in iit there are not much left in the insty servers moreover very few frnds are here right now so i dont go out pretty often.
I m running out of ideas to spend my time if u guys have any ideas do tell me ...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I was out of Bombay, away from the free net service and thts why i was not able to haunt the webworld. I went on a trip to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar and now i know why amir khan chose panchgani as his wedding place.
I know its boring to read blogs about trips but its a nice way to register things, like a diary. 10 years down the line i"ll look at this blog and will remember what great time i had.
This was my last trip(as a iit student) with my frnds here and thts why i am senti abt it.
To keep things interesting i will let the pics do the talking

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Main pass to ho jaunga na!!!

Since the final exam of my gradution is just 46 hours and 22 minutes away this question is haunting me like Jigsaw. Now since this is my final exam i should be studyin but when u are up till 5 am and made a fool out of urself last night its tough to concentrate on "Safety measures in chemical processes".
My life is getting monotonous the ususal masti is not helping me at all i need a xing to recharge my MOJO. But wat m i writing lets concentrate on wat i intended to write here.
The reasons why i can flunk in this sem........

Classes :
Since iit gives u a liberty to bunk 20% of ur course lectures i utilize it to the fullest. Now you tell me if they want us to attendt only 80% of the lectures why on earth any human soul will attend more than tht. But since i utilize this liberty in the first month itself then comes in the support of my lovley frnds .who save the day by PROXIES. Infact in reality i attend 20 % of the lectures but its the wonder of proxy which inverts the real ratio of 20/80 to 80/20.

Backbencher Yes i always laugh at guys who sit in the front bench ..u cant sleep , u cant play su doku , u cant even pass chits i mean common wats the fun in there . Infact in the past 4 years this back bench thing has affected me so much tht now if i sit in the first bench the prof looks like a giant anaconda with big red eyes thursty for my blood.

Sleepy hollow The AC is on the bench is comfortable and the sweet lullaby of prof is on... yes the sweetest sleep of ur life is the one which starts at 8:30 lectures and ends at the end of the 9:30 one. When u end up as a backbencher sleeping in the class comes in package. U slept at 4 in the morning and someone wakes u up at 8:30 to attend the lecture.. 4 hours of sleep is just not enuff for me .

Notes ... I nevr make notes ...reason excluding the above three is my hand writitng. If you will look at my copy it looks like a ISI's secret message to Al qaida encrypted in morse code. My teachers had a hard time in my school and the saga continues in here. Infact i got extra marks in some of my answers coz the teacher thought by the time she will figure out wat crap i have written she will check 5 other copies..

Prof's Fav You do the above mentioned things, screw up ur quizzes and mid sems and i gurantee u tht u get a special listing in the Prof's Most wanted list. He is waiting for jut one wrong move of urs and he can unleash the terror of the dreaded F grades.

Now since i lost another 20 minutes in writing this and I still dont knw the course of my final exam i m sure one more knot has been added in my hanging rope..
I hope i will survive this final bump in my ride.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello ! Hello ! Hello ! How low????

My cell is screaming this .... coz its validity is till june and the balance has reached to the limits where before making any call i need to listen to the crap message "Aapka balance kam ho gaya hai". Arrey yaar pata hai ki kam ho gaya hai mera cell hai pata hi hoga why the hell u need to remind me this.

I know u guys are thinkin about Irfan Khan and his kabootar wala top Up card ka ad 10 rupya ka recharge. But we all are missing the finer details. U need to "BUY" a top up card. See the emphasis is on the word Buy ...which is an activity which involves money.
Money... the sweet lil thing which can buy u all the things which mastercard people quote in their ads.

But I am broke and i have already availed my dad's ATM option way too much in this semester. Infact i have asked for so much money in this semester that my father is having a doubt tht i am secretly married to "lajvanti" and I am spending money on my lajvanti's jewellary.
In the begining of the sem gettin Udhar from friends was not a problem at all.But now since they know that i"ll be gone in few weeks its a tough job. i have tried lotsa ways like
"Abe abhi dede main kal subah de doonga"
and even the karan johar kinda senti dialogs
"Abe dostti ke beech mein paise aa gaye aaj" and my creepy frnds reply to me "haan aa gaye".
Yesterday i was googling on 101 ways to pick pocket but looking at the mumbai police statistics on cases of pick pocketing i ditched the idea. But i m sure i will come up with an alternative pretty soon.

But the good news is i dont need much money now kyunki The final frontier is here( my end semester exams) and it starts from tomorrow morning 9:30 am and here I am doing the same mistake again. Talking about the problem and not doing anything to solve it. But convincing your brain to study in the eight n final semester is a tough job. Infact my parents also have lost faith in me.

In my first year papaji always said "Beta vicky !! enjoy ur time but CPI 7 to bana hi lena atleast" .... but his expectations graph fell down exponentially with time and aaj kal he says .
"Beta degree to time se mil jayegi na?". No points for guessing my CPI but to give u an idea when Chetan Bhagat wrote " Five point someone" ... i found a hero in him .

