Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pappu Pass Ho Gaya

main janta hoon yeh kaam kathin tha!! raastein mein kai rukawate thi ... yeh Jaleem professors, yeh bhaybheet karne wale courses, woh mushkil mass balance woh prachand reactor, woh vishal-kaye labs ,woh class ki needra, woh pran le lene wale presentations woh copy kar kar ke submit kiye hue assignments woh dardnaak projects aur submissions jaise kitne hi parwat samaan badhaon ko paar karte hue aakhir woh ghadi aa hi gayi jisske liye san 1985 ki pratah subah 7 bajke 10 min par iss nanhe munne balak ka janam hua tha.....aur antatah iss bachche ne apni pyari ma ka sapna pura kar dikhaya aur 4 saal mein engg ban hi gaya.

Okay life continues and to kill my time i saw 21 episodes of Prison break ( run time 43 minutes each) in a time span of 20 hours so thts almost back to back. But i enjoyed every minute of it .

Now this one deserves a pat on my back atleast from Ram Gopal Verma coz tonite i saw the night show of "Darna zaroori hai " so wats great in tht ...but the point is I saw "darna mana hai " too in the theatre ( first day second show). I knw any normal soul wont do it unless RGV had u on gun point but when u go out with frnds u have to agree with the majority. But when i walked in i was happy we were not alone we had company there were 14 more people ... yes its true this movie will make more money than the last one.
These modern day horror movie makers will never get it right. Gone are those golden days when the "RAMSAY BROTHERS " used to give us finest, unadulterated and most humorous Horror flicks. When the tittles are like "hawas ki ek raat" "virana" "purana mandir" "purani haweli" or any other damn thing which can be purana/ purani, the job is half done.
those movies were real cinema the original storyline, the super funny comedians, the scary sound effects, the blood( which looked like ketchup) to add to this in each n every movie there used to be a swim suit scene in which Miss( or Mrs hmmmmm) Thunder Thighs used to expose her perfectly shaped body.
The situation is equally bad in hollywood have u seen the new movies all crap "SAW series" "the Ring" "the eye" nuthing in there. Remember the classis Sam Raimi's "Evil dead" series ... i mean those were classic movies where there were flying hands, twsited faces, melting flesh and the blood was by gallons. Those kinda movies required deep thinking and heavy efforts on scripting. I mean it is damn difficult to come up with ideas like flying axe or moving hands.
To give new lessons to these new age kids Sam raimi is making THE EVIL DEAD again [ as if three were not enuff x-( ] This guy is like Subash guy flop after flop and he wont stop ........
But who gave me the right to pass a judgement?? n wat the heck if he is happy making movies kyunki I m a happy man ....... coz Pappu pass ho gaya


priya said...

oye me first....will read the post later...;)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Waah Kya shudha Hindi, read kar ke anand aa gaya.Sabse pehle hardik Shubhkaamnain. You have crossed all the hurdles and are about to become engineer.Best of luck for coming troubles*I am not scaring you bro*.After getting into Job I feel college days were better.

Hey Evil dead was good yaar.Except few of its stupid things like the lamp and book shelf laughing and Skeleton fight,the movie is damn scarry.

I miss Ramsay brother's horror stuff, wonderful thighs.

richunderconstruction said...

hey pappu!
congrats man...
aakhir... pappu pass ho hi gaya :)
well, khao ji, sab chocolate khao... paise pappu dega... ;)

Archana said...

keep enjoying ur days engineer
n best of luck for ur future life
btw calcutta is a nice place

tanvi said...


love your humour, loved evil dead too never laughed so much hehehe.

Send a copy to RGV who know will get impressed enough to sign you up wat say??

*congratulations & celebrations*
Btw I want a free choclate ;)

Ajay said...

Hey dude
so what r ur proud parents gonna give u for making it in 4 yrs :)
Enjoy !

Neha said...

aha! congratulations!! tough job well done ;)

how abt u making a horror movie on ur 'Jaleem professors, and bhaybheet karne wale courses' ? ;)

preeti said...

IIMC jaane wale ekkiis saal ke pappu ko IITB se paas hone ke liye dher saare badhaai ho :)
aur pappu 'darna mana hai' 'darna zaroori hai' 'darna mana nahi hai' 'darna zaroori nahihai' dekhte rahe!! *giggles*
aur coming do saal ke liye, orkutting karke [sundar mallikaon ke tasvir (na) dekhkar :)], mentally prepare ho jaaye ..

Manic Street Preacher said...

no no no.
marriage is everything they dont tell u. im not sayin from personal exp but its a fact.
!!but to each his own:P

Ankit said...

