Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello ! Hello ! Hello ! How low????

My cell is screaming this .... coz its validity is till june and the balance has reached to the limits where before making any call i need to listen to the crap message "Aapka balance kam ho gaya hai". Arrey yaar pata hai ki kam ho gaya hai mera cell hai pata hi hoga why the hell u need to remind me this.

I know u guys are thinkin about Irfan Khan and his kabootar wala top Up card ka ad 10 rupya ka recharge. But we all are missing the finer details. U need to "BUY" a top up card. See the emphasis is on the word Buy ...which is an activity which involves money.
Money... the sweet lil thing which can buy u all the things which mastercard people quote in their ads.

But I am broke and i have already availed my dad's ATM option way too much in this semester. Infact i have asked for so much money in this semester that my father is having a doubt tht i am secretly married to "lajvanti" and I am spending money on my lajvanti's jewellary.
In the begining of the sem gettin Udhar from friends was not a problem at all.But now since they know that i"ll be gone in few weeks its a tough job. i have tried lotsa ways like
"Abe abhi dede main kal subah de doonga"
and even the karan johar kinda senti dialogs
"Abe dostti ke beech mein paise aa gaye aaj" and my creepy frnds reply to me "haan aa gaye".
Yesterday i was googling on 101 ways to pick pocket but looking at the mumbai police statistics on cases of pick pocketing i ditched the idea. But i m sure i will come up with an alternative pretty soon.

But the good news is i dont need much money now kyunki The final frontier is here( my end semester exams) and it starts from tomorrow morning 9:30 am and here I am doing the same mistake again. Talking about the problem and not doing anything to solve it. But convincing your brain to study in the eight n final semester is a tough job. Infact my parents also have lost faith in me.

In my first year papaji always said "Beta vicky !! enjoy ur time but CPI 7 to bana hi lena atleast" .... but his expectations graph fell down exponentially with time and aaj kal he says .
"Beta degree to time se mil jayegi na?". No points for guessing my CPI but to give u an idea when Chetan Bhagat wrote " Five point someone" ... i found a hero in him .

My thoughts are disconected but I had 3 night outs in the last 4 nights so my mind of state is just a little better than "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!" (click here to know)
and if u guys are wondering than it is actually a name of a movie released in 1964.
Strange world Huh!!!


RefleXtion said...

Yeah I am on a sub-ten balance the last 15 days of my sim validity (pre-paid)...and you get messages thrice a day asking you to recharge, and that recorded voice before you make a call and that reminder after you finish.....I mean just like that credit card people calling you up...this is like harassment man...can't we sue them??

ichatteralot said...

Best of luck for the exams - imagine how much fun you can have after them!

anon_iitian said...

isse pehle kee der ho jaaye padh le beta vicky:D

Aur yeh lajwanti ke baare mein zara detail mein batana humein, because in the post that seems to be the only reason for your low balance:P

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Yaad aagaye woh purane din.....
I used to stay in hostel and taking money from friends and lending lending was common.
I used to take so much money from home that my father thought that I am not only married, I also have kids and have to ask for money to good care of him.

Aneways...how is lajwanti?
Give my regards to her

Ankit said...

@resolution u take the lead i will follow u .

@chatter yeah thts the only motivation left now ...

@anon lajwanti to hai hi nahin haan but cell ka low balance to ussi ki wajah se hai .:p

@abhishek yaar kyun badnaam kar rahe ho koi lajwanti nahin hai "main to abhi kunwara hoon"

susubala said...

Best of luck for your exams and days are always waiting for you to enjoy at its best ! Cheer-up guy !

richunderconstruction said...

man do i agree wit u! jitne ka bhi recharge karo last 10 dino mein 'the balance available on your card is very low, pls recharge immediately'!!
n wen u tryin' to giv someone simply a missed call (as u DONT hav enuff bal.) n u get to hear THAT msg.. gosh! i cud yell! :)
neway, all the best...for exams
(n to u n lajjo ;) )

OrganizedChaos said...

all the best ...try to think about the long vacation after the exams ...b4 u hit iim that is

anu said...

hehe..sud i disclose balance in my cel..ok land ur ears ..it says rs .08...so feel better now..n i think now dis time u r done wid ur xam so feel best now...

anuj said...

hey ankit
best of luk for ur exms .. mine also ahead .. so here comes d night out dayzzz ( errr .. night out nights ) ..

hehehe ... blog, chat & chirkutt all night. UDHAR ?? my god :( .. some or d other alwyz on ur bck .. kab de raha hai :(

newyz enjy d pressure dude :D .

best of luk
take care

priya said...

tough position....don't worry...
but u really married to lajvanti ;)
trust urself buddy...things will go fine...n....abt money...stop spending ur money on lajvanti...will you!!!!!

take care.

Ankit said...

@susubala..thnks for the wishes final sem exams mein to koitension hi nahin hai

@richunder seriously yaar mobile recharge is the bigget pain.. i wish i had contacts in MTNL.

@oragnizedchaos..arrey main to iim mein ja ke bhi nahin padhne wala ..:P

@anu .08 :O :O hwo do u do tht??? this kinda utilization needs real talent

@anuj..we are riding the same boat pura night out maar lo n studies half an hour ke barabar

@priya....Okay lemme clear the confusion there is no LAJWANTI( i wish koi hoti)

Abhi said...

Abbe rambo !! IIM C nikaal liya and senior ko bataya bhee nahi ! beta ragging karwa dunga teri bade wali :p.Congrats man , you will love IIM C.joka zindabad.

Ankit said...

arrey yaar aapko message bhi kiya tha lekin aapne reply nahin kiya :(
Bas fundaes dete rehna ki aapki tarah koi crackoo job maar loon :)

Neha said...

this is such a common phenomena in my college.. when it comes to lending money.. people run in opposite directions!! 10 rupees nikalne mein sabki jaan jaati hai..lol..