Sunday, January 22, 2006


I wonder how we get away with the most difficult situations in life with these three golden words :-- "CHALTA HAI YAAR".Now wat are its advantages*its better than sorry*Its very personal and informal.*Its the voice of the crowd.
If you guys are having a trouble trying to figure out how this whole chalta hai yaar funda works i will give u an insight.
We went over to watch a movie KING KONG now the best thing about the movie was definitely the 20 foot tall CHIMP but the whole centre of attraction shifted to we guys as we started yelling like sissy gals everytime the kong appeared on screen.Now as we came out of the night show we took an auto to get to iit. The metre read 17 as i gave him my hard saved 20 rupees the rickshaw driver gave me a smile n he said chalta hai yaar and he zoomed his 100 cc Auto like a BMW not even caring for my reply, and there i was standing feeling tall for my great sacrifice of 3 rupees.
Many of u must be lauging thinking it was just three rupees chalta hai yaar but here in IIT 3 rupees can be a life line for many.
Just imagine how precious three rupees are ...*its exactly the cost of a watery tea in the night canteen which can be differentiated from hot water only by its color.
* add 50 paise to it and EUREKA!! u have a classic regular for yourself.* but the best addition is that of another 3 rupees which means you hv 6 rupees and which in iit lingo means AP AKA Aloo ka Paratha. AP is the night food of the technocrats of tomorrow's world, I wonder how many important conversations and decisions are taken over a plate of AP like: kal proxy kaun marega , PAF ki script kya hogi or the most imp line NOTES KISSKE PASS HAIN
Now coming back to Chalta hai yaar syndrome we all will agree that at some point of time or other we all have used it and wat the hecl if I like it or not i need to dance to the tunes of the world around me the end CHALTA HAI YAAR.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Worst TVCs :)

LUX --SRK ..... Some thought it a brave attempt others a blunder. Well In india SEX N SRK SELLS but unfortunately people who believed this had to reconsider the saying when SRK went bare chested in a tub filled with rose petals. He def crossed the thin line of being a metrosexual. One of the most controversial ad of all time.LUX which was considered as a status symbol among the leading ladies of silver screen got everything wrong with this one.
TATA INDICOM---GANGULY.... IF you thought days of BABA SEHGAL rap are over think again coz DADA was doing some shaddy rap
himself wearing dark glasses and a stupid cap DADA was looking a clone of early nineties baba sehgal's rap video. To add to this mumbo jumbo there was the irritating rap in the breathless style which by any means can be considered as a torture

National EGG corporation :- SACHIN, AGARKAR, KAMBLi , JAFAR n KUMBLE all having their breakfast then comes the sudden earthquake tremors at regular intervals. They move out only to watch a child doing bowling practice.
I still find it difficult to relate this whole thing to an egg.How come people can make a mess of such a good resource.

Masti condoms: Oh my god!! No one can stand this one, this is one area which is always on the public radar in INDIA.But this ad wins the irritating ad award by miles. WAGLE sahab describing about the new generation how it has changed then comes two shaddy models doing some college campus fun . BUt the shock value comes right in the end when he says "MASTI SAMAJHTE HAI NA AAP" ........wat more shall i say.

VICCO VAJRADANTI :- Some arbit female running in a garden suddenly sees a red apple she asks her bf to get it for her.Then comes the old grandpa displaying his strenght on a sugarcane.VICCO had this typical ad running for years. The jingle which still echoes in our ears VICCO TURMERIC nahin COSMETIC ....wateva it is gimme a break.

VIP FRENCHIE:- "DREAMING ABT ME ??" A women molested by a grp of hoodlums and comes a FRENCHIE MAN as her savior . Yes u got it .The think tanks of VIP frenchie are really talented people each time u think they reached their rock bottom they defy us all and come up with a campaign worse than the previous one. The latest one is about three chics wearing helmets and having binauculars in their hands...and yes it is also equally bad.

RELIANCE kar lo duniya muthi mein : RELIANCE launched the mobile network and lots of expectations were there . THen comes in the creepy ad where 6 runs are needed of the last ball( OMG wat an original idea) and then sehwag gets a call and he hits a sixer. The whole nation was laughing and reliance def made a fool of themselves."SEHWAG KI MA...."

: Salman carrying out some show on a beach HE IS SHIRTLESS( u gueesed it right) but here is the bomber he is BALD and wearing some cheap lockets and stuff. He is giving GYAN abt being smart or matured if u drink THUMBS UP n u are a kid if u drink pepsi. WAT A JERK.