My thoughts are disconected but I had 3 night outs in the last 4 nights so my mind of state is just a little better than "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!" (click here to know)
and if u guys are wondering than it is actually a name of a movie released in 1964.
Strange world Huh!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Change is inevitable ---- I beg to differ

Life is tough it really is. Here I m sitting in front of my dabba at 5 am in the morning trying to complete my final year B Tech project but every nerve in my mind is shouting aloud.." ek frnds ka episode dekhte hain". Its tough to concentrate on the Chemical plant's reactor temperature when you have countable days left in your grad college.

With times things change but few things stay there as if they are amde for eternity one such thing which never changed in my life is the non --existence of a girlfriend in my 21 years life span on this planet. Although i had lotsa crushes but they all were crashed like "BOOM " on the box office. Infact my mom has so much confidence in my inability to secure a gf tht she gave me an open challenge.. " Tu koi bhi ladki le aa ... mujhe teri shaadi karane mein koi prb nahin hai.. haan but atleast 6 saal baad lana".

I agree with my moms concept of 6 years still i have no intentions of staying single that long ..though now i believe the other half population of the world thinks the other way. Since anyhow i m not doing anything useful i am writing down few things abt my dream gf which is only in dreams till now.

----> Mille sur mera tumhara... Music is a must. I dont care whether she listens to the head banging metal( which i love btw) or she is the disco station girl of bappy lahiri's era but she must enjoy music and dance.If she loves, i can sit beside her for hours, listening to even Ila arun's " Nigodi kaisi jawani hai " kinda crap

-----> Cook baby cook... Restaurant's food is just like Himesh reshamiya's music after a time it becomes so so monotonous. Woh ek baar bas itna bol de " Ankit!! aaj ghar aa jao ..I will cook for u" Kasam Paida karne wale ki main sab kuch chhod ke chala kaunga.

------> Great things come in small packages... Shouldn't be very needy. She should understand that even if i gift a 502 number match box ... i have feelings attached to the gift and its the feelings not the cost which makes the difference.

-----> Good dressing sense... I am not talking about her figure but i love people who dress according to their physique and occassion. I m no manish malhotra but any dumbass can spot the absurdness if Oprah will try to fit in a versace costume tailor made for Tara Reid. I m not very selective abt the dress .. In my opinion if someone wears a saree properly its the sexiest outfit in the whole world. Same is the case with mini skirts .

-----> Kuch kuch hota hai... Yes i would love to see Karan johar's movie with her and will happily provide her the hanky when a tear will run down her cheek the Kajol Shahrukh proposal scene. I will say tons of senti stuff to her (same to same as Yash raj films) with no problems at all but the "Kahani should be poory filmi".

------>Ha ha ha ... " tumhe pata hai aaj college mein kya hua??" ... " You knw natasha ..she is such a bitch.." Nahin yaar please there are enuff things in this world to cry for already .. Dont quetch about evry single thing in your life. Be a jolly person ..mere tuche se joke par bhi if she laughs then its like wining assam supper lotto .

-------> Hey u heard abt nanotechnolody??.. Nahi yaar jyada scientific na ho ( haan medico is the best) I dont have any preference of a BSc or a B Com girl she can be a scientist but atleast jab mere saath ho tab to she shud indulge in only sweet and simple talks.

I know its tough to find a match of this kind but still if any Sophiya girl is reading this ...then none of the above mentioned points are applicable for u .... my mail id is in my profile.....:d

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fish curry , durga pooja, b0ng beauties and joka

"Ma !!! Arre Ma suno jara"
Haan beta kya hua?
Ma tera ladla cat do hazaar paanch mein pass ho gaya ma aur usse IIM Calcutta mein pravesh milla hai Ma.
Sach!!!!(yeh kaise ho gaya) Bhagwaan tera lakh lakh shukra hai

Yes light up the candles, break the chinaware and shake the wine coz this person is coming to IIM Calcutta. The land which gave us Rani mukherjee , sushmita sen and yes offcourse Aishwarya Rai.

Bengal the doorway to the east . I like so many things abt bengal like girls with big eyes, durga pooja, fish curry , tramps , rassagulla and yes again bengali girls they are so so sweet.
Though people are trying to scare me saying Calcutta is a dirty city a trip to the streets of calcutta really forces a human mind to think " We need gobalization".
Still the land of "hasiya hathoda and taara" sounds good to me .

Strangely i converted K also the stupid RDB question moved in my favor.
Indore also converted
I got kicks frm B n L
so the final conversion is 3/5
Thanks a lot to all the people who prayed for me n their best wishes :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

I m an Indian

Sau mein se ninyanwe Beimaan ,
tab bhi cricket team ka hai har koi kaptaan,
Bollywood hai apni shaan,
bache paide karne ka naya Kirtimaan,
Chor hai sala Pakistan
Mera bharat Mahaan,

I m an Indian (though i hate this thing n feel deprived when ever i see hollywood's chick flicks) still i m proud of it. But there are few traits of indians tht are way too common.
I hv been doing this since my school days ... i write down things in points so here it comes again

Score kya hua hai.... go to any bus, dukaan , college , garden ....if a cricket match is on and if India is playin this is the most common question u can hear. I have seen middle aged aunties whose TV viewing is definitely restricted to the K series Bindi Mayhem still once in a while u can hear these golden words out of their mouth.

