Saturday, February 11, 2006

The NEVER SAY DIe guy.

If at any point of time you thought that the never say die guy is me then im extremely sorry for not living up to your expectations.
BUt its abt another guy i dont know him personally but his yahoo id is :---- freaky_im AKA anvesha_im.
yes yes the old dirty yahoo messenger trick where you pose as a girl and woo a guy.The guy is dreaming abt the slender legs of the female and here four guys are making fun of each and every line he writes and saving logs so tht it can be published in the hostel magazine.

BUt here the story is different first I M IN FINAL year now not a freshie. and with age u get wisdom smartness ..blah blah.
Freshie time mein i played this joke infinite logo par. Unme se kuch to IIt mein bike yahi soch kar chalate hain ki kahin laddoo dikh jaye aur DABA DENGE SAALE KO. So far all their attempts have been unsuccessful. BUt aaj bhi when ever i get an anonymous message all my senses including the sixth one comes into play.

Now thig guy sends me a message and says I M 21 f Mumbai ..SOPHIYA commercial arts student( i wish this was true) kyunki having a sophiya girl is great for an IIT guy since they share the common phenomena and tht is DESPERATION. But my dreams were crushed before i could have even framed them.

The basic flaws........ FREAKY_IM the id there r 0 .002% chances tht a girl will admit tht she is a freak plus to add to it she will never make an id which says it aloud. I didn log in a chat room in the past 4 months and then she tells me i found your id in DESI RETREAT. Evryopne knows its linda's signature room how can i ever dare to step in there.????

I asked this guy to stay out of my yahoo messenger zone but he keeps on jacking back in. I appreciate this guys efforts reminds me of myself when i used to be in this dirty business n i was the never say die guy.

In any case any sophiya girl is reading this then the desperation term is not for u... and my yahoo id is in my profile........


ANVESHA said...

....Well Ank
You have no gr8 it feels when sum1 blogs abt 'u' !! im on cloud no 9!!

N yes .....i LOVE ur blogs!! matter wot 'Crap' its full of!

N yeah POOR LONESOME DESPO GUY i'l see to it dat sum more SOPHIYA babes go through ur blogs!!



Ankit said...

You know what... this is the first time i feel u are not one of my old frnd or frm IIT.
The reason is another generalisation no frnd of mine or any iitian will write such a perfectly punctuated comment.

But rem we are still ONE SQUARE 1!!!!

anon_iitian said...

mazedar post.
kuch fundae humein bhi de do..
aise hee logon kaa shikar hote hote main bhi bacha the first year mein:D