Saturday, April 15, 2006

Change is inevitable ---- I beg to differ

Life is tough it really is. Here I m sitting in front of my dabba at 5 am in the morning trying to complete my final year B Tech project but every nerve in my mind is shouting aloud.." ek frnds ka episode dekhte hain". Its tough to concentrate on the Chemical plant's reactor temperature when you have countable days left in your grad college.

With times things change but few things stay there as if they are amde for eternity one such thing which never changed in my life is the non --existence of a girlfriend in my 21 years life span on this planet. Although i had lotsa crushes but they all were crashed like "BOOM " on the box office. Infact my mom has so much confidence in my inability to secure a gf tht she gave me an open challenge.. " Tu koi bhi ladki le aa ... mujhe teri shaadi karane mein koi prb nahin hai.. haan but atleast 6 saal baad lana".

I agree with my moms concept of 6 years still i have no intentions of staying single that long ..though now i believe the other half population of the world thinks the other way. Since anyhow i m not doing anything useful i am writing down few things abt my dream gf which is only in dreams till now.

----> Mille sur mera tumhara... Music is a must. I dont care whether she listens to the head banging metal( which i love btw) or she is the disco station girl of bappy lahiri's era but she must enjoy music and dance.If she loves, i can sit beside her for hours, listening to even Ila arun's " Nigodi kaisi jawani hai " kinda crap

-----> Cook baby cook... Restaurant's food is just like Himesh reshamiya's music after a time it becomes so so monotonous. Woh ek baar bas itna bol de " Ankit!! aaj ghar aa jao ..I will cook for u" Kasam Paida karne wale ki main sab kuch chhod ke chala kaunga.

------> Great things come in small packages... Shouldn't be very needy. She should understand that even if i gift a 502 number match box ... i have feelings attached to the gift and its the feelings not the cost which makes the difference.

-----> Good dressing sense... I am not talking about her figure but i love people who dress according to their physique and occassion. I m no manish malhotra but any dumbass can spot the absurdness if Oprah will try to fit in a versace costume tailor made for Tara Reid. I m not very selective abt the dress .. In my opinion if someone wears a saree properly its the sexiest outfit in the whole world. Same is the case with mini skirts .

-----> Kuch kuch hota hai... Yes i would love to see Karan johar's movie with her and will happily provide her the hanky when a tear will run down her cheek the Kajol Shahrukh proposal scene. I will say tons of senti stuff to her (same to same as Yash raj films) with no problems at all but the "Kahani should be poory filmi".

------>Ha ha ha ... " tumhe pata hai aaj college mein kya hua??" ... " You knw natasha ..she is such a bitch.." Nahin yaar please there are enuff things in this world to cry for already .. Dont quetch about evry single thing in your life. Be a jolly person ..mere tuche se joke par bhi if she laughs then its like wining assam supper lotto .

-------> Hey u heard abt nanotechnolody??.. Nahi yaar jyada scientific na ho ( haan medico is the best) I dont have any preference of a BSc or a B Com girl she can be a scientist but atleast jab mere saath ho tab to she shud indulge in only sweet and simple talks.

I know its tough to find a match of this kind but still if any Sophiya girl is reading this ...then none of the above mentioned points are applicable for u .... my mail id is in my profile.....:d


Mon said...

Amazing!! :D I had good time reading this… I’m sure u’r quite an interesting guy, wonder why u’r still single… !!
Anyways, all the best ;)

fARTcritic said...

phunny guy ........I can truly understand ur pain....
mebbe i can be of some help..!
i shall ask some sophiya friends 2 read ur blog!!

rachana said...

"gift of 502 match box" haha..may u get the girl friend of ur kind,, ture indian middle class girl with all the qulities as per ur liking,,may be!!!

anon_iitian said...

jyada jaldi theek nahin hai babu
tumne to apne bete kaa naam bhi soch liya hoga:D
but nice writing
and yup i am a bit busy!! and i dont have this great writing skill that you have

Kumar Chetan said...

