Friday, September 30, 2005

Liverpool VS Chelsea CFC 28th sept UEFA cup

Match Result 0 - 0
But the game was in each n every way dominated by Liverpool They made their point right from the start and were in an awesome attacking mode.
Crouch teamed up with Cisse n seein this Jose's side had to back off . Drogba lead the CFC attack. Garcia alomost made it to the back of the net at arnd 47th min but CFC were lucky.
Here is the full report :-

Thursday, September 29, 2005

29th sept

Today is Shooo's B'DAY well he had his share of BUMPS last night to which I too contributed quite a lot.
But BAD day for me a bad start at present 9:30 am is the time and i m sittin in front of a comp in LAppoo's room. Reason being i was thrown out of the class by Prof. MAllik.
I was sleeping in the class and he asked me to leave and like a good student i followed his orders. I m sad not because i was asked to leave but coz he got hold of my roll no.
When u sleep at 4 in the night wake up at 8:15 rush to the department w/o having ur breaker and then DASH thru the corridors so tht you can make it up b4 8:30 in the class room so tht u don;t miss tht most CHERISHED attendance , SLEEPINESS comes in package.
Its hard to keep up to the boring heuristics of chemical design and i always thought Prof Mallik is smart enuff to understand tht.
Well its not like i never sleep in the class its just tht today i was caught. Prof MAllik shud understand the basic fact tht at any time even if i m not sleepin in the class then also I m not contributing to any proceedings of the lecture. Most of the time i m either joking arnd solving Su -Doku , going thru the newspaper or planning a new move of BSF. Well tht almost defines my activities in the class.
This is the second time this has happened last time the person in charge was Prof Preeti aghalayam.I don;t blame myself the course was chemical kinetics and any Human soul can fall a prey to the deadly combo of kinetics and Prof preeti.
Well wats the point of being sad abt anything its just the begining of the day and i"ll figure out a way to make up for my bad start . To start off with i m going back to sleep so tht i don't feel the same in the afternoon lectures.

Current MOOD : sleepy
Current Music: Dilnashin ( aashiq banaya aapne)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Henry's Move to BARCA :-?

Latest news says chances are Henry will be leaving Arsenal to make a move to BARCELONA . This year his contract will be ending and chances are this French striker will be catching a flight to spain.
Thiery Henry's caliber is well proved and from the last few seasons he has been a key player in the arsenal squad. Infact Arsenals whole attack is centered arnd Henry.Viera already retired and now if henry moves this is going to be a big blow to arsenal. They really need to work hard to keep henry n this season's start of EPL is not a promising one loosing 2 games out of initial 5 and a a 7th position in the table is not a good sign.
Arsenal won EPL two season's back and were runner ups last season ..the reason being the flamboyant CHELSEA. Now arsenal is loosing its touch and that is obivous from their performance.
Barcelona has a better chance to win UEFA and the spanish permiera too with a squad which includes some of the world's finest and def a great coach Rijkaard BARCA might be the place tailored specifically for HENRY. It would be great to see ronaldinho deco ETO puyol ..all together wearing the same red and blue stripes.
Barca's acquisition of henry may shiver down the spines of their rival Madrid who are already having a tough time by loosing their opening match 3-0 in Uefa.
Well Owen's move to Newcastle was a heart beaker i was so excited to see Owen joining liverpool again and revive the old 2001 golden days but tht didn't work out so i m keeping my fingers crossed tht this works out. But once Henry will be gone Arsenal will be in vain i guess they must start lookin for a striker who will accompany Reyes .

old classics

there is a new Buzz in the entertainment world
they are releasing the old B&W classics in new colored prints. Mughal e Azam is already been done SAhib Bibi aur ghulam is already on the cards then madhumati. The sucess of the K Asif's Mughal e Azam new release gave confidence to producers to explore this new dimension .
BUt is this justified i mean this can be the beginnin to wat happened to old songs by the remix era.
Not all remixes are bad and same will be the case with the re-release of old movies. Mughal e Azam was a huge success because the whole point was abt the huge sets the lovely costumes and great art direction was a major incentive for people to watch this epic again.
Now lets give this a thought.. can we imagine the scene of Gurudutt walkin down the theatre in Kagaz ke phool in anyway other than the way it has been picturized or Rehman n meena kumari in SAhib bibi aur ghulam.The big issue is many directors chose to make movies in B&W when colored movie options were there.
Even in the new movie age there are many movies which are made in B&W like Edwood Sincity Schindler's list.
the whole idea can become messy if once this trend kicks off.
But its not like redoing old classics is a wrong move alltogether. people will get a chance to watch their fav artists in a new lively mode and its gives people an option.
well most of us don;t care for old movies but i think one thing is there in the classics which seriously lacks in new movies is the "SOUL" when i say soul the golden era gave us some performances and moments which are milestones and will be like tht forever.Movie making has improved a lot these days but the emphasize of good packaging and a better product takes over the feel of art. Welll this goes on with time and it is necessary and even in current time there have been many movies which have redifined the indian cinema liek Devdas Black etc.

Friday, September 23, 2005


i m back really its been a long time reasons are many ...but mainly workload mid sems and all.Its tough to be regular blogger though i love the stuff but smtimes just i don;t get the time.Last few days were not good, a mental unrest is going on inside my head. But as always MUSIC always helps while i was surfing thru the net jsut came across the lyrics of this beautiful song by junoon

Meri awaz suno mujhe azad karo
Meri awaz suno insaf do
Azad karo Insaf do
Karon kuon ghulami teri
Ghulami teri kuon zalaman
Mangon na Khudai teri
Mangon men to haq zalama
Tere sang zamana sara
Khuda he mere sang zalama
Meri awaz suno mujhe azad karo
Meri awaz suno insaf do
Azad karo Insaf do

The idea of break free the state of Nirvana are all ways of breaking the shackels and running away from ur tensions
just once. The human tendency of getting attention to be heard is an imp thing its complicated yet we all know how
it feels like. Hardly a person gets time to do tht there can be few small breaks of vacations holidays but everyone has to
comeback the idea of going to a new place where u have a new identity no one knows u and a new life is waiting for u down the horizon is great
Maybe all this is an outcome of the recent material i have been reading Indian philosphy i just now saw LAst Days and
then i read "the partner" but wateva it is i felt like writin abt it .
I know I m too materialistic to do anything like tht but its excitig to give it a thought.