Saturday, August 07, 2004

first wing treat

HI there ....
This was decide as the day of our first Wing Treat but i was not there coz of the Techfest Meetin but at the Tecfest office we all suddenly decided that we are going for a treat.The reason was Saluja :)So finally my wingies went over to Shera n we went over to The Orchid for a Midnight buffet.
We had a great time at the Shera but then when i came back from the ORchid n reached my wing to my surprise everyone was drunk......They all were out of order the whole wing drank leaving aside just gaffoor Pari Kox n Gandhi....n sardar.
Pondy was like the worst case scenario he was blabberin abt stuff givin fundaes n all..:))BUt it was so much fun listening to him
But he told me few things those were really nice and touchin i"ll try to improve myself on that.
Current mood Drunk n exhausted