Sunday, May 07, 2006

To kill a second .....

My room is dark .... Infact i take special care to restrict the sunrays from entering my room. Its not like that i have Vampire genes in my DNA, its just that when the temperature rises to 30C in mumbai things go really bad.
I m having lots of free time since my admission is on 23rd of june so now i can officially do wat i always do n tht is to do nothing. But to do nothing is a big task in itself and tough times like these forces a normal banda(like me) to do weird things.
In the attack of such a desperate time i saw "Shaadi se pehle" and BY GOD life ban gayi. I wonder how people like mallika sherawat okay she's got a great body but yaar kuch aur bhi to ho. All she does is walk arnd in a bikini which is no more exciting.To add to this the music of the legendary Himesh Reshamiya ---the god. There is something wrong with this guy...the cap the black jacket and the beard this guy needs a lecture on human civilization so tht he will knw we no more live like nomads.
Well to kill time i have been doing orkutting too. Its fun though it may sound lame to many of u but i was looking at the profiles of many beautiful girls. I knw its not a great thing to do buts it is my guilty pleasure secret.
I was planning to start gymming for the fourth time in my life. I start everytime then i quit in between but whenever i see perfectly shaped abs of many guys all i can do is just feel jealous and satisfy my ego by thinking , I m single jsut coz i dont have muscular body like tht.
I watch movies way too much but since i have already seen arnd 500 in iit there are not much left in the insty servers moreover very few frnds are here right now so i dont go out pretty often.
I m running out of ideas to spend my time if u guys have any ideas do tell me ...


Jetru said...

You know nothing about girls. Looks and muscles are like 5% important to them. It's your chracter that counts man. So, work on being more rascally, not muscley.

vishnoi said...

thoda sa nikal iit se. kuch aur kar! vaise bhi iim mein kuch karne ka time nahin milega!

Sumit said...

23rd is a lucky day mate .. gud luck !

RefleXtion said...

2 movies I wish I had never EVER seen :
1. Shaadi se pehle
2. Mumbai se aaya mera dost

@ Jetru
Muscles cont more than that least if you go to a good gym, you get to bump into a lot of girls who will agree with me! With a nice flat tummy atleast they won't complain when you're guzzling beer!

Bruce Almighty said...

nice post!

count me in for the kil-himesh-reshamiya club... btw, there is actually a community on orkut called kil himesh reshamiya.. u may wanna join

zep said...
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zep said...

i kept wondering fr sum time tat who is this fella..
thn realized who u r!!
thnx to himesh reshammiya!!:)

Aditi said...

sounds like a well planned summer so far..enjoy the days of nothing

Niharika said...

its a bleesing my friend when you have nothing to do!! try enjoying it too!!

priya said...

@ jetru...

u've got lotsa idea about female thinking....looks u r very experienced!!! :P


haha...u've got nothing to do !join the club mr....we share the same boredom...khud b khud thik ho jaoge so fear not....catch up with you on orkut...

Ankit said...

@jetru ..thnks for ur suggestion will work on tht too. But good body is not only for girls it makes u feel better abt urself.

@vishnoi..haan yaar bas ab bache hue dinon mein yahi karta hoon.Tum to germany mein world cup dekho aish karo

@sumit. is it so ..thnks for tellin but hw is it lucky

@reflextion.... meetin a girl in such a place is every guy's fantasy. n maine mumbai se ...nahin dekhiisliye bach gaya :)

@rohan...part of me likes him coz of his groovy songs n part of me hates him coz of his irritating voice

@agentJ ..told HIMESH is the GOD ..:)

@aditi ..well planned ..kahan yaar kuch planned nahin tha isliye to bore ho raha hoon. Now i m dying to get back to home way lady!! see u knw wat u gonna do in the next hour. i m turning into a cyber freak

@priya ...yeah i read in ur blog tht u r also having ur vacations.baaki orkut par i found u :). I m gettin better at this orkut thing

Rose said...

//i was looking at the profiles of many beautiful girls. I knw its not a great thing to do buts it is my guilty pleasure secret..

~laughs~ So did u find any girl u liked.. or are u waiting for ur abs to grow.. ;)

Well have u tried touching ur nose with ur tongue to while away time... or count the number of bubbles made by a fish in an aquarium..? pretty entertaining u knw.. :))))

Keep do'n nothing..