Bollywood We love to sing n dance n it reflects in our movies. more than 800 movies a year few good piece of art most of the others utter crap yet it doesnt stops Indians to make more SRK's n Madhuri's. Be it ur date , family outing or even school trips this is one integral part of our life.

population........need i say anymore

piracy .. we rock at this but we will have to share the credit with our fellow CHINKI bhais( south east asia) . Using licensed softwares is one thing which is out of the dictionary of Indians. we all use pirated stuff so much tht if Bill gates will get the original data he will collapse faster than MS origami.

Kya Banoge Munna This is one another question which is common to all the guys n gals out there. Indians care abt their kids ( not the number) but their future. In todays world of competition the pressure is killing and the enviroment is suffocating.

We all love marriages ...:- Yes there are so many marriages in India n u need to attend them all to mantain the social circle. The marriages are amzing though ..delicious food, nice music , beautiful females dressed up so well n more ... Aise when i say we all love marriages i mean attending them as a guest not being the groom.

Pakistan haai haai.... We love this just say it aloud it feels so good ...right?? Pakistan is responsible for half of our miseries. I have been listenin this since ages , if there is a bomb blast it is pak, if there is infiltration it is pak n so on.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why shall i go to the Lectures

I dont go to the lectures the sole reason for this is i dont have any motivation to do so. Everybody needs some kinda motivation to do things and the same thing applies on these lectures. I see my front bencher regular and punctual friends and i admire their patience their perseverance . 4 years yes 4 years i tried hard in my first year, no use, second year, same story and then finally in my third year i gave up.

Well i have nailed down few reasons why a person shall go to the class or the motivation behind it .

-> You enjoy the subject and love learnin more abt it:- Yes this can be the most genuine reason to go to the class and i respect it fully, though i dont understand it. Who likes to sit in a lecture room learn abt some chemical plant or heat transfer rather than sleeping in his/her room. If i go to the lectures than also i sleep in the back benches, n when i do a job i do it the best way so i sleep properly in my room rather than on the uncomfortable 4X2 benches of my classroom.

-> U have got a new shirt - Yes this one can be useful for the hot wannabe. The "Yo Man" club . Flaunting ur new shirt in the public or the sheer sense of achievement that u were able to save enuff money to buy a shirt (from ur heavy expenses of petrol, mobile, beer, sutta) when the whole hostel is in cash dearth(since it is the final month)

-> The girls in the class or the prof wears a SKIRT. oh god!! i wud have done straight 5 hour lectures if this was true in my case . None of the girls wear skirt (forget mini or anything) and i dont have any intentions of seeing my OLD PROFs in skirts either so this option is also ruled out. And yes i kick myself for being in iit and not in xaviers.

-> There is a new female admission in the class- This can be a factor in other colleges not at this place. you are stuck with the same batch for four years. So many movies had this story and i always imagined true for me. A new girl will walk in I will play some prank we will fight we will hate each other more than Mayawati and Mulayam singh and then finally she will realize my greatness and the IKRAAR of PYAR. But here also the situation is a myth since no new admissions in the class are there.
-> Class room is Air conditioned - Yes this thing fascinated me in my freshie year now not anymore moreover 72.3% of the times the ACs are not switched on and even if they are it takes a good 15-20 mins to bring the temp down so here also 25% of the time is wasted

-> You've got nuthin to do at home:-
This one can be a good enuff reason for many people.But not for me i can watch loads of movies listen to songs or just play cricket in my wing so actually i utilize my time more in the room than in the class room

-> Fear of XX -- This one is the most genuine, authentic and compulsive reason to be in the class room. When u have utilized ur options well in advance n the prof is threatening u with the dreadful XX grade( failed due to lack of attendance) . The moment ur name comes in the probable XX list u are a dif person all together. Stayin awake in the class doesnt seems to be a liability anymore and suddenly u become smart enuff to ask few doubts so tht the prof notices u.

Monday, April 03, 2006

bangalore ....torture and my 5th commandment

Yes i missed this ..... i m writing after a long long time and the sole reason for this is i was busy as hell. Since I will be passing out(tht too by god's grace in 4 years ) from this place , we are having our valfis.
Def valfi source ankipedia
is the annual function of each and every hostel of iitb where a function is organized for all the passing out students. A profile is written and is read in front of all, where the guy is stripped to limits deeper than Sharone stone in BI. The pride and self respect of every person is sabotaged and is torn into pieces

Suddenly things are changing arnd me ...

people dont enjoy chicken anymore ( bloody damn %%^$%^% bird flu)
and suddenly Haywards 5000 is eveybody's brand after RDB .

