Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Slipping through my fingers ......

Its been 10 days since my second term ended. Time changed place changed my fellow classmates changed basically my college changed but all this was not enough for changing me. I am still the daydreamer of the class who gets bone cracking shivers whenever any professor asks any question or just says aloud "Wake him up".

Life is all about learning from your mistakes n coz i commit lots of them my learning curve is mostly pretty steep. My wingies got an electric rod to beat the heat of calcutta. Now when u are using an electric heater u should never touch the water to check the temperature. But since i lack patience exactly the same way daler mehndi lacks dressing sense I touched the freaking water. Since i m a Big Guy these lil shocks are no match for my mental strength still for the next five minutes my left hand was not responding to my brain commands ...

Since few days i m having some skin pigmentation trouble. I kept on procrastinating the ritual of visiting a doctor. It somehow hurts my sunny deol style super macho image i foster abt myself. But then i got scared and finally visited one dermatologist which they say is greek for useless doctor. I wonder is there any point of time someone pages for a dermatologist and says "Doctor we have an emergency" or may be " Hey man u are GOD u saved my life".
Wateva the female was typical aunty who gave me a sweet witty smile when i told her about the seriousness of the situation. Somehow she felt like i was over reacting n i m just one step away from the girls who shouts aloud and breaks bathroom mirrors when a single mosquito bite mark appears on their face.

My family still thinks i m useless lazy boy who will make a mess of his life if they wont keep on guiding me.... Leaving aside the thodi bahut daant of my mom for not cleaning my room, my father scoldings for not being responsible enuff my life has been a nice journey till now and one of the major reason is i have always had nice friends around me. But then it is pretty obvious that people like to be friends with me i mean who will hate the small kid around the corner who is always forced to sit in the front rows, who cant beat anybody, who cant outscore anyone in the exams n who cant steal anybody's girlfriend.

But past few days have been amazing I am having the best time of my life.
I wanted to write down here something so that when i will be telling stories to my kids about my young days, i will have some proof to show them that at some point of time i was happy n i m more than just the irritating father whose got a problem with my daughter's dressing sense and my son's new body piercing.
Even though i know this whole nice time will end sooner or later but then whenever i will just look back at this n i m sure a small smile will appear on my face till then i m living the moment :)

Current mood:::: Damn damn i mean really DAMN sleepy
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Insomnia ......

We all know what goes on in a bedroom…. Don’t get any ideas I am talking about a bachelor guy’s bedroom so there is no action in here. But your bedroom is a place where you are all alone; it’s a place where you can go into introspection lean back think about important issues of life. A place where you can dream with your eyes open. But then the best thing can be just to pull up that blanket feel cozy and sleep or MAY BE NOT, coz there is no sleep in your eyes then u wake up sit in front of your computer and start punching arbitrary keys to write some crap.

Winters have started in kolkata. n its pretty cold out here. I know you guys from north India must be like what a baby Calcutta ki thandi sorry THAND bhi koi thand hai ..thand to humare punjab mein padti hai. But yaar main 4 years Bombay mein reh kar aaya hoon . Bombay taught me lots of things like how to stand straight in a crowded local train n balance your whole body weight with just two fingers along with half support of ur thumb, 1000 lines you should never say to a beautiful stranger girl in a shopping mall and how a 4 Rs vada paaw can give u more pleasure than that of a Le meridian’s black forest if u have the right company.

Most of the guys will understand my sentiments when I say it aloud I can’t take a bath daily in winters. IIM has installed a “SOLAR HEATER” but the SOLE purpose of that supposedly hot water tap is to ooze out muddy water and the beauty is, that tap plays with you I mean sometimes it gives u hot water and sometimes not. Now thts wat u can call energy conservation in real sense. To get hot water from that tap is almost like hitting a jackpot and then there are echoes in my ears “AYE BITWA!! Aaj nalke mein Garam paani aawat rahi jaldi jaldi naha lo”.

There is another reason why i can’t take a bath daily. Call me shy but I prefer to bathe in privacy … but here it is pretty difficult to snatch those private moments because all the time I got company. I wish main keh sakta ki that company consists of Angelina jolie and her half Asian half French cousin. But this company is of desi breed Miss Lizard. I don’t have any personal issues against her but its just that her shaking tail and her eye color doesn’t go with the mood.

I have few things to worry nothing major it’s just that my end terms are going on and as always I am under prepared and over stressed. Now a series of night outs only can help me but who wants to lose precious sleep for few marks.

There can be many reasons for someone not being able to sleep................... but then once u accept all sides of yours it’s much easier to sleep at night.

Current music: O re Manjhi : kailash kher.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I need a hair cut...dammit

Life is all about making choices …… it takes shapes based on the kind of trade offs we make and things we pick up. Let it be about developing a new friendship, standing up for your mistakes or taking an elective like biz ethics. But these choices can be pretty fatal at times. Imagine wat mistake Jitender committed when he decided to have a second baby and he gave this world Tushar kapoor.

But there are Bigger issues in my life……………

I need a haircut … n I m pretty scared. I know you must be thinking what’s there to be afraid of. I mean a barber's shop is one of the most peaceful shop u can ever visit to. There are no irritating aunties around discussing latest prices of atta daal or the colour of Tulsi’s saaree in the last kyunki saas’s episode, nor it’s like a doctor where u can never be sure of wat gonna get inside ur body or sucked from it. Infact it’s a dream land all the guys who go into a salon disconnects themselves from the outside world and for some moment start picturing themselves as sharukh khan, johny depp or Ibbu Hatela’s fav Salman Khan leave aside whether the guy’s got a looks of mungeri lal still he starts imagining.

I am no different but somehow this whole hairdo thing doesn’t excite me. May be coz I did my basic groundwork in my childhood days tried lots of things to look presentable but since nothing worked out so I stopped imagining. Still once in a while these kind of fantasies pop in. But then I cant comb my hairs somehow tht makes me look organized which I m not. So I go for the spiky look but then bhagwan ne baal hi aise diye hain ki mere baal spikes ki jagah shock khaye hue insaan ko resemble karte hain. So mere desperate efforts ka afthermath yahi hai ki mera comb ka kharcha bach gaya :)_

Coming back to the original issue why m I scared? So the reason is the deadly dude barber of JOKALAND. This guy gives u a haircut for 12 bucks thts cheap but in return he not only keeps ur hairs but also your pride and dignity. Last time when I went to this shop he gave me a cut which was a hybrid between Lalloo yadav’s jhintak Sadhna cut and Beckham’s 2002 world cup crown cut. Situation itni buri thi ki when I came back log mujhse dhoodh aur alloo pyaz ka rate poochte they. “ KA HO ?? DHOODH KITNA RUPYA KA DIYA??” somehow I survived through tht humiliation phase but I don’t wanna do the same mistake again. I did some research and people told me there is habib’s at esplanade. Please call me kanjoos but I can’t shell out 250 bucks for a haircut so that option is also out of mind. Now I will again have to make choices. Since Calcutta is such a promising place I m afraid to do so. So now I m looking out for new places to gets my hairs chopped and yes once again I will picturize myself as Brad pitt’s Mr smith cut.

Now some arbit stuff but there is something more which creeps me out these days..........and that is the thought...................Its Scary To Suddenly Realize How Vulnerable You Are To SOMEONE……………………………

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