Monday, March 20, 2006

The 4 commandments:

FOUR hmmmmmmm AFAIK 10 hote hain. Yes my prince of egypt i know there are 10 commandments but these four are the commandments i learned from my 4 IIM(CLIK) interviews.

Commandment#1:- Kozhikode:If you watch a movie get the MESSAGE of the movie otherwise dont watch it.
I know this one sounds pretty weird but those of you who read my iimk interview blog might be knowing this. The Prof gave me this word of wisdom and he made my life miserable. Why?
Its very simple to apply this funda on a movie like Crash, RDB but what m i supposed to do when i m watching movies like FIGHT CLUB( suhail khan starrer) or Mr. 100%- the real player ,and yes the real player is also a part of the title,it becomes a hell lot of a job to get the message of the movie. Whenever in fight club suhail khan came on screen there is a backgrnd score "DUDE whose better than the Dudex3 .. he is the tough guy" and in Mr 100% whenever our Hero comes on screen there is a score "GIGOLO" trust me the music is still haunting me and i m cursing tht prof for ruining my life and forcing me into this.

Commandment#2:-IIML : Read the call letter in advance
This one is painfully funny no no wait it is just painful atleast for me. My IIM L interview was at 2pm mumbai 12th march. got there in time reached panel #3.Names were called out...woosh my name is not there. I was shocked i asked them sir wats the matter??
He says wats ur name i said Ankit. He checks the list ..surprise u were in the morning batch. Shoot me!!! such an important day of my life and i come late to the interview. I begged them luckily one guy was missing and they let me in. Bad part i gave my GD with the ABM guys. i was the first one to be interviewed. Things went pretty smooth infact my best interview of the three K L n C. But for me life isn't that sweet. just like the K interview just when things are going to end Prof drops a bomber.
Prof: Ankit all the time u were talking about your analytical skills and organizational activities in your college. What kind of planning you did today tht u came for an interview scheduled at 10 am at 2 pm.?
Ankit: i tried to cover up my ass.....though its damn tough to cover up when u made urself a jackass in front of your panel.
The prof was not satisfied but i dont blame him. Imagine a guy who comes 4 hours late for the interview at what time he will come for the lectures.

Commandment#3:- IIMC :- Dont be a Jabberwocky.

Noisy, chaotic, senseless, Loud, whacky i can go on n on describing this super GD of IIMC .
Topic "Only tax payers should be allowed to vote. "
Ab yaar 12 logon ka batch how the hell a smooth GD can b there. The topic is given someone starts .suddenly when 2-3 people spoke i thought "Be saale !! IIMC hai kya kar raha hai?? Aaj nahin bola to kab bolega.?? Bas Phir kya tha KALI MA KE kale charnon ki saughand hai ... Woh moment tha ki jiske baad to main ruka hi nahin. I was a true jabberwocky beating abt the bush coming up with very lil content and mostly just chipping in. There were few deadly moments also. one female dressed up in a suit n all. Somenone cuit her off twice bas Nari shakti ki kya example dekhne ko mila mujhe. She raised her hand and " wait my friend LET me complete first: not to mention this was on a pretty high note. whole grp was mum.
Kaun kehta hain india mein women are weaker.
Ab thru out the GD i hardly supported only tax payers shud be allowed to vote.Strangely when i walked in for the interview( i was the first one) panel asked me u were in favor of only tax payers . Now u can get an idea how much i was able to convey my ideas.

Commandment#4:- IIMI : If you are a chemical engg STUDY chem engg.
After a very nice and simple GD we all were riding high . GD to achcha hona hi tha since we were only 7 people in the batch and was a simple HR case study Open n shut case.
Now i was called in for the interview.

Prof So ankit u are a chemical engg
me Yes sir ( i knew i m dead) after this moment there was a black out i remember traces of it. One after the other the guy was shooting Qs . what is RDX wat are its chem properties. What is Alkynes and ethers used for. What uis crackin. Why are petroleum products containers have floating tops. what is catatlytic convertere how does it works how does a gas mask works.
If this was not enuff the other guy started Qs abt finance policy of out nation.

trust me the moment i went in and this JACKING IN session began i was begging with every last drop of sweat in my body tht please let me go . maine tumhara kya bigada hai nahin lena hai to mat lo but aise Beizzat to mat karo.

Now since after getting screwed four time in a month span tht too each time in a new and a different positon ( and u thought Vatsayan was a genious for inventing 107 positions) i m pretty confident abt learning my 5th n final commandement from IIM B on 29th march.


Niharika said...

shucks man!! u have had it the real hard way!!
the 4th commandment is so so so true!! if getting the degree is not tough enuf u are expected to remember the mind boggling stuff always!!cheezz what a waste!!
anyways.. all the very best for your coming interview.. dont worry.. every cloud has a silver lining...
keep the faith!

Ankit Biswas said...

abe u farted in the IIMK PI is really ridiculous. chal koi nahi. baaki sab was not so horrible n i hav faith tht u'll convert one of em. chal IIMB me zaroor crack machana. my best wishes!!

desperado said...

hmm some hard lessons i guess
but still wid 5 calls..ur sure to convert one of dem.
All the best

Ankit said...

@niharika: plese rehne do. u have a masters in biotech n i rem the girls of our bio section whole day they are glued to books.

@biswas: arrey main K mein kahan bakwaas kiya yaar those guys were determined to grill me.

@desperado .. Bas umeed par duniya chal rahi hai. lets hope for the best.

rachana said...

Hi ankit.thanks for ur apprication for my of luck for ur next intv..

anon_iitian said...

every failure is a pillar for succes.
And you still dont know if it was a failure.
so keep your hopes alive and go full throtle in your final interview. May god and the professors be with you.

Kaps said...

all the best bhai..mere ko gut feeling aa rahi hai ki is baar feel factor gud rahega..:)

29th march hi hai na?..time dekh le ek baar..ek din pehle se jakar center ke guard ke paas jakar kambal odh kar so jaana..

Ankit said...

@rachna thnks

@amit: haan yaar ab to saari umeed bas B se hi hai

@kaps : I hope aapki gut feeling sahi ho.
Aur iss baar to ek raat pehle ki hi local pakad kar pahunch jaunga.

Mandar Gadre said...

likha to sahi hai tune. bas agle interview mein achcha karna. all the best dear :)