BUt few things never change not for good not for any damn reason of these thing is bloody my screw ups with iim PIs
I m writing this for the sole reason of my 5th n final commandment.

Sweet talks cant help u evrywhere
yes this is true i thought with sweet talks u can escape the toughest things in life but no 21 years of my life n i was wrong.

Tareekh 29th april
Jagah Mumbai
Samay 2 bajke 7 min
Mauka ...... IIM B GD /Pi

GD started and i did fairly well
infact i suggested the solution and that was expected as the final solution too.
I added one very imp point in the summary. so i was riding high

BUt this riding high was very short lived. I enter again and the same story is repeated
I will try to explain it my way

P1 So ankit tell me abt urself
Me The tape started and the old well mugged up lines

P1 Good acads in school wat happened in IIT?
Me some crap but he was not convinced
And then he started shooting Qs no matter wat i say or wat i do this guy was bombarding me with Qs so fast that for a moment i had to check the orientation of my head.

wats the gurantee tht u will start studyin in IIMB
P1 U knew studies are imp in IIT too so why didnt u start there
P1 ever tried to give chem engg a try???
P1 i m givin uu 30 secs prove tht u are worth studyin in iit
P1 you think u are capable enuff even w/o any work ex
tell me ur fav subject
P1 whats up with office of profit contorversy??
P1 smthin u are passionate abt??
P1 i rem only traces now ...... but it was nuthin short of a torture
i said thermodynamics n then this guy ripped apart my thermo concepts. He made me believe tht last 6 years in which i studied a lot fo thermodynamics were gone as the lost heat due to friction
N this guy addressed me again n again as a mechanical engg ?
yaar thik hai i know very lil abt Chem engg but kuch to aukaat hai baar baar mechanical bol bol ke mood hi kharab kar diya...

finally he said besides ur extra curriculars and ur school time acads u have anyithin else to tell me ??? so tht i take u

MAtlab 27 min ( my interview lasted for 27 mins exact) mein convince nahin hua ab lat chance deta hoon bacha le apne aap ko.

Finally woh convince nahin hi hua hoga

My dream was shattered
i wanted this so so bad ....IIMB to mera dream tha STYX ki raatein 150 ka pitcher .....kya life hoti

So the 5 commandments are over .... n i m heading for Hostel -2 valfi

Monday, March 20, 2006

The 4 commandments:

FOUR hmmmmmmm AFAIK 10 hote hain. Yes my prince of egypt i know there are 10 commandments but these four are the commandments i learned from my 4 IIM(CLIK) interviews.

Commandment#1:- Kozhikode:If you watch a movie get the MESSAGE of the movie otherwise dont watch it.
I know this one sounds pretty weird but those of you who read my iimk interview blog might be knowing this. The Prof gave me this word of wisdom and he made my life miserable. Why?
Its very simple to apply this funda on a movie like Crash, RDB but what m i supposed to do when i m watching movies like FIGHT CLUB( suhail khan starrer) or Mr. 100%- the real player ,and yes the real player is also a part of the title,it becomes a hell lot of a job to get the message of the movie. Whenever in fight club suhail khan came on screen there is a backgrnd score "DUDE whose better than the Dudex3 .. he is the tough guy" and in Mr 100% whenever our Hero comes on screen there is a score "GIGOLO" trust me the music is still haunting me and i m cursing tht prof for ruining my life and forcing me into this.

Commandment#2:-IIML : Read the call letter in advance
This one is painfully funny no no wait it is just painful atleast for me. My IIM L interview was at 2pm mumbai 12th march. got there in time reached panel #3.Names were called out...woosh my name is not there. I was shocked i asked them sir wats the matter??
He says wats ur name i said Ankit. He checks the list ..surprise u were in the morning batch. Shoot me!!! such an important day of my life and i come late to the interview. I begged them luckily one guy was missing and they let me in. Bad part i gave my GD with the ABM guys. i was the first one to be interviewed. Things went pretty smooth infact my best interview of the three K L n C. But for me life isn't that sweet. just like the K interview just when things are going to end Prof drops a bomber.
Prof: Ankit all the time u were talking about your analytical skills and organizational activities in your college. What kind of planning you did today tht u came for an interview scheduled at 10 am at 2 pm.?
Ankit: i tried to cover up my ass.....though its damn tough to cover up when u made urself a jackass in front of your panel.
The prof was not satisfied but i dont blame him. Imagine a guy who comes 4 hours late for the interview at what time he will come for the lectures.

Commandment#3:- IIMC :- Dont be a Jabberwocky.

