Monday, April 10, 2006

I m an Indian

Sau mein se ninyanwe Beimaan ,
tab bhi cricket team ka hai har koi kaptaan,
Bollywood hai apni shaan,
bache paide karne ka naya Kirtimaan,
Chor hai sala Pakistan
Mera bharat Mahaan,

I m an Indian (though i hate this thing n feel deprived when ever i see hollywood's chick flicks) still i m proud of it. But there are few traits of indians tht are way too common.
I hv been doing this since my school days ... i write down things in points so here it comes again

Score kya hua hai.... go to any bus, dukaan , college , garden ....if a cricket match is on and if India is playin this is the most common question u can hear. I have seen middle aged aunties whose TV viewing is definitely restricted to the K series Bindi Mayhem still once in a while u can hear these golden words out of their mouth.

Bollywood We love to sing n dance n it reflects in our movies. more than 800 movies a year few good piece of art most of the others utter crap yet it doesnt stops Indians to make more SRK's n Madhuri's. Be it ur date , family outing or even school trips this is one integral part of our life.

population........need i say anymore

piracy .. we rock at this but we will have to share the credit with our fellow CHINKI bhais( south east asia) . Using licensed softwares is one thing which is out of the dictionary of Indians. we all use pirated stuff so much tht if Bill gates will get the original data he will collapse faster than MS origami.

Kya Banoge Munna This is one another question which is common to all the guys n gals out there. Indians care abt their kids ( not the number) but their future. In todays world of competition the pressure is killing and the enviroment is suffocating.

We all love marriages ...:- Yes there are so many marriages in India n u need to attend them all to mantain the social circle. The marriages are amzing though ..delicious food, nice music , beautiful females dressed up so well n more ... Aise when i say we all love marriages i mean attending them as a guest not being the groom.

Pakistan haai haai.... We love this just say it aloud it feels so good ...right?? Pakistan is responsible for half of our miseries. I have been listenin this since ages , if there is a bomb blast it is pak, if there is infiltration it is pak n so on.


Niharika said...

Kya baat hai!!
ek he din teer mara hum ne!
cricket mein aapni bhi dilchaspi hai.. aapke batai hue points mein se 3 toh common hain toh chalo me too qualify to be an indian!!kahin iske peeche foreign hand toh nahi?? issi baat pe ho jae.. pakistan hai hai!!
kadak post!

Ankit Biswas said...

gajab dhaa di tune!! sach me proud 2 b an India...but still BI 2 rox...kaash mai american...offho, kya sochne laga mai pata nahi. isme se kuchh kuchh pts chhod diya tu like - kaash ye bandi meri hoti, bhagwaan k naam pe dede baba (sabse zyada beggars bhi toh india me hai)

OrganizedChaos said...

what about interfering relatives who have to know "everything" and give comments on everything that you do

Ankit said...

arrey haan relatives to bhool hi gaya jab se hosh sambhala hai meri chachi mausi mama mami n family kitne saare relatives hain.
then bhikari ... then comments :P

Ankit said...
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Bonfire said...

nice post buddy liked it 100 mein se 99 baimaan firm bhi mera desh mahaan ek machar saala admi ko *** bana deta hai

Abhay said...

nice one dude...totally agree with the "score kya hua"--that is what unites the whole of india, Cricket.

and bill gates will surely get a heart-attack once he knows how much we copy ;)

ps: cud've thrown some light on arranged marriages as well u know :P

RefleXtion said...

Hey all this makes us unique man. Tell you something...You think we all get typecast there na? I think you may be wrong. I was in the UK for a year....There were totally distinct Indian groups. They had completely different interests and led lives very different from what you have blogged. This lot were all first generation NRI's and you could not pin more than 2-3 of the characteristics out of your list on them. They had changed, diversified, gathered other interests...they were so unlike the Indians I am comfortable with!

anon_iitian said...

Sahee jaa raha hai.
well written but some how i feel lack of new idea. It appears as if you didnt comment on the issue. I would have preferred that.

Niharika said...

Ankit shout box kahan gaya mere dost??? how was your CAT result??

The Light-House. said...

@ Starting Lines.... hillarious cool, funky groovy jazzy kind of stuff.
I can have ebough of cricket.
Bollwood movies.... turning into a soft porn industry(in regards to item songs).
Polpulation = Now it is a resource.
Marriages well I agree that it is necessary tro maintain ones social circle.
Thanks for coming in to my blog.hoping to read more of you.