Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Journey

Kill yash chopra burn karan johar and behead subash ghai for playing with our emotions, I m sure many of u out there must be having this sweet little fantasy of meeting a beautiful lady in a train. Kabhi nazron ka ladna, kahin hansi ka jharna kahin aakhon ka machalna to kabhi kahin hasi ka jharna to kabhi aanchal ka phisalna.

But fantasies like these live only in one’s dream. Still train journeys are fun. But after 21 years of experiencing the phenomena knwn as Indian Railways I have seen a lot of fairer sex. Since on my way to Indore I had jus one novel One Night @CC (chetan bhagat messed up this one royally) and a boring crowd arnd me so I tried to categorize the kind of fairer sex I came across in a train …. (The age range is just 17-28..kyunki I care for only these )

1) Life is an Honeymoon . the happily NEWLY wed couple dreaming abt her spouse’s new car new house and how life is going to be a cake coated with cream of promises, sugar coated with sweet sex, double layered icing of affection and a cherry on the top of awesomeness. This is the most happening pair in the arena, one can spend hours looking at them. The husband tries to impress the wife with each and every move.They will talk in eye language and the timely giggle will make u wonder wat a beautiful institution this marriage is. But if u want to get the real picture just look arnd a bit and u can spot a middle aged couple an ur myths will be clarified.

2) K-channel-Young beautiful or not so beautiful accompanied with their families. Mostly the fathers are the biggest trouble, They think every second guy who passes by his daughter is a threat to her virginity or is looking a future wife in his daughter. The daughter is normally the sati savitri version of aaj ki naari .

3) Ma beti— If the father is missing and u get a chance to meet the mommy ….only god can save u .”Beta kahan ja rahe ho?” “Bombay mein kya karte ho?” Aur agar kahin beti bhi mataji jaisi hui tab to kya kehne, Moreover many times they start the conversation with BHAIYA …….now u tell me kissi bhi bande ka kya interest reh jata hai.?
.U can survive a dengue fever but surviving the dual channel All India Radio is tougher.

4) Purani jeans aur guitar the college grp females . Its easier to get into the grp mostly these guys will b playin antakshari.The older aunties arnd will be cursing ..aaj kal ke bachche to bas. The guys trying hard to outshine each other and the girls absorbing the chaos arnd them, In my opinion this is the closest one can get to reach the yash chopra fantasy but in my 21 year career I just came across one such grp once n the crwd was awful L

5 Akeli nari …Mostly scared and extra concious and if u are blessed with one or two unclejis in the compartment u got a package deal. Ur every move is monitored and is under the public radar and even a simple decent chat can be considered as ur dating move.

I knw I missed out many other females but who cares coz I m sure none of the female I came across would be rem me …nor they will be reading this …Now I m traveling tomorrow to bhilai frm Bhopal ..chhattisgarh express once again riding high on the dream wagon but I knw once again my heart will break n my dreams will shatter still happy journey…..

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Leaving Bombay

Today i"ll be leaving Bombay, i"ll be going to indore then bhopal then Bhilai and finally calcutta.

My frnds are happy as the noisiest person( coz of my 24x7 winamp) is going. My mom is happy coz unka pyara vicky ghar aa raha hai. My profs are happy coz they wont have to deal with me anymore, IIT is happy tht one more graduate is getting out of this institute to add to the IITB alumni association, My gali ka kutta rambharose is happy kyunki ab main roj usse bread khilaunga...mere ghar ke aas pass rehne wali ladkiyan are happy kyunki unka ek aur secret admirer wapas aa raha hai. Raheem kasai is happy kyunki usska ek murga har do din mein bikega.

But i m a bit sad , sad abt leaving this great place iit , sad abt leaving my frnds here, sad abt my department junta sad abt leaving Bombay. frnds ka naam nahin likhunga kyunki i"ll miss few of them rounga nahin kyunki woh valfy ke time mein ro chuka hoon. But i knw this was the best phase of my life pata nahin aage kab aise frnds milenge.