Noisy, chaotic, senseless, Loud, whacky i can go on n on describing this super GD of IIMC .
Topic "Only tax payers should be allowed to vote. "
Ab yaar 12 logon ka batch how the hell a smooth GD can b there. The topic is given someone starts .suddenly when 2-3 people spoke i thought "Be saale !! IIMC hai kya kar raha hai?? Aaj nahin bola to kab bolega.?? Bas Phir kya tha KALI MA KE kale charnon ki saughand hai ... Woh moment tha ki jiske baad to main ruka hi nahin. I was a true jabberwocky beating abt the bush coming up with very lil content and mostly just chipping in. There were few deadly moments also. one female dressed up in a suit n all. Somenone cuit her off twice bas Nari shakti ki kya example dekhne ko mila mujhe. She raised her hand and " wait my friend LET me complete first: not to mention this was on a pretty high note. whole grp was mum.
Kaun kehta hain india mein women are weaker.
Ab thru out the GD i hardly supported only tax payers shud be allowed to vote.Strangely when i walked in for the interview( i was the first one) panel asked me u were in favor of only tax payers . Now u can get an idea how much i was able to convey my ideas.

Commandment#4:- IIMI : If you are a chemical engg STUDY chem engg.
After a very nice and simple GD we all were riding high . GD to achcha hona hi tha since we were only 7 people in the batch and was a simple HR case study Open n shut case.
Now i was called in for the interview.

Prof So ankit u are a chemical engg
me Yes sir ( i knew i m dead) after this moment there was a black out i remember traces of it. One after the other the guy was shooting Qs . what is RDX wat are its chem properties. What is Alkynes and ethers used for. What uis crackin. Why are petroleum products containers have floating tops. what is catatlytic convertere how does it works how does a gas mask works.
If this was not enuff the other guy started Qs abt finance policy of out nation.

trust me the moment i went in and this JACKING IN session began i was begging with every last drop of sweat in my body tht please let me go . maine tumhara kya bigada hai nahin lena hai to mat lo but aise Beizzat to mat karo.

Now since after getting screwed four time in a month span tht too each time in a new and a different positon ( and u thought Vatsayan was a genious for inventing 107 positions) i m pretty confident abt learning my 5th n final commandement from IIM B on 29th march.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Best Sequels in 2006

Sin City2:-"It was another dark night in Basin City when lovers Dwight and Ava Lord were reunited. But in Sin City, a reunion is never good news."
Sincity was a modern classic in every sense. We can expect the same from this sequels.Frank miller and robert rodriguez will create magic once again.The old Starcast stays with Clive owen, Rourke, jessica alba, Devon aoki, Murphy, Rossario. Chances are Salma hayek will also join in. Since she is sexyas hell she will be play Ava i guess. I will miss Bruce willis but yet in evry way this will be a hell of a movie .

Mission Impossible 3 :- Expect the Impossible. Agent Ethan Hunt is back and this time it get bigger since Phil Hoffman is also there. The plot is not yet revealed and very lil is known abou the movie.
But Luther (Ving Rhames) is there to help our own Hunt to deal with Hoffman. After two sucessful MI movies Tom Cruise is again producing this third movie. Last one was directed by one great director John Woo. MI-3 is being directed by J.J. Abrams who has directed Alias n is riding high with the success of LOST. I m sure this is going to be a great movie. The trailer doesn't disappoints you as it again promises to be a nerve chilling thriller.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest :Jack owes an unpaid debt to Davy Jones and his army of sea-phantoms...his soul. Now, he must find a way to save himself from becoming one of them, and suffering forever.
Jack Sparrow and his crew is back. Johny Depp, keira knightley and orlando bloom and one action packed ride. Johny Depp gave one lifetime performance and this one is looking too good. The promos promises that the pirate fans will not be disappointed.

X-Men: The Last Stand(3)- A cure for "mutancy," the resurrection of a lost comrade, and the escalating tensions between mutants and humans threaten to trigger the war to end all wars
The opposing viewpoints of mutant leaders Charles Xavier (Stewart), who preaches tolerance, and Magneto (McKellen), who believes in the survival of the fittest, are put to the ultimate test. One of the most sucessful series of Marvel comics and here comes the final movie in the Trilogy. The first one was excellent and second one was good. I expect another nice movie this time. I love these comic adaptations n Xmen is special so many mutants each one having a special power. The teaser shows some new mutants with great powers .

Superman Returns :- After a long visit to the lost remains of the planet Krypton, the Man of Steel returns to earth once again to become the peoples savior once again and reclaim the love of Lois Lane.
AMerica's favourite superhero . Already two remakes have been made in 1980 n 83 of the classic 1978 superman,. This one is special since it is coming after a gap of 23 years.
I personally dont like superman when i was a kid i liked SABU more than superman. But this is one of the most awaited movie of 2006 n thts is why it is in this list.