...inka ilaaj goliyan nahin ayurveda hai. I hope those irritating monster of KABJ SIRDARD died on the spot after the lightning struck them coz if they didnt die of tht they wud have died anyhow after watching this ad go on air. JAMNAGAR wale SHRESTHA BROTHERS made up a mess of a kayam choorna

SONA CHANDI Chawanprash: I admire one thing about the sona chandi people after the other the marketing teams comes up with an ad worse than the previous one still these guys keep on pouring money in bringing the best people to endorse this POWER PASTE. Saurav Ganguly . Sunny Deol n now SRk .well the celebs may change but the ads are never attractive.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

My first GD/PI class

Okay so it was time to face the music, after missing the opening lecture of TIME because of the IOCL interview (which ended in a sad note) i was determined not to miss this one.
Now TIME guys are very good at one thing and that is "QUOTING NUMBERS" u can find their banners and irritating pop ups everywhere 700 students selected 2300 calls n blah blah.
But to my surprise their one of the most sucessful centre bombay had very lil to offer.
Me n Junta both guys charged upo had our lunch got onto BEST BUS NO 424 and reached the andheri centre.
After waiting for 10 mins one guy walks up to us and asks us to go to some BOOTA HIGH SCHOOL. Now u can imagine the state of this high school after listening its name "BOOTA SINGH" but u got to be there to see how bad a high school can be.
Wateva i never expected an ampitheatre so i hardly gave it a damn.
But the best part was just after this .....after we occupied our seats i took a look around only to see everyone around us was a working guy. Its tough to diffrentiate but still you can make out this point. I was intimidated by the presence of those guys around me I thought They will butcher me in any GD.
But things went on pretty smooth i did a fair enufff job in my GD n later on 4 more IIT guys came in so the enviroment became a bit frndly.
BIGGEST SURPRISE:---- TCS I thought have some setting with CAT authorities every second guy there was frm TCS i dunno how do these guys make it but yes this is wat i observed.

In the end the start was good i hope it develops better ahead .....

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Top Ten albums of 2005

Here it is the top ten albums/songs of 2005.

Bunty aur Babli: S-E-L create magic one of the biggest item number of all time. A song which became a necessity at every special occassion. Aish looking gorgeous Big B n Small B add their special touch and u have a CHART BUSTER. IF kajra re rocked the nation with its beats CHUP KE CHUP KE revived the shayari of gulzar. Dhadhak Dhadhak catched the emotion of small town aspirants.To add more stuff to this shopping cart BIG B did a rap numberaasman ke sire ghul gaye hain zameen seYEH WORLD HAI NA WORLD.............

AAshiq Banaya AAPNE A shocker the biggest surprise of the year. WHo thought HImesh reshamiya can give an album which will rock the whole nation. He did some good job b4 like Kahin pyar na ho jaye but this one is amasterpiece. He added one more dimension to his personality by giving voice and the mix was superb. Abhijit sawant got his debut with the song MAR JAWA and KK was as brilliant as ever.

DUS A failed attempt to create Indian bonds the movie made some money but was a blunder. THough two dance numbers were hit and they were beautifully shot. The feel was young and hip hop...DEEDAR DE. But the cracker was DUS BAHANE.

KAAL What a blunder a complete blooper on the box office. The biggest diastour of 2005 SRK films don;t get the mix right but the TAAL MIX hit the right note. Though the movie had no songs but the promotional videos were TAAL KAMAAL n TAUBA TAUBA both the songs secured their positions in almost evry pub n disco across the nation.

ZEHER He may make senseless movies where skin sells more than the script but the music of MAHESH BHATT's flick is always a winner. ZEHER had beautiful songs Shreya ghoshal singing AGAR TUM MIL JAO .JAL's woh lamhey zeher definitely is an album we all wud love to listen again n again.

Maine Pyaar Kyun KIYA DAVID DHAWAN trying to recreate the history this time he was successful slapstick comedy ...confusion peppy clothes obscure situtaions n good music. DD was def back and he came with a bang. Katrina Kaif looking gorgeous as ever n Sushmita sen lokking sensual as ever,. Another dance nu,mber JUST CHILL. then there was dil di nazar.

PAHELI Shahrukh khan's attempt to go the artistic way. Amol Palekar tried hard to create a classic the movie was good but by no means a classic. But in terms of music the movie came as a winner beautifully shot songs kangna re ..then amazing vocals by sonu nigam in dheere jalna. SOCH SAMAJH KE AANCH RAKHNA .....

Salaan Namaste Yash raj going the bold way. Trying to cash out on the hip hop dude population of India guess what BAD NEWS the movie although made some money but was not at all up to the expectations.The overall feel of the movie was definitely young and happening. Zinta wearing the latest range of skirts and cool tees with ever more cool teasers. Saif dancing arnd showing off his designer undies .The wongs were good the title track. whats going on ...But sadly not many hearts went mmmmmmmmm....

