Wednesday, February 04, 2009


“Her-man” Baweja’a latest offering after the first sci-fi futuristic romantic saga Love Story 2050, the modern city of that was conceptualized in 1999 by warner brothers(The Fifth Element), is Victory. Talking about his last release Harman said LS2050 was ahead of its time and probably it will be a classic when his son “She-man” Baweja will make a debut.

However, taking cues from this shaktimaan meets chandrakanta flick , Harman intelligently picked up the safest option in India for his next venture, Cricket. India has a history of some classic portrayals on cinema of this nationwide extravaganza. Dev Anand did it with Awwal Number where his police commissioner cum national selector cum pilot cum sharp shooter’s methodological performance was considered to be the most overall character in the 90s. Then there have been recent attempts like Say Salaam India or meerabhai not out. Although most of these movies met their fate the same way LS 2050 did, however artistic accolade is something you cant take away from these movies.

So riding the high tide of recent Indian Victories India Vs Srilanka Ajit Mangat decided to direct the movie Victory. The movie is already getting 3 star rating from the greatest critic of modern India Taran Adarsh, who keeps on referring to him as HURMAN for god knows what reasons. Harman Baweja & Amrita Rao, whose fight with her dress designer continued in this movie were also present at the India Srilanka match to cheer for India’s victory in the second ODI.

There is not much to say about the movie as the trailer says it all. It’s a regular story of a local guy from a small town of India who makes it to the Indian team. However once on top he loses his focus and success gets onto him. Gulshan Grover plays the bad guy, who introduces Harman to the big bad world of glamour related with cricket. Harman fumbles and then he is ridiculed by public, selectors his own father and the curtain clad Amrita Rao.

However Harman redeems himself , practices hard and drinks boost to focus again on his game and comes back as a winner.

Although a linear story it’s the execution that makes this movie a class apart.

When Harman sledges Bret Lee and says “ Tune sahi kaha tha chutiye”. Theater audience had the same tremors of rage flowing in their body when Sunny Deol shouted in Gadad “Humara Hindustan Zindabad tha Zindabad Hai and Zindabad rahega”.

Victories casting directors had a tough time casting so many cricketers and Amrita Rao was pissed as she says here "Harman acted with so many cricketers and i didnt even get a scene". However poor Amrita rao doesn’t know that more than half of the cricketers are morphed into the scenes.

But Harbhajan Singh makes a sensational come back and although this time he doesn’t slap anymore nor does he says "Maa ki" but he got a chance to perform a Victory Bhangra along with great Indian cricketers like Ashish Nehra, Romesh Powar and bunch of players who are currently not in the Indian Squad who will make it big in the ICL just like Harman will make it big in Bollywood after this movie.

Sreesanth was nowhere to be seen, though he desperately wanted to be a part of this masterpiece, but with Sreesanth is following a 50 feet distance from Bhajji. Moreover Sreesanth failed the auditions because of his famous kathakali.

Harman awaits the Box office verdict, but for movies like victory its not about the money afterall .....