Aur blogging junta/orkut junta.( sab ke sab to orkut par ho hi) to please touch mein rehna kuch din ke liye gayab rahunga har jagah se but main WAPAS aaunga. Aur haan bambai ki is concrete wali mitti ki saugandh wapas aaunga.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pappu Pass Ho Gaya

main janta hoon yeh kaam kathin tha!! raastein mein kai rukawate thi ... yeh Jaleem professors, yeh bhaybheet karne wale courses, woh mushkil mass balance woh prachand reactor, woh vishal-kaye labs ,woh class ki needra, woh pran le lene wale presentations woh copy kar kar ke submit kiye hue assignments woh dardnaak projects aur submissions jaise kitne hi parwat samaan badhaon ko paar karte hue aakhir woh ghadi aa hi gayi jisske liye san 1985 ki pratah subah 7 bajke 10 min par iss nanhe munne balak ka janam hua tha.....aur antatah iss bachche ne apni pyari ma ka sapna pura kar dikhaya aur 4 saal mein engg ban hi gaya.

Okay life continues and to kill my time i saw 21 episodes of Prison break ( run time 43 minutes each) in a time span of 20 hours so thts almost back to back. But i enjoyed every minute of it .

Now this one deserves a pat on my back atleast from Ram Gopal Verma coz tonite i saw the night show of "Darna zaroori hai " so wats great in tht ...but the point is I saw "darna mana hai " too in the theatre ( first day second show). I knw any normal soul wont do it unless RGV had u on gun point but when u go out with frnds u have to agree with the majority. But when i walked in i was happy we were not alone we had company there were 14 more people ... yes its true this movie will make more money than the last one.
These modern day horror movie makers will never get it right. Gone are those golden days when the "RAMSAY BROTHERS " used to give us finest, unadulterated and most humorous Horror flicks. When the tittles are like "hawas ki ek raat" "virana" "purana mandir" "purani haweli" or any other damn thing which can be purana/ purani, the job is half done.
those movies were real cinema the original storyline, the super funny comedians, the scary sound effects, the blood( which looked like ketchup) to add to this in each n every movie there used to be a swim suit scene in which Miss( or Mrs hmmmmm) Thunder Thighs used to expose her perfectly shaped body.
The situation is equally bad in hollywood have u seen the new movies all crap "SAW series" "the Ring" "the eye" nuthing in there. Remember the classis Sam Raimi's "Evil dead" series ... i mean those were classic movies where there were flying hands, twsited faces, melting flesh and the blood was by gallons. Those kinda movies required deep thinking and heavy efforts on scripting. I mean it is damn difficult to come up with ideas like flying axe or moving hands.
To give new lessons to these new age kids Sam raimi is making THE EVIL DEAD again [ as if three were not enuff x-( ] This guy is like Subash guy flop after flop and he wont stop ........
But who gave me the right to pass a judgement?? n wat the heck if he is happy making movies kyunki I m a happy man ....... coz Pappu pass ho gaya

Sunday, May 07, 2006

To kill a second .....

My room is dark .... Infact i take special care to restrict the sunrays from entering my room. Its not like that i have Vampire genes in my DNA, its just that when the temperature rises to 30C in mumbai things go really bad.
I m having lots of free time since my admission is on 23rd of june so now i can officially do wat i always do n tht is to do nothing. But to do nothing is a big task in itself and tough times like these forces a normal banda(like me) to do weird things.
In the attack of such a desperate time i saw "Shaadi se pehle" and BY GOD life ban gayi. I wonder how people like mallika sherawat okay she's got a great body but yaar kuch aur bhi to ho. All she does is walk arnd in a bikini which is no more exciting.To add to this the music of the legendary Himesh Reshamiya ---the god. There is something wrong with this guy...the cap the black jacket and the beard this guy needs a lecture on human civilization so tht he will knw we no more live like nomads.
Well to kill time i have been doing orkutting too. Its fun though it may sound lame to many of u but i was looking at the profiles of many beautiful girls. I knw its not a great thing to do buts it is my guilty pleasure secret.
I was planning to start gymming for the fourth time in my life. I start everytime then i quit in between but whenever i see perfectly shaped abs of many guys all i can do is just feel jealous and satisfy my ego by thinking , I m single jsut coz i dont have muscular body like tht.
I watch movies way too much but since i have already seen arnd 500 in iit there are not much left in the insty servers moreover very few frnds are here right now so i dont go out pretty often.
I m running out of ideas to spend my time if u guys have any ideas do tell me ...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I was out of Bombay, away from the free net service and thts why i was not able to haunt the webworld. I went on a trip to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar and now i know why amir khan chose panchgani as his wedding place.
I know its boring to read blogs about trips but its a nice way to register things, like a diary. 10 years down the line i"ll look at this blog and will remember what great time i had.
This was my last trip(as a iit student) with my frnds here and thts why i am senti abt it.
To keep things interesting i will let the pics do the talking