Monday, April 03, 2006

bangalore ....torture and my 5th commandment

Yes i missed this ..... i m writing after a long long time and the sole reason for this is i was busy as hell. Since I will be passing out(tht too by god's grace in 4 years ) from this place , we are having our valfis.
Def valfi source ankipedia
is the annual function of each and every hostel of iitb where a function is organized for all the passing out students. A profile is written and is read in front of all, where the guy is stripped to limits deeper than Sharone stone in BI. The pride and self respect of every person is sabotaged and is torn into pieces

Suddenly things are changing arnd me ...

people dont enjoy chicken anymore ( bloody damn %%^$%^% bird flu)
and suddenly Haywards 5000 is eveybody's brand after RDB .

BUt few things never change not for good not for any damn reason of these thing is bloody my screw ups with iim PIs
I m writing this for the sole reason of my 5th n final commandment.

Sweet talks cant help u evrywhere
yes this is true i thought with sweet talks u can escape the toughest things in life but no 21 years of my life n i was wrong.

Tareekh 29th april
Jagah Mumbai
Samay 2 bajke 7 min
Mauka ...... IIM B GD /Pi

GD started and i did fairly well
infact i suggested the solution and that was expected as the final solution too.
I added one very imp point in the summary. so i was riding high

BUt this riding high was very short lived. I enter again and the same story is repeated
I will try to explain it my way

P1 So ankit tell me abt urself
Me The tape started and the old well mugged up lines

P1 Good acads in school wat happened in IIT?
Me some crap but he was not convinced
And then he started shooting Qs no matter wat i say or wat i do this guy was bombarding me with Qs so fast that for a moment i had to check the orientation of my head.

wats the gurantee tht u will start studyin in IIMB
P1 U knew studies are imp in IIT too so why didnt u start there
P1 ever tried to give chem engg a try???
P1 i m givin uu 30 secs prove tht u are worth studyin in iit
P1 you think u are capable enuff even w/o any work ex
tell me ur fav subject
P1 whats up with office of profit contorversy??
P1 smthin u are passionate abt??
P1 i rem only traces now ...... but it was nuthin short of a torture
i said thermodynamics n then this guy ripped apart my thermo concepts. He made me believe tht last 6 years in which i studied a lot fo thermodynamics were gone as the lost heat due to friction
N this guy addressed me again n again as a mechanical engg ?
yaar thik hai i know very lil abt Chem engg but kuch to aukaat hai baar baar mechanical bol bol ke mood hi kharab kar diya...

finally he said besides ur extra curriculars and ur school time acads u have anyithin else to tell me ??? so tht i take u

MAtlab 27 min ( my interview lasted for 27 mins exact) mein convince nahin hua ab lat chance deta hoon bacha le apne aap ko.

Finally woh convince nahin hi hua hoga

My dream was shattered
i wanted this so so bad ....IIMB to mera dream tha STYX ki raatein 150 ka pitcher .....kya life hoti

So the 5 commandments are over .... n i m heading for Hostel -2 valfi


anon_iitian said...

abey yaar, it seems like a stress interview.I dont think you need to really worry about things. Sabko isi tarah se treat kiya hoga.

This stress interview would obviously have been better than your profile.
So why worry enjoy and hope
best of luck for the results


Ankit Biswas said...

abe yaar really mayn...these iimb guys proved u r worthless. kya bhai ab toh tujhe b lagne laga hoga tht u r a mech engineer. chal koi nahi be. ek na ek me tera ho jaega. o else BOA toh hai hi...

abe whts this valfi stuff. kuchh details me batao.

Ankit said...

@amit.... nahin yaar all people who went in b4 me came out laughing.

@biswas..koi nahin beta CAT is an annual event( holi diwali ki tarah) to agli saal :d

sandipan said...

I always believed its better to jump off howrah bridge as an better alternate option than cat, but on a serious note such tortures are common to aspirants. dude , bhagwan ka naam lo aur life enjoy karo. things will automatically fall into right places. just chill and you may find yourself in one of those iims

Niharika said...

so bhai fir baja daali in IIm's ne??!! :D
tension mat lo.. koi na koi interviewer toh pakka aapki haalat pe pighal he gaya hoga...
varna options ki no kami!!
look for the silver lining you see!!

Raja Agrawal said...

OK much better template now :)

The Profs are wise enuf to utilize their time efficiently. If they didnt want to take u in first place they wudn't have grilled u for 27 mins.

Hence proved. U r not worthless :)
(At least to us ...I can c those salaries coming for wing :D :D)

Raja Agrawal said...

btw u r so fond of niharikaji that u've linked biswass blog to her.

Ankit said...

@sandeepan ..chennai se howrah bridge??? aise i hope my falling into one of those comes true.

@niharika..OH TERI!!!! baja di phirse.
looking for silver lining .but its tough to find :P

@raja Template to tune bola isliye hi change kiya.Baaki salary aane to de wing mein hi aish karenge :d

Ankit Biswas said...

holu f**k where is the shout box!! abe nice template but where are the add ons. raam naam satya hai!! and ye RAJA bhaiya kya keh rahe hain!!

Ankit Biswas said...

abe havent u read my holi wala post. aapke dost pauva ka b photo hai!!

Ankit Biswas said...

ye wala comments badhane ke liye!!

Ankit said...

abe woh ek mistake tha ..i mean pehle tere blog ke url ki jagah niharika ke blog ka link daal diya tha ..:p

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