Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Final sem's MID SEM exams

Mid sems the deadly term whose thought only can give you a run for your money in ur first sem strangely doesnt affects you any how in the final Semester. yes today starts the mid sem week and I m writing this so that gives you an insight in to my mind state. I hardly study, but this mid sem, that hardly term got a new difnition since i broke all my previous records. I am sure a BABU's register in a government office has more number of useful papers than my college notes of this sem.
Since i changed the setting of my room and set my bed on the floor and the comp just by its side my life has changed drastically. Now all day I m lying in the bed(not sleeping) and watchin movies or some series. My room is a lounge now not only for me but also for my wingies .

Last weekend i saw almost 2 seasons of "two guys and a gal" thts almost 1000 minutes of runtime.And only two things stopped me from doing that and those were Ind VS PAk match n food. I was not even sleeping but then suddenly i started watchin Brokeback mountain . Ab 8 oscar nominations so this one got to be special but the moment i saw 2 GUYS KISSING bas it crossed my limit.I switched it off and tried to sleep. It amazes me how when two girls are kissing watching them is such a nice experience and things change drastically as u replace the gals with guys.
Then on 19th n 20th sis n mom''s bday ....b4 i cud have even wished them i got the warning..."BETA CHICKEN MAT KHANA". Damn bird flu. anyways now no chicken for atleast a month and i will hv to bear with hostel food. I love chics ..both of them.Whenever an incident like this breaks out i feel bad.
I only hope tht this mid sem also goes like my previous ones and I clear all the courses and these guys may give me my degree time.

BTW this is my 50th blog and i m here raising my KEYBOARD to the monitor speakers CPU. Its just the cricket hangover nuthing more i guess.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The NEVER SAY DIe guy.

If at any point of time you thought that the never say die guy is me then im extremely sorry for not living up to your expectations.
BUt its abt another guy i dont know him personally but his yahoo id is :---- freaky_im AKA anvesha_im.
yes yes the old dirty yahoo messenger trick where you pose as a girl and woo a guy.The guy is dreaming abt the slender legs of the female and here four guys are making fun of each and every line he writes and saving logs so tht it can be published in the hostel magazine.

BUt here the story is different first I M IN FINAL year now not a freshie. and with age u get wisdom smartness ..blah blah.
Freshie time mein i played this joke infinite logo par. Unme se kuch to IIt mein bike yahi soch kar chalate hain ki kahin laddoo dikh jaye aur DABA DENGE SAALE KO. So far all their attempts have been unsuccessful. BUt aaj bhi when ever i get an anonymous message all my senses including the sixth one comes into play.

Now thig guy sends me a message and says I M 21 f Mumbai ..SOPHIYA commercial arts student( i wish this was true) kyunki having a sophiya girl is great for an IIT guy since they share the common phenomena and tht is DESPERATION. But my dreams were crushed before i could have even framed them.

The basic flaws........ FREAKY_IM the id there r 0 .002% chances tht a girl will admit tht she is a freak plus to add to it she will never make an id which says it aloud. I didn log in a chat room in the past 4 months and then she tells me i found your id in DESI RETREAT. Evryopne knows its linda's signature room how can i ever dare to step in there.????

I asked this guy to stay out of my yahoo messenger zone but he keeps on jacking back in. I appreciate this guys efforts reminds me of myself when i used to be in this dirty business n i was the never say die guy.

In any case any sophiya girl is reading this then the desperation term is not for u... and my yahoo id is in my profile........

Sunday, February 05, 2006

DOSTON is SHAKSH ko achchi tarah se pechaan lijiye ....iski is Kali, Bhayanak aur thuki hui shakal par yakeen maniye kyunki jaisa yeh dikh raha hia yeh wahi hai EK DARINDA.
Is hafte yeh hai humara PUBLIC ENEMY Number 1 aur hum isse isske ASAL thikane par pahuncha kar hi dum lenge. yahi ki SALAKHON KE PEECHE.
IIT's most wanted RISHI GUPTA.

Its pretty easy to get an idea of wat happened on the 3rd feb night after you take a look at these two pics.So Anshu, joshi n golu ki job treat Intercontinental ka plan. Wing ke har bande ne fight maar ke dinner nahin kiya kyunki Mid night buffet ki treat thi.mujhe aaj tak samajh mein nahin aaya yeh 5 star wale iitians ko midnight buffet mein ghusne kaise dete hian. Once they get in its hard to diffrentiate between them and the tsunami victims fighting for Red Cross aids.
Kahani mein twist yahan aa gaya... 3rd night there was also acoustic dusk( IITB intra rock fest) bas main to room par hi baitha tha ki as always GUPTA room par aata hai."laddoo!! chalo AD chalte hain aadhe ghante mein aa jayenge. last year this same aadha ghanta lasted for 4 hours 7 khambes arnd 15 guys arnd 20 pukes n 7 tubelights,. Uss wing mein main aaj bhi jane se darta hoon ki kahin koi uss din ka hisaab na pooch le.