@priya... yup u are the first ..but there is nu hurry :)

@abhishek .belive me it was equally tough for me to come up with tht kinda hindi.Glad to see tht u liked Evil dead atleast the money was not completely wasted

@rish ...haan jaroor dega only in case u guys are considering eclairs for chocs

@archana..u keep tellin me tht calcutta is a nice place but there are no strong facts to support ur argument.

@tanvi. yeah u can have the choc anytime I m trying to get to RGV but i guess he is busy planning PHIR SE SHOLAY

@ajay... i m getting wat every guy's desire is a brand new BIKE yippeeeee

@neha... wud love to make a movie on tht but i will be the most scared person on location .:p

@preeti.. bangalore jane wali iss preeti ko thnk u. Ek orkut hi to bachcha hai life mein sundar kanyaon se baat karne ke liye lekin bachche ki yeh choti si khushi bhi cheen lo ..

@manic street..ahem
arrey yaar u can comment back on ur blog abt ur blog. But still as u say i wish u make someday someone's life better

The Light-House. said...

Not thunder thighs horror for me I prefer action passed thrillers like the Borune series or some thing mysterious like the psycho.
The frist prefrence is to light hearted comedies...

Niharika said...

i know how paase these horror movies are!! they all have the same old doors creaking in them and just a lot of ketchup!!
anywyzz great to know that apna pappu pass ho gaya!! treat zip karwake bhej do!!

Shakhi said...

Where is my chocolate "pappu" !
Heartiest congratualations!
There shud be a celeberation!
Loved ur post, it was really funny.
As I said earlier I was missing ur humour in your last posts!
Enjoy a lot, now that "pappu paas ho gya"!

ketki said...

was real fun reading ur blog
neway congrats!!!!!!
after all pappu pass ho gaya!

Aditi said...

congratulations =)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

awwwwwwwwwww! where has my comment disappeared??? whats happenin to my comments these days? either its me or its me ;p ...

lol itni shudhh hindi padhke dil prasann ho gaya ... mujhe mere aathvi (8th) kaksha ke din yaad aa gaye ... [uske baad hindi thi nahi ;p sanskrit thi]

chalo accha hai .. pappu ke paas hone ki mubaarkein :)

hawas ki ek raat sounds like some cheapo desi porn movie ;p .. u kno wht i meant rt!

o yes am not on orkut as yet .. too lazy .. plus there was some problem ... bt am gonna join it soon .. with the id .. as Loon Gal

am wondering how u searched me there without knowin my id .. lol ..

anyway latrz!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahaha, itni shuddh hindi! Mujhe apni dasvi kaksha yaad aa gayi. Meri adhyapika bhi aisi hee shudh hindi bola karti thi. :P
Pass hone ki khushi mein meri haardik shubhkamnaayein.
Lol...and did you actually watch those Darna flicks? I went for that 'Darna Mana Hai' thingie (yeah, same reason...friends) and came outta the hall after 10 minutes. They suck. SUCK.
Oh, and I remember that Zee Horror Show thingie by Ramsay brothers. Haha, I used to love its title tune...that aaaa sound. And once while surfing channels, I came across this horror show in Punjabi. Oh geez, that was HILARIOUS. This "aatma" was terrifying a Punjabi. Hehehe, it looked more like a comedy show. :P

Ankit said...

@tarun...arrey yaar kabhi kabhie ramsay brothers ki movie bhi dekh lo they are infinite humorous.

@niharaika treat zip ho rahi hai khatama hote saath hi wahan pahunch hjayegi. Waise non-veg chalega na??

@shakhi...haan pappu sabko chocolate khilayega! n thnk u thnk u ....:d

@ketki thnks for visiting

@aditi..HEY !!! thnks

@termite... yes it sopunds like a cheap hindi Z grade porn flick but believe me they are fun two. Some of the most pathetic sensual scenes are in there. U wont get aroused but u will die out laughing for sure.

@the girl who sold the world.
See whenever i go to a theatre i never leave b4 the ending credentials comes on screemn. MAIn poore paise wasool karta hoon.

Rose said...

Congrats on effectively killing ur time..

BTW did RGV actually hold u on gunpoint...




Strictly for my friends said...

hi ankit,congrats on passing!your post made a good point.but you see i have a reason for giving my blog such a name.its meant to deter people like spammers and those who write obscene comments.i have had bad experiences with that. :-(
think i read somewhere on your blog that you got through iimc. if i was right, then congrats!welcome to my home city. :-)
and you are most welcome to post comments!

rachana said...

dherrrrrrr sari badhaiyan aur all the best IIM C ke liye