Basic Instincts 2 :Everything interesting begins in the mind.Novelist Catherine Tramell (Stone) is once again in trouble with the law, and Scotland Yard appoints psychiatrist Dr. Michael Glass (Morrissey) to evaluate her. Though, like Detective Nick Curran before him, Glass is entranced by Tramell and lured into a seductive game.
It took 14 years to remake this exceptionally great movie. The main trouble was finding another Michael Douglas. Now things are in place but the male lead looks like a settlement. Still for me it is special. Its one of the most sensual movie i have ever seen. Some of the most strong dialogues. It truely portrays how a woman can use sex as her weapon.
And yes Sharone Stone crosses her legs once again.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Daman Trip /IIM K interview

Well this was a long long break...but i was busy. After i made a mess of my IIM Kozhikode's interview we( Munna, linda, narbhakshi, gupta,sandy,shu n myself) all decided to leave for daman. How was i royally screwed up in IIM K is not a pleasing story.
Okay so the date was 23rd feb i missed my Professional ethics's mid sem to get to the interview. Now i wish i shud have never made tht decision.
So i got there at arnd 1:15 pm after travelling in the local for arnd 30 minutes n it almost changed the shade of my shirt from WHITE to smwhere close to cream. The stains are still there and i m planning to sue HLL for over quoting abt the power of Surf Excel.
First comes GD.... topic . "Economic reforms have affected the Public Distribution System in a negative way. Luckily my group was very peaceful. There was a fine young lady who started the GD n hell she knew lotsa figues abt china n india. I rem tht in all she quoted smthing abt percentages thrice. Then there was one Roorkee(2003 batch) fella he was giving sm nice inputs.
One guy dragged the discussion to Walmart i spoke 4 -5 times n good airtime decent content . Man i need to control my hand movement, I was not pointing anyone still i feel like they are mine n i shud keep them to myself.

Then the interview :-- Two guys Beard guy n then one nice south indian prof :-
As i moved my worst fear became true ...they were going thru my GRADE SHEETS. I knew i m dead.
Prof:- So ankit u have done a course in economics
Now they started bombing question about economics and i knew no nothing still gave some sloppy answers.
In my defence the course was compulsory n was in my first semester.
Then they asked me about Vector algebra n the way i gave them the answers even i started wondering how the hell i cleared JEE.
Then they said i see you got a job in bank of america wat is your job profile. I started speaking about lotsa things n in between by mistake i said PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT...bas they grilled me on this funda.
again in my defence I m not an investment banker how the hell a chemical engg is supposed to knw all this mumbo jumbo.
Prof:- Which kinda music u listen to ?
Me :- Sir Grunge Rock
Strangely he asks no question n the guy who went in b4 me was grilled on diff between Metal n Rock.
Prof:- So u watch movies . Which was the last HINDI movie tht u saw
Me :- like any other living soul in this nation currently i said Rang de Basanti ..though the real answer was Topless , but i thougth if they will knw abt my royale taste of movies they will surely reject me so i acted smartly :p
prof:- wat was RDB ?
Me- Its color ur freedom.. n how the youth of today must respect their freedom n blah blah
prof:- No who gave Rang de basanti
Me :- Sir Bhagat singh gave RDB
prof:-No in the movie who gave RDB.
gain trying to play with words spoke some crap abt freedom
prof:- No the australian female gave RDb ... coz she is the one who started making the movie n mobilized those guys
Me :( After gettin this PARAM GYAN ) yes sir Su was RDB.
Now here comes the show stopper drops a bomb
prof:- Wats the point of watching a movie if you dont get the message.

After analyzing my performance i guess the chances of Salman Khan's good acting performance are more than that of my selection
About the trip nuthing special but lotsa fun so i will just put soem pics to give u the picture :P

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Final sem's MID SEM exams

Mid sems the deadly term whose thought only can give you a run for your money in ur first sem strangely doesnt affects you any how in the final Semester. yes today starts the mid sem week and I m writing this so that gives you an insight in to my mind state. I hardly study, but this mid sem, that hardly term got a new difnition since i broke all my previous records. I am sure a BABU's register in a government office has more number of useful papers than my college notes of this sem.
Since i changed the setting of my room and set my bed on the floor and the comp just by its side my life has changed drastically. Now all day I m lying in the bed(not sleeping) and watchin movies or some series. My room is a lounge now not only for me but also for my wingies .

Last weekend i saw almost 2 seasons of "two guys and a gal" thts almost 1000 minutes of runtime.And only two things stopped me from doing that and those were Ind VS PAk match n food. I was not even sleeping but then suddenly i started watchin Brokeback mountain . Ab 8 oscar nominations so this one got to be special but the moment i saw 2 GUYS KISSING bas it crossed my limit.I switched it off and tried to sleep. It amazes me how when two girls are kissing watching them is such a nice experience and things change drastically as u replace the gals with guys.
Then on 19th n 20th sis n mom''s bday ....b4 i cud have even wished them i got the warning..."BETA CHICKEN MAT KHANA". Damn bird flu. anyways now no chicken for atleast a month and i will hv to bear with hostel food. I love chics ..both of them.Whenever an incident like this breaks out i feel bad.
I only hope tht this mid sem also goes like my previous ones and I clear all the courses and these guys may give me my degree time.

BTW this is my 50th blog and i m here raising my KEYBOARD to the monitor speakers CPU. Its just the cricket hangover nuthing more i guess.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The NEVER SAY DIe guy.