So i also said yes again( ab main bhi koi sati savitri to hoon nahin ) once we get to H9 the world is a diff place it all started with one beer. But haan me n gupta both
took care ki we drink in control kyunki treat thi aur PAISE WASOOL karne they. I had arnd 1 peg n 1 beer.
Then we came back and shot off for Inter then suddenly BANG!!!!!!!!!!!! i was lying on the road my head bleeding ..rest likh ke bore nahin karunga.
(Gupta ki repo bahut god hai wing mein Ab yeh PHANTOM BHI TO HAI, biek mein tractor ka tyre lagaya hau hai n CUT BAAZI ka bhi shauk hai inhe.
But still people say gupta bike mast chalata hai ......But aaj mujeh sachai ka pata lag chuka hai).
Bottom Line minor injury 2 stiches i m all fine n in good health( i know not a good news for many ) but I AM STILL ALIVE.
but deviyon aur sajanno Pehchaan lijiye is shaksh ko mere jaise kitne MASOOMON ki zindagi ke saath khelna isska pesha hai . yeh kahi bhi kabhi bhi hum sabki jaan ko
khatre mein daal sakta ahi

Thursday, February 02, 2006

1st Feb the day I got my job in Bank Of America

"MA!!!! Meri Naukri Lag gayi ma!!!!" haan aaj maine yeh apni MA i mean mummyji se bol hi diya.
to start off details about my job :-
Bank OF America
Place of placement Bombay
Job profile : Business Analyst
Package :- 5.75 Lacs/annum

Okay the placement season starts in iitb, this is the most dreadful time for the 4thies n 5thies. Still the placement goes on smooth n u get one or two shots of treats once in a while.Some common lines heard in the insty besides PACKAGE KITNA HAI?? at this time are :
Abe usski to lagni hi thi stud tha
Abe us chutiye ki bhi lag gayi
Well i had my share of praising, cursing and screaming in frustation.

It all started when i got shortlisted for IOCL, nice package of arnd 25 k per month but the interview was technical. Now there are two things in this world i hate the most those are hot beer n Chemical engg.I got into the room knowing the fact tht before me, MAHAWAR n SANDY already gave those guys new lessons in PIPING n petroleum, I knew my chances are slim. They asked me abt my fav subject in IIT. Bas phir kya tha KASAM BHAWANI KI chemical engg chhod ke duniya bahr ki baatein bak dali.
Bola sir i was never interested in CHem enng( ab JEE mein rank low thi to kya karta)and personality development was my prime target. Tab bhi they didnt like my personality. After a long 15 min discussion those guys gave me witty smile n i knew MERA KAT GAYA.
After this came prudential package arnd 4.5 lakhs per annum. TIE shirt pehan ke GD ke liye gaya.Topic sunke hi halat kharab." BLACK OR WHITE" one of the worst GD of my life in terms of content. The whole grp was talkin like MAYAWATI (in circles) no conclusion no content final result whole grp not SELECTED.

Then came HOC (HOUSE OF CODE)package 5 lakhs per annum.
Written diya select ho gaya . I went for the interview . this was probably the shortest i was out of the room within 15 mins, those guys gave sm extempore topic..mine was Industrialisation i spoke n then we talked about indian economy . Finally one bombshell ......Okay Ankit! Tell me about your interests in coding
Just after this qs i had a flashback of my dirty past.Ab meri coding ke baare mein very few people know. I studied C++ in my 11th n 12th tab to main CHeat kar kar ke pass hota tha. I was even caught passing the paper. IIT ke freshie time coding project mein bhi i did MATRIX operation wala code woh bhi cheat karke. n now sitting there i was thinking KAASH tab padh liya hota
Anyhow i said i never did something officialy but my interests include coding.but tht chap didnt buy this n I WAS REJECTED.

Then came Bank OF America aka BoA. We booked our tickets for Rang de basanti so we had a plan after test we will leave for the movie unfortuantely we got night show(10:15) ticket. So we all gave the written at 12:30 pm. Resume submission hua m after some time i got the news I M IN. again the usual procedure tie n shirt pehna then Case studies padhne laga INDIA Ke stats ko leke.Pir maine job ke liye sacrifice kiya aur RDB nahin gaya.Finally interview hua.started at 9:50 pm lasted for arnd 40 minutes.

Case study " NUmber of pencils in INdia"
my answer came out close to 10 bilions .
Interview lene walon ki halat kharab he told me "THTS too many pencils"
then again few spply demand fundaes n then discussion went on to WAL MART. THen he asked what do yo know about I BAnking. yahan to bilkul ZOT...........
I came out thinkin ab to sorry hi rahega but finally short list ho gaya for the HR round. They told ki koi firang bandi TRACY is coming down frm NY to take the interview.Finally usski jaroorat nahin padi n they gave the final list without the HR interview.
So the story ends here .......nice b'day present for me i guess.:p