Parineeta Vidhu Vinod Chopra production a true masterpiece. If You thought true movie making in India has died movies like PArineeta
and BlaCK CAN GIVE U A run for ur money. Vidya Balan making a classic debut n then songs like PiYU BOLE.kaisi paheli ..kato maza. A beautiful poetry which was carefully composed to give us all a music to cherish

KALYUGMAHESH BHATT does it again came towards the end of 2005 but when FATEH ALI sung DHADHAK DHADHAK many hearts stopped. A true melody. IF Dhadhak made ur heart tickle aadat gave that feel of agony and anger. KALYUG's music was an instant hit and full marks for this brilliant attempt.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Best TVCs (desi) :- My pic

Bajaj :- Riding high on BULAND BHARAT KI BULAND TASVEER ...HUMARA BAJAJ. The sure shot dowry item of late 70s n 80s.Bajaj made a transition and entered into the bike world but Humara Bajaj campaign was a sure shot winner in every term. A master blend of modern india and tradition.

DHARA --JALEBI AN instant hit the cuteness the innocence of a child blended together with the mother's food brilliant thts what it was. An ad so simple in idea yet so moving. RAMU KAKA bringing back the child and the way the kid smiles " JANA TO HAI" ....haan magar bees pachees saal baad ..

KYA AAP CLOSE UP KARTE HAIN A fresh new strategy using the old style music to convey the age old method. Toothcare evolved great deal over the years from tumhare daant to motiyon ki tarah chamakte hain to new age 2 in 1 gels n stuff. Its one of the most competitive area and close ups attempt was a real cracker in all respect.

National Literacy Mission : Yeah that inevitable ad which used to air evry day on DD National at 8:30 pm, but its a true master piece hitting and appealing to the masses delivers its message in the best possible way and the beautiful voice singing JAGI HAR SUBAH FAILA UJIYALA....

PEPSI Pepsi and Coke both lead and try tooutshine each other with their every new slogan and TVC but the first campaign of Pepsi in india was a rocking cult statement."YAHI HAI RIGHT CHOICE BABY!! AHA" yes remo fernandes leading a crwod and it marked the begining of the liberal INDIA.

Cadbury's dairy milk ---- KYA SWAD HAI ZINDAGI MEIN
Mix romantic emotions with cricket what do you get?? A true winner yes six runs for the century everyone in the stadium is praying and its a sixer. A beautiful female runs down the stadium right in the middle of the pitch. who is not moved by this ad..

AIRTEL EXPRESS YOURSELF......hitting hard on emptions using words like NEGOTIATE ..CONFESS ... CONSPIRE .... BE HEARD. SHOT in B&W
it touches ur heart Airtel came with this fantastic campaign and is still cashing out on this one... the latest one ends with a line AASMAN JHUK JAYEGA TUMHARE AAGOSH MEIN CHAHAT KI BAAHEIN FAILA KE TO DEKHO.

LYRIL Yes another cult TVC we all know what to expect out of a lyril ad young beautiful girls in their late teens or early twenties exotic waterfall, green skimpy dress yet the freshness is always there. Many Lyril Models making it big later on just ads to the commercial valur of lyril.

FEVICOL Truly Indian ad the locations the people they all represent a common man let it be the RAJASTHAN"S TRUCK or the chicken in the kitchen or let it be the zor lagake haisha campaign the message is always hidden yet loud and clear.

ADIDAS A sports ad what better than having sachin in it but he is everywhere so whats difference its the adidas touch which makes it so special a grand feel about the ad ..... the kind of persona sachin has, has been given justice.The whole nation stops as sachin hits the ball over the ropes.

MastercardNot truly indian but so is mastercard its global and the feel of the ad def gives you that message. FOr everything else mastercard is there the way of conveying the message has changed and evolved over the years but the bottomline remains the same.

AMUL let it be UTTERLY BUTTERLY DELICIOUS AMUl ...or the taste of INDIA campaign AMUL hits the right node evrytime we all loved it as a kid and enjoyed it the cute animation the polka dress and the great depiction of white revolution. Amul does it the best way.

DHOODH DHOODH DHOODH One of the most hip hop ad of all time the cut shots brilliant editing and masterful use of slow motion n animation. All the models were young fresh n represented MODERN INDIA. the jingle was very catchy. you cant miss this one.

Fido DIDO Loved and adored by all one of the premiere animated character which rocked the world when made its debut in india was an instant hit. The curly hairs the loose shorts the lousy tees n long thin legs Fido dido appealed to the masses.

JAN GANA MANA This one deserves an standing ovation TVCs at its best BHARATBALA productions celebrating indias 50 year of independence when the most eminent musical personalities came together to master the tune which lies in our hearts.