If at any point of time you thought that the never say die guy is me then im extremely sorry for not living up to your expectations.
BUt its abt another guy i dont know him personally but his yahoo id is :---- freaky_im AKA anvesha_im.
yes yes the old dirty yahoo messenger trick where you pose as a girl and woo a guy.The guy is dreaming abt the slender legs of the female and here four guys are making fun of each and every line he writes and saving logs so tht it can be published in the hostel magazine.

BUt here the story is different first I M IN FINAL year now not a freshie. and with age u get wisdom smartness ..blah blah.
Freshie time mein i played this joke infinite logo par. Unme se kuch to IIt mein bike yahi soch kar chalate hain ki kahin laddoo dikh jaye aur DABA DENGE SAALE KO. So far all their attempts have been unsuccessful. BUt aaj bhi when ever i get an anonymous message all my senses including the sixth one comes into play.

Now thig guy sends me a message and says I M 21 f Mumbai ..SOPHIYA commercial arts student( i wish this was true) kyunki having a sophiya girl is great for an IIT guy since they share the common phenomena and tht is DESPERATION. But my dreams were crushed before i could have even framed them.

The basic flaws........ FREAKY_IM the id there r 0 .002% chances tht a girl will admit tht she is a freak plus to add to it she will never make an id which says it aloud. I didn log in a chat room in the past 4 months and then she tells me i found your id in DESI RETREAT. Evryopne knows its linda's signature room how can i ever dare to step in there.????

I asked this guy to stay out of my yahoo messenger zone but he keeps on jacking back in. I appreciate this guys efforts reminds me of myself when i used to be in this dirty business n i was the never say die guy.

In any case any sophiya girl is reading this then the desperation term is not for u... and my yahoo id is in my profile........

Sunday, February 05, 2006

DOSTON is SHAKSH ko achchi tarah se pechaan lijiye ....iski is Kali, Bhayanak aur thuki hui shakal par yakeen maniye kyunki jaisa yeh dikh raha hia yeh wahi hai EK DARINDA.
Is hafte yeh hai humara PUBLIC ENEMY Number 1 aur hum isse isske ASAL thikane par pahuncha kar hi dum lenge. yahi ki SALAKHON KE PEECHE.
IIT's most wanted RISHI GUPTA.

Its pretty easy to get an idea of wat happened on the 3rd feb night after you take a look at these two pics.So Anshu, joshi n golu ki job treat Intercontinental ka plan. Wing ke har bande ne fight maar ke dinner nahin kiya kyunki Mid night buffet ki treat thi.mujhe aaj tak samajh mein nahin aaya yeh 5 star wale iitians ko midnight buffet mein ghusne kaise dete hian. Once they get in its hard to diffrentiate between them and the tsunami victims fighting for Red Cross aids.
Kahani mein twist yahan aa gaya... 3rd night there was also acoustic dusk( IITB intra rock fest) bas main to room par hi baitha tha ki as always GUPTA room par aata hai."laddoo!! chalo AD chalte hain aadhe ghante mein aa jayenge. last year this same aadha ghanta lasted for 4 hours 7 khambes arnd 15 guys arnd 20 pukes n 7 tubelights,. Uss wing mein main aaj bhi jane se darta hoon ki kahin koi uss din ka hisaab na pooch le.

So i also said yes again( ab main bhi koi sati savitri to hoon nahin ) once we get to H9 the world is a diff place it all started with one beer. But haan me n gupta both
took care ki we drink in control kyunki treat thi aur PAISE WASOOL karne they. I had arnd 1 peg n 1 beer.
Then we came back and shot off for Inter then suddenly BANG!!!!!!!!!!!! i was lying on the road my head bleeding likh ke bore nahin karunga.
(Gupta ki repo bahut god hai wing mein Ab yeh PHANTOM BHI TO HAI, biek mein tractor ka tyre lagaya hau hai n CUT BAAZI ka bhi shauk hai inhe.
But still people say gupta bike mast chalata hai ......But aaj mujeh sachai ka pata lag chuka hai).
Bottom Line minor injury 2 stiches i m all fine n in good health( i know not a good news for many ) but I AM STILL ALIVE.
but deviyon aur sajanno Pehchaan lijiye is shaksh ko mere jaise kitne MASOOMON ki zindagi ke saath khelna isska pesha hai . yeh kahi bhi kabhi bhi hum sabki jaan ko
khatre mein daal sakta ahi

Thursday, February 02, 2006

1st Feb the day I got my job in Bank Of America

"MA!!!! Meri Naukri Lag gayi ma!!!!" haan aaj maine yeh apni MA i mean mummyji se bol hi diya.
to start off details about my job :-
Bank OF America
Place of placement Bombay
Job profile : Business Analyst
Package :- 5.75 Lacs/annum

Okay the placement season starts in iitb, this is the most dreadful time for the 4thies n 5thies. Still the placement goes on smooth n u get one or two shots of treats once in a while.Some common lines heard in the insty besides PACKAGE KITNA HAI?? at this time are :
Abe usski to lagni hi thi stud tha
Abe us chutiye ki bhi lag gayi
Well i had my share of praising, cursing and screaming in frustation.

