Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Coz I am getting bored

In the last five months I have realized two things
1) I have insomnia and I mean serious insomnia
2) I am a poker addict
Just a little bit of flashback, since the age of 15 I have been sleeping for around 6 hours a day and throughout college even lesser. But now when I started working somehow everybody around me thinks its not normal.
As suggest one should sleep for atleast 7 hours a day.
Interesting point to note here is that both these things are not completely unrelated. It goes like this,
You com
e back from office @8:30 and have dinner by 9 and just at that time your flatmates and other friends arrive. These are the people who love spending time in office as much as I enjoyed Whats your Rashi ...... they are always on time. So you start playing by 9:15 and once the chips are stacked and cards are dealt I am like Shakti Kapoor on Red Bull .... Nothing can stop me then.
Generally around 12:30 -1.00 some people leave but like the Spartans I never leave my ground .... also by 12:30-1:00 I am usually losing and its difficult to get up when you are losing money.
For all those people who think that I am one of those sharaabi, Juaari & kebaabi basically Veeru as explained in the words of Jai ...MIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!! (Eventhough I am a non vegeterian and I do indulge in alcohol but who doesn't right) but I am no gambler.
POKER my friend is no gambling. This was proved and argued by the dude who won an Oscar for the best Original Screenplay .. Matt Damon. Do you have the balls to argue with him??? This is what he said in rounders "Why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table of the World Series of Poker EVERY
YEAR? What, are they the luckiest guys in Las Vegas?" Now I don't claim to the smartest tool in the shed but that my friend is one hell of an argument.

I am not gonna bore you guys with how great poker is and etc.
I am talented enough to do that without using poker as a prop.
So yeah I end up playing till 3-4 in the morning and next morning I show up at office @9:15 sharp.... well and to my surprise I don't feel sleepy... I am scared as I have seen "The Machinist" and I know what lack of sleep can do to you.
Somehow my mom knows that I don't sleep enough. Every mother's regular question is beta dinner kar liya?? How is office going??. But nahin my mom always asks me did you sleep well yesterday night and I always say haan haan achche se soya tha(lies ) but after so many years of practice, lying to my mom comes so naturally to me.
You can't trust anything these days right people kill somebody and walk away with 3 years of imprisonment, Ready is a super block buster , and Mithunda's beta getting second movie.
But there are some things in life you can always trust and that my friend is a deck of 52 cards.
Now Insomnia is bad not just for your health but it kinda screws you mentally. In my case the after effects are not that obvious but I could feel it.
So now I literall
y have dark circles my eyes are generally red and they are fluttering all the time. Its not like I didn't try to do something about my dark circles. But damn you John Abrahim, that cream is oily and it doesn't fucking do anything.
Also your brain works slightly weird, like somebody will be talking to you and your mind will kinda wander off. Now in college it was all fine coz nobody cares right, but in office people don't take that lightly. Once in a while the excuse of not sleeping enough will help you to get through. But if you show up like a brain dead zombie way too often the deadly pink slip might be around the corner.
Good new I have survived most of it till... so now its 7 and its a Friday night, so tonight I can actually play all night without any guilt or regret.