Cartman: Don't call me fat, you fucking Jew!
Mr. Garrison: Eric, did you just say the F-word?
Cartman: Jew?
Kyle: No, he's talking about "fuck". You can't say "fuck" in school, you fucking fat ass!
Mr. Garrison: Kyle!
Cartman: Why the fuck not?
Mr. Garrison: Eric!
Stan: Dude, you just said "fuck" again!
Mr. Garrison: Stanley!
Kenny: Fuck!
Cartman: Kenny!
Cartman: What's the big deal? It doesn't hurt anybody. Fuck-fuckety-fuck-fuck-fuck.
Mr. Garrison: How would you like to go see the school counselor?
Cartman: How would you like to suck my balls?
Mr. Garrison: What did you say?
Cartman: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Actually, what I said was...
[picks up a megaphone]
Stan: Holy shit, dude.

Yes one of the most controversial yet one of the most popular Animated series of all time. PArker n Stone created SP way back in 92 but its telecast on Comedy central began in 97 n currently the 9th season is on and is KICKING ASS like ever.
South Park holds the swearing record the word "shit" was used a total of 162 times. The 22-minute episode averages one "shit" every 8 seconds, and there was even a counter throughout the episode displaying the number of times it was said. A song by Mr. Garrison that consisted of, "Hey, there, shitty shitty fag fag, shitty shitty fag fag, how do you do?" repeated for four verses provides an example of how "shit" was so abundantly used.

Of all the characters my personal fav is ERIC CARTMAN He is campy, aggressive, sadistic, bigoted, spoiled, overweight, rude, and antagonistic. He regularly insults Kyle for being Jewish and Kenny for being poor. Meanwhile, his pretentious and sociopathic ways often cause him to regularly be disdained by the other boys, He always goes against the common consensus and find ways to succeed in his mischiefs.

There are only two ways to describe SP ...Either u LOVE IT or u HATE IT. there is no middle path. The siddy and arbit humor of SP doesn't appeal to everyone.Yet those who appreciate it love it.
SARCASM is the key point in SP .Each episode is a sattire and it hits hard, the parodies and depiction of celebrities is absolutely amazing.

Now what i hate about SP are the fart based jokes and toilet humor....which is taken very literally in SP. I also hate the puke scenes the way PARKER n STONE show these scenes is very raw n thts what makes it a bit shaddy.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


YES me n JUNTA got calls from IIM the whole wing is happy ....offcourse they are coz now they know there is going to be FREE KI DAARU and KHANA.
SO people start doing some souls searching and look for a venue. there is a new palce in RMALL they server 190 ka picther and 120 ka large pizza .....sounds like heaven to me.
People say BEER IS the LIFE DRINK for ENGG i dont totally disagree with them in fact for me too beer is the best form of alcohol man has ever created.
So the wing heads on to POP TATES
the place is kool but in my opinion too mcuh of lights the music was slow but it got to be coz its a family place ...... all the hip hop music was going on.
The food was good and the place was fun but the real fun was the company the whole wing was sitting together talking joking around.
then we all came back to our wing ...EK VODKA ka khamba n thodi si sprite ...started off pretty well then sprite ended then came the FLAMING SHOTS.....
THEY SCREWED it up my whole body the burning vodka do amazing things to your brain ..
i am not feeling like writing anything more so bbye


i know this pic has no significance to anything but its and eye catcher n i LOVE IT
( this is lastyear's pic just b4 UEFA finals merged by one of my blog frnd ....she is crazy abt liverpool)
Sounds a bit interesting tht I m posting abt new year on 8th jan but believe me it was a tough week full of surprises and lucrative results Well to start off on 31st night none of us had any plans to enjoy or celebrate coz none of us had any reason to cheer abt but then came the bomber JOSHI got placed in webaroo.. BIG NEWS with a heavy pay check and a job with full of oppurtunities he sure was on cloud#9. So what we all did we all went over to celebrate ....nice dinner heavy boozing and then we all came back to our wing n again boozing.
Now came the big day 2nd jan was the day CAT results were going to b declared obviously there was no sleep in my eyes on 2nd Jan night. I knew i screwed up badly in cat n under performed
12:30 no results yet..... people were yelling on evry possible forum in the world i was also tense but no i wasnt spamming anywhere.
12:50 suddenly i got thru IIMC site i entered my roll no. n BANG I was in 13th march is the day of my interview.
I jumped so high i thought i will crash with the cieling n then i yelled at the top of my lungs i ran in the wing only to see munna responding to my ROAR he came out of his room and he knew i was in..
then one after the other the whole wing came to congratulate me .
4 :00 AM the only other result out was bangalore by this time n i was in bangalore too...A se no ho gaya then i gave up hope n slept.
WOke up at 8 not much sleep in my eyes ..
i got to K site i was not selected but tht hardly bothered me coz by this time i had no worries only one left was indore then I came at 11 n i was in ..
then strange thing happened suddenly i was selectded in K ....the site had some kinda malfunction earlier.

So final call stands at BLCKI.....its going to be really interesting how the GD /Pis gonna end.

To add to the excitement of new year JUNTA got thrU L n K finally subzeros are kickin some serious ass.