Saturday, January 01, 2005

1st Jan happy new year

Sorry for such a late post but i was kinda busy from past few days moreover i m becomin a lazy bum even writin a blog is like a big deal for me now.
Anyways this year's new years eve waas not all that great for me just had a ride to CST.
I missed the chance of going over to goa n now I m regrettin it gupta bachche shiva n mohit are out there havin fun .Now I m ready for techfest i dunno how these 26 days are past by its gettin closer day by day n i m gettin more n more confident I know things are gonna end well.
tonite namrata called me she is good but kinda confused wateva it was nice .

at present the time is 11:45 pm
song is tujhe jeevan ki dore se