It all started when i got shortlisted for IOCL, nice package of arnd 25 k per month but the interview was technical. Now there are two things in this world i hate the most those are hot beer n Chemical engg.I got into the room knowing the fact tht before me, MAHAWAR n SANDY already gave those guys new lessons in PIPING n petroleum, I knew my chances are slim. They asked me abt my fav subject in IIT. Bas phir kya tha KASAM BHAWANI KI chemical engg chhod ke duniya bahr ki baatein bak dali.
Bola sir i was never interested in CHem enng( ab JEE mein rank low thi to kya karta)and personality development was my prime target. Tab bhi they didnt like my personality. After a long 15 min discussion those guys gave me witty smile n i knew MERA KAT GAYA.
After this came prudential package arnd 4.5 lakhs per annum. TIE shirt pehan ke GD ke liye gaya.Topic sunke hi halat kharab." BLACK OR WHITE" one of the worst GD of my life in terms of content. The whole grp was talkin like MAYAWATI (in circles) no conclusion no content final result whole grp not SELECTED.

Then came HOC (HOUSE OF CODE)package 5 lakhs per annum.
Written diya select ho gaya . I went for the interview . this was probably the shortest i was out of the room within 15 mins, those guys gave sm extempore topic..mine was Industrialisation i spoke n then we talked about indian economy . Finally one bombshell ......Okay Ankit! Tell me about your interests in coding
Just after this qs i had a flashback of my dirty past.Ab meri coding ke baare mein very few people know. I studied C++ in my 11th n 12th tab to main CHeat kar kar ke pass hota tha. I was even caught passing the paper. IIT ke freshie time coding project mein bhi i did MATRIX operation wala code woh bhi cheat karke. n now sitting there i was thinking KAASH tab padh liya hota
Anyhow i said i never did something officialy but my interests include coding.but tht chap didnt buy this n I WAS REJECTED.

Then came Bank OF America aka BoA. We booked our tickets for Rang de basanti so we had a plan after test we will leave for the movie unfortuantely we got night show(10:15) ticket. So we all gave the written at 12:30 pm. Resume submission hua m after some time i got the news I M IN. again the usual procedure tie n shirt pehna then Case studies padhne laga INDIA Ke stats ko leke.Pir maine job ke liye sacrifice kiya aur RDB nahin gaya.Finally interview hua.started at 9:50 pm lasted for arnd 40 minutes.

Case study " NUmber of pencils in INdia"
my answer came out close to 10 bilions .
Interview lene walon ki halat kharab he told me "THTS too many pencils"
then again few spply demand fundaes n then discussion went on to WAL MART. THen he asked what do yo know about I BAnking. yahan to bilkul ZOT...........
I came out thinkin ab to sorry hi rahega but finally short list ho gaya for the HR round. They told ki koi firang bandi TRACY is coming down frm NY to take the interview.Finally usski jaroorat nahin padi n they gave the final list without the HR interview.
So the story ends here .......nice b'day present for me i guess.:p

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I wonder how we get away with the most difficult situations in life with these three golden words :-- "CHALTA HAI YAAR".Now wat are its advantages*its better than sorry*Its very personal and informal.*Its the voice of the crowd.
If you guys are having a trouble trying to figure out how this whole chalta hai yaar funda works i will give u an insight.
We went over to watch a movie KING KONG now the best thing about the movie was definitely the 20 foot tall CHIMP but the whole centre of attraction shifted to we guys as we started yelling like sissy gals everytime the kong appeared on screen.Now as we came out of the night show we took an auto to get to iit. The metre read 17 as i gave him my hard saved 20 rupees the rickshaw driver gave me a smile n he said chalta hai yaar and he zoomed his 100 cc Auto like a BMW not even caring for my reply, and there i was standing feeling tall for my great sacrifice of 3 rupees.
Many of u must be lauging thinking it was just three rupees chalta hai yaar but here in IIT 3 rupees can be a life line for many.
Just imagine how precious three rupees are ...*its exactly the cost of a watery tea in the night canteen which can be differentiated from hot water only by its color.
* add 50 paise to it and EUREKA!! u have a classic regular for yourself.* but the best addition is that of another 3 rupees which means you hv 6 rupees and which in iit lingo means AP AKA Aloo ka Paratha. AP is the night food of the technocrats of tomorrow's world, I wonder how many important conversations and decisions are taken over a plate of AP like: kal proxy kaun marega , PAF ki script kya hogi or the most imp line NOTES KISSKE PASS HAIN
Now coming back to Chalta hai yaar syndrome we all will agree that at some point of time or other we all have used it and wat the hecl if I like it or not i need to dance to the tunes of the world around me the end CHALTA HAI YAAR.