Dyoode, good stuff is not there, So u better b brahamchaari or go for an OPTIMISED Solution.
First is good for u, that way U will create less competition for guys like me.

anu said...

aisi baat i too challenge u 'koi bhi ladki le aaoo'' common get d spirit to fight d challenge ..2-2 challenges frm d same community of homo sapiens...funny but convincing post...for d time being happy independence days..cheers

Ankit said...

@mon... I wish other girls also think the same way as u do.

@fartcritic...Then wat are u waiting for go ahead and tell all ur sophiya frnds

@rachana. Middle upper higher lower anything will do.:P

@anon_iitian...arrey kahan as already mentioned no plans of tying the knot for the next 6 years.Abt writing skills so we both are diff no one is better than the other. You write the serious kinda stuff which i find very diff to write.

@chetan.. Yaar 21 saal se brahmchari hi to hoon ab to tod dene do mujhe yeh bajrang bali ji ki saughand.

@anu.. So u are teaming up against me koi baat nahin very soon there will be a day when i will be pointing finger at u and laughing. Tab tak ke liye atleast pray for me

Niharika said...

abbe ankit.. IIM mein selection hote he shaadi ke khwaab aane lage!! wah bhai!!
all the best to you.. par aisa na ho ki ur dreamgirl too mite expect the same qualities from you too!!!

OrganizedChaos said...

all the best ... matrimonial ka ad chaappva diya... ab line lag jayegi...mummy ka kaam aasaan kar rahe ho...

Ankit said...

@niharika... Arrey yaar clearly likha i am not looking for a wife... sirf girlfriend ki baat ki hai. Marriage is not on the cards atleast for 6 years.

@chaotic girl yaar same mistake matrimonial nahin online dating ka ad hai. aise i doubt the success of this concept. Mummy ko to tension hi nahin hai 6 years ki limit unhi ki hai

The Light-House. said...

Ankit, U have listed are very "aspiring to" I think u would really fall for some one who is strikingly simple and very easy to talk to.
Those snooty ones who live in their vanity boxes and who are cribbing and back bitting are a strict no no for me as well.
@ Mon, Ankit is single because he knows best guys end up last.

richunderconstruction said...

:)) smart post... not a very demanding chap ya, hope u find a girl soon!!

Neha said...

lol.. wat a simple guy with simple demands ;)
good one :) well jahan 21 years, wahan a few years more wudnt make too much diff wud they? :P
just pulling ur leg! i hope u find ms. woman of ur dreams soon!

Ankit Biswas said...

bhai...aapke pichhe hi hum line me hai. aage badho vatsa. n if in the process u find a gal suitable 4 me, thn my id is also in my profile...;)

c ya soon!!

Ankit said...

@tarun.. Haan yaar the only reason we are single coz we are very choosy.:P

@underconstruction .. Egxactly itni simple si condition still no success.

@neha...Bas bas bas 21 years were more than enuff to taste and experience the flavour of freedom. An i need some change

@Biswas.. kyun mazak kar rahe ho.Girls die for u in the whole BIT.

Aditi said...

Pretty hilarious, i think after this post you shouldnt have much problems finding a girl.

harry said...

well said! very well said!

Shakhi said...

Loved it!
You are funny and seem interesting kind of a guy!
Loved ur style of writing!
Real cool!

Sourav Ghosh said...

Hmmm your wish list is not very demanding. You can get such species but you have a search a lot.Try it from now only...dont waste time in anything else. Blogs can happen later ;-)

Lalit Singh said...

if any Sophiya girl is reading this ...then none of the above mentioned points are applicable for uROTFL

All da best for ur search dude!!!!

preeti said...

nice post... views of life partner similar to most..
but "502 match box" !!!! haan waise 6 saal baad wo bhi mehenga ho jayega LOL

Anonymous said...

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Rai said...

Funny ideas! But tell me what kind of feelings would be attached to the "match box" you will gift ur girlfriend? hmm..lagta hain bahut kanjush ho...

And ur WishList is surely not very demading :-)
Sally forth and best of luck!!

ru said...

damn cute!
but wht is it with iit powai n sophia?