Monday, March 23, 2009

I Can't Concentrate

The title has got nothing to do with the post .......... but these days its the in thing. To randomly name a movie. Like Tasveer 8X10, 99 etc....

Monday afternoon as I pretend to be working in the office staring into my laptop screen with a straight face, I realized one thing. I have tickets for 27th of march on my desk. Yes I am going to Goa for an extended weekend, which translates into three days holidays. I have no clue what Gudi Parwa means or what m I supposed to do on that day. All I know is that it has forced the Banking industry to give their employees a well deserved break on Friday. Take that consultants, this is called work life balance :)

I have finally booked the tickets and confirmed the booking over phone (Judith you sounded so sweet). Maybe next time I will book the hotel recommended by you so what it costed 2000 bucks more.

Now I know for people who have stayed in bombay it's not that big a deal to go to Goa. But even though I did my graduation in Mumbai and traversed the narrow streets for four years, I have never been to Goa. Now that is some record which looks more embarrassing than Celiena jaitley’s acting skills. But before you judge me and brand as the un-cool uncle types guy, let me explain the reason behind my inability to put the GOA xing into my life.

Last time when I finalized my plan to go to Goa, believe it or not Tsunami struck India’s southern coasts. Now my father thinks I am as responsible as Prof Khan was with N bombs. So he thought I will be in the sea for most of the time in Goa and yeah with a reaction time slower than that of A K Hangal, he said don’t go abhi, go later. Now this later is like submitting your project report. Once the deadline is over it really never comes again. So those plans were shelved off and I had 4 consecutive no-goa Christmas-newyear in Mumbai. After joining my job in Mumbai hardly got a chance to go on vacation. But now I have seized the day and stole the moment of thunder, I planned this holiday way back in januray can u beat that.
Well if you look at it, it was not difficult given the fact that 70% of my time in office I am googling and reading about random things.

Job life is treating me well. I mean in the current market if you are able to talk about job life it’s a big relief in itself. Every morning I come to my office and offer my prayers to the almighty if my access card works and yeah then the double check comes in when I log on to my laptop. I look up with a sigh of relief as the screen flashes “welcome ad897797”. The smile goes from 6 inch wide to a small frown when I see 81 unread messages… but yeah part and parcel of work life.

Lately my friends have developed this special interest in scrabble, now my vocabulary is as broad as Taliban’s mind. I mean what do you expect from a small town boy from Bhilai. But still dosti ki khatir khelna padta hai. Infact looking at my vocab one friend of mine said “ Tune class 3 ke baad words sikhna band kar diya tha kya?”.
As my friends fight over the existence of some classy words ….( atleast they sound classy to me) like Celeste. I remain happy stealing 3 pointers and 6 pointers with “JUG”, “Bed” when one day I made the word “ELATED” the word was not only there on the board but was evident on my face and the wide smile. I mean common I used 6 out of 7 tiles.
Lately I am also too much into bowling, but like all other sports initially I helped my friends with the technique n all and now they all defeat me hands down. But I have realized this I am the man whom they call it as the first gear man. I get into things out of excitement than snap out of it pretty soon. With an attention span of Dewegowda’s status that makes it a very fatal combo.

IPL moved out of India, now all my plans of faking a headache during office hours to take an early break are ruined. I was so excited about watching a live match … but it’s all gone, I so wanted to cheer with KKR’s knight angels to add to the glamour quotient Shilpa Shetty was also around this time. OMG, where is natural justice.
But then life has never been fair.