Monday, April 28, 2008

Short ramblings of a short guy

Oh yes this is me writing again, back to my beloved and forgotten blog. Even though I was getting dead bored watching rakhi sawant’s reaction on IPL Cheerleaders and how it is unjustified to Import cheer girls when we have so much indigenous talent of Mumbai Dance bar girls. Imagine Dhoni hitting a sixer n the song being played is “Dilli ki sardi” or “Choli meri tang hone lagi”.
If somehow u will escape these stupid interviews u can find Great Khali running arnd on your tv screen on every second news channel. Smtimes Khalli is expressing his wish to play cricket smtimes he is gifting a live chicken to BIG SHOW. Even after going through so much torture I didn’t write any blog. But deep down I always wanted to.

First things first after two years on 5th april I got my MBA degree. Well I did the usual stuff like running away from the classes copying assignments n somehow still managed to get my degree on time. Since I was a small kid mummy papa ne daraya dhamkaya but kissi bhi tarah se padhai karwaya( sorry for this but u see it was not rhyming). But they don’t have to try any harder anymore coz I am done with my study days. So what if I don’t sound 1/10th of a scholar as a bareliy university ke 4th year LAAW ke vidhyarthi rannvijaya bhaiya will sound. But the hard fact of life is I have studied continuously for 20 years of my life. I mean rite frm those nursery days when mumma used to drag me to the classes, to the MBA days when I used drag the attendance sheet sign n run I have seen a lot and done a lot.But to be honest m sad coz Mithun da's son is making a debut. Bete Papa ne kam zulm dhaye hain jo tu bhi shuru ho gaya. BUt on a serious note I m sad coz I know this is the end of my hostel life. Those days are not coming back and the last six years were like a dream run for me :)

Second thing is for the second time in my life I have convinced somebody to actually pay for my work:) . This time it is citigroup and even though I didn’t join my last job I have no plans of doing anything even close to that with this one. Still sitting here idle at home is even more painful I have already written a book on how to be a couch potato in 5 simple steps. Second book I started writing but then star news par “Sansani” start ho gaya n I got scared n dropped the idea of writing a book.

To kill the time I am taking cooking classes from my mother( this one is for all the girls… see I can cook too koi to response do). Till now all the cooking has been done under mummyji’s supervision so till now no 70s movies ke comedy scene types situation hui ahi where the side heroine mixes salt instead of the sugar n smhow the director thought it was funny.
Second thing is I have started teaching at a CAT coaching center. Well here also I have taken the inspiration from television only … every morning I used to switch on the tv n anybody who had hair long enough to knit Mayawati’s salwar suit n a beard in which two birds family can live happily ever after….were giving GYAAN. I thought Its my turn to give it back to the community so finally Ankit is now Ankit sir and giving fundaes on how to count the last digit of 310 ….
Well I just hope I m a bit more regular…. At this place.
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