Friday, November 24, 2006

Summers ............

People who read newspaper beyond Bombay Times and watch TV for more than just Indian Idol, K series or Nach Baliye must be knowing that Summers placements have ended at IIMC. Don’t get any ideas coz I m not going to any Firang Investment Bank nor I am earning in dollars. I am going to HSBC India , Bombay office . When I moved into IIMC I thought I will be selling detergents to housewives or shampoo to young and beautiful females but Credit cards, house loans and NRI accounts is what written in my destiny.

It’s a strange thing but few days back somebody asked me what HSBC is n I said it is Hong Kong and Singapore Bank ….as always people corrected me it is Hong Kong and Shanghai bank my response to this was “ Jab lene hi nahin wale to naam jaan kar kya karunga”.

Father was like "haan haan woh hong Kong bank hai" ( I am sure he asked some oh his friends or googled for it ). Wateva he was happy. But then his reaction changed next day when he called me up and said " I read it in the newspaper even saw it on NDTV..... about people who got overseas placements and who wud be earning in dollars. " tumhe nahin milla???"

Ab unhe koi kaise samjhaye ki Me going to firang land is only possible if i join Dawood's gang earn some extorsion money and fly to dubai. or i can join some Bhangra band like tht of Daler Mehndi and usske luggage ke saath pack hokar illegaly export ho jaun. Since I dont see either of those happening in the near future i am happy with Bombay. :)

My mother still feels how come anyone on this earth can find me useful for a job. But then I also share the same thoughts so its hardly an issue.Well before summers started i already started my quest for alternate professions like chain snatching, shop lifting or pickpocketing. But after i did a cost benefit analysis and looked at the police records i decided to take the easy way out. I am still thinkin of some other professions but it looks like Indian laws are not tht easy to break

Going back to bombay is going to be hell lot of fun I will revisit IIT BUt haan i will make sure ki main apne department ke aas pass se bhi na pass hoon. Kahin galti se bhi kissi prof ne dekh liya aur agar pehchaan liya to faltoo mein hi usska mood kharab ho jayega. Bombay is going to be lotsa fun.... most of my stupid frnds will b there. We will live the good old days once again :)

I have been watching lotsa movies lately and just two days back i saw Vivah. Ladies get ur hankies ready coz Suraj barjatiya is back in action. Its not a movie its a lesson to be learnt. I got so many fundaes by watchin that movie tht now even i can feel i can write a book " easy road to marriage" BUt make sure you dont watch the Movie alone coz the results can be fatal bring in ur frnds and let the movie roll.

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