Priyankari said...

It's greatto read a guy with such a clear conscience.

Rai said...

What? Do you really think girls fall for muscles?

Ankit said...

@rose ... the search is still on ...
two great ideas tried the tongue thing and gave up idont have an aquarium but i tried to count the number of checks on ,my shirt it was fun.

@priyankari...thnk u (nothin else to say :P)

@rai... yeah i knw one or two who will fall for muscles. I too like girls with good figure so the same logic can b applied there

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

oii nice post ... am gonna come back to it after tomorrow ... coz my hols start too .... and this might be a shocker ... but from May - Oct ... am absolutely totally weli (jobless) ... well thts if i dont get some summer job ...


himesh sounds constipated ...

and esp the song ..

aajaa ... ek baar aajaa ...

lol ... need i say more ...

k gross i guess :P .. srry

lol orkuttin ... jeez why's every1 like crazy abt it ... ure like the 50th person i've heard talkin abt it ... so today mornin .. finally i asked a friend to send me an orkut invite ... so wait until u see my profile ;) ;)

mwahahahaa @ gyming ... jeez ... me too ... everytime i talk to mom abt it .. she's like .. start going for a walk/jog first ... warm up atleast ... and then all goes into the well ... no gym no nuttin .... nd the fatass cheesy termite's growing fatter than ever!

well i dont have no ideas ... mebbe u can try ur hand at cookin ... lol i know tiz so lame ... but guess all guys shud try learnin cookin too ... i mean wth .. why only girls man!!!

k gotta run

Shakhi said...

Do join the gym, not for the girls, u'll be happy with urself too, and that's the main thing.
and with ur sense of humour, u'll surely rock.
so dont sit idle just go and join the gym.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Shaadi Se Pehle? Aaargh...that movie sucks. SUCKS. Worth neither the time, nor the money. X-(
You've nothing to do? Haha, I've the same...errr..."problem". :p Make others jealous by telling this to everybody. That's FUN. Oh, of course, it won't be if you're too nice and kind hearted. :P
And Himesh Reshammiya (whatever the HELL those spellings are) should be imprisoned for life and his songs must be played to him 24/7. THE worst possible torture.

richunderconstruction said...

all i can say is... 'same pinch'
sharing the same boredom, n trying my hand at orkuttin'... but well ahem.. im searchin up old frnds unlike u ;))

n yeah... i agree wit girl who sold... im busy making 'students' of my recently attained freedom :)

its fun! ;)

p.s. ... counting the checks on ur shirt???????????????????
umm... may i ask the no., simply curious, n the time u took? ;)

Varshita said...

Oh one can easily indulge in those guilty pleasures once in while. And trust me there is no better way to revitalise yourself than indulging in them. I chcked my job after two years to do my second masters. And what fun it was. Getting up late in the morning, sleeping late at night, watching Tv endlessly, surfing net day in n out... and what not. The list is endless. But the pain being, within a month I have to get my ass to office. And that doesnt sound good at all :-(

aditya said...

abe mast likha hai be...

Ankit said...

@TERMITE .... great id u have.
and just wait till i get u on the orkut ..i m getting good at it day by day. Cooking :)) i tried once and my mom gave up on me the very next moment. But i can cook chicken curry :)

Shakhi .... See the whole point of gym is Will power and i suck at it. Pehle bhi 4 baar try kar chuka hoon now whenever i talk abt gym all my frnds start cracking jokes. BUt i"ll b there soon.

The Girl who sold ... aapka koi nick name hai to bata do har baar The girl who type karne mein give up ho jata hai,.
But if u are also as useless as me then gimme some ideas
aur yaar reshamiya bhaiya itne bhi biure nahin hai all the pubs n discs are playin his movie 24X7

@varshita .. finally a person who appreciates my orkutgiri.u must be excited abt gettin back in the warfield.

@bhalla ...thnk u Dost

Jetru said...

There are tons of other palces to meet girls. And those girls you meet there are shallow. Or they maybe just be fooling around. They don't desire for muscle. They desire for no fat.

I'm not experienced. I'm learned.

Great. Go ahead.