Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Journey

Kill yash chopra burn karan johar and behead subash ghai for playing with our emotions, I m sure many of u out there must be having this sweet little fantasy of meeting a beautiful lady in a train. Kabhi nazron ka ladna, kahin hansi ka jharna kahin aakhon ka machalna to kabhi kahin hasi ka jharna to kabhi aanchal ka phisalna.

But fantasies like these live only in one’s dream. Still train journeys are fun. But after 21 years of experiencing the phenomena knwn as Indian Railways I have seen a lot of fairer sex. Since on my way to Indore I had jus one novel One Night @CC (chetan bhagat messed up this one royally) and a boring crowd arnd me so I tried to categorize the kind of fairer sex I came across in a train …. (The age range is just 17-28..kyunki I care for only these )

1) Life is an Honeymoon . the happily NEWLY wed couple dreaming abt her spouse’s new car new house and how life is going to be a cake coated with cream of promises, sugar coated with sweet sex, double layered icing of affection and a cherry on the top of awesomeness. This is the most happening pair in the arena, one can spend hours looking at them. The husband tries to impress the wife with each and every move.They will talk in eye language and the timely giggle will make u wonder wat a beautiful institution this marriage is. But if u want to get the real picture just look arnd a bit and u can spot a middle aged couple an ur myths will be clarified.

2) K-channel-Young beautiful or not so beautiful accompanied with their families. Mostly the fathers are the biggest trouble, They think every second guy who passes by his daughter is a threat to her virginity or is looking a future wife in his daughter. The daughter is normally the sati savitri version of aaj ki naari .

3) Ma beti— If the father is missing and u get a chance to meet the mommy ….only god can save u .”Beta kahan ja rahe ho?” “Bombay mein kya karte ho?” Aur agar kahin beti bhi mataji jaisi hui tab to kya kehne, Moreover many times they start the conversation with BHAIYA …….now u tell me kissi bhi bande ka kya interest reh jata hai.?
.U can survive a dengue fever but surviving the dual channel All India Radio is tougher.

4) Purani jeans aur guitar the college grp females . Its easier to get into the grp mostly these guys will b playin antakshari.The older aunties arnd will be cursing ..aaj kal ke bachche to bas. The guys trying hard to outshine each other and the girls absorbing the chaos arnd them, In my opinion this is the closest one can get to reach the yash chopra fantasy but in my 21 year career I just came across one such grp once n the crwd was awful L

5 Akeli nari …Mostly scared and extra concious and if u are blessed with one or two unclejis in the compartment u got a package deal. Ur every move is monitored and is under the public radar and even a simple decent chat can be considered as ur dating move.

I knw I missed out many other females but who cares coz I m sure none of the female I came across would be rem me …nor they will be reading this …Now I m traveling tomorrow to bhilai frm Bhopal ..chhattisgarh express once again riding high on the dream wagon but I knw once again my heart will break n my dreams will shatter still happy journey…..


Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Waah waah,
Kya parkhi nazar hai aapki.Saari ladkiyon ka kachcha chittha khol ke rakh diya.I travel most of the time in month and usually the travelling is by train but I am not sharp as you to take note of so many traits of females around.

Description of newly wed couple was awesome.

Yaar yeh batao koi kudi train mein mili ki nahin?

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Arre gold.
And now silver bhi.

*Congratulations to Abhishek*

SUNMAY said...

laddo !! chattisgarh express se kuch zyada ummede mat rakhio ...pata chala koi vaddi si punjabi family agyi to twadeko maja hi a jayega bilkul ...and dont worry rest assured u will not find mumbai bhopal types gentry in cg express .njoy !

pandora said...

haha..well marked!intersting post!:P

journey must go on..keep the hopes alive. my aarshirwaad with you!!;)

vishnoi said...

laddoo beta.. chhod de itna sochna ki tere ko bollywoodish style mein teri sapno ki raani milegi :D

chinta mat kar.. iim mein koi na koi toh fas hi jayegi tere amazing dancing skills se.. and tere bachpane chehre se ;)

Manic Street Preacher said...

oh hilarious. par word of caution, iim pe do tarha ki ladkiya hoti hai...
2)not commited but their preity zinta typo chashma will give you nightmares.
heh don worry n train journey o pe zyada dhyaan do.

guile said...

nice, cozy place you got here :)..

priya said...

hahahaha....poor luck for this poor guy .... hahahahaha.....okay,okay, i seriously hope that you get some success in this "sapno ki raani mil gaye" abhiyaan .at least kuch toh mil hi jaye!!!
bhartiye naaris' rock....long live naariyon!!!

Niharika said...

a rocking post as usual!! all the best dude!! aapke sunahre sapon ki gaadi to time pe pakd lena!!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahaha, nice categories. The last time I travelled through train, I was 7 but the next time I use that wonderful thing, I'm so gonna observe the guys...if they're worth it. Sadly, you don't find hot dudes in trains. :P
Hope you're able to add the category of "hot chicks" into this list the next time you travel. lol.

its me said...

hahah. looks like you are one of thhose lucky types... there are NEVER ever any smart guyz on trains... wonder how they travel...

Archana said...

u may be true that there are not enough good girls in train
but neither are there any good guys :)
anyways hope u would have luck this time
insha allah

anu said...

ajee kitthee ho ?...hehe so u didnt get of ur type....lajwanti kithee hai yaar ?

Rose said...


So u hv a gala time watching others during ur trips..

"But if u want to get the real picture just look arnd a bit and u can spot a middle aged couple an ur myths will be clarified..." i beg to disagree.. I think old couples are amazing and the sweetest.. Its the ones between the newly wed couples and the middle aged ones that are an utter disaster...

Happy Journey.. although it mayb a li'l late



Ankit said...

Mera net access is pretty limited thts why late replies :)
@Abhishek... dude yeh parkhi nazar mere 21 years ka experience hai :)nahin yaar aaj tak koi kudi nahin milli....

@sunmay yaar CG express se kissi umeeden ahi ..but bombay ki trains mein to kuch hota :(

@neha....thnks for the blessings kabhi na kabhi to milegi hi :)

@PAPA_VISHNOI yaar IIM mein to IIT jaisa hi haal hone wala hai ..ladkiyon ki infy kami hai aur ladke hi ladke...then dancing skills ..hmmm point is debatable

@preacher....yaar kya bol rahe ho dl khush kar ditta ...preity zinta to TOO MUCH thi un specs mein.Aur train journey se ab to give up ho raha hai

@guile...wats does tht means(guile????) tum Braca ke midfielder GUILY ke relation mein to nahin ho.

@priya...dotn play with my emotions...itna sara POOR bolne ki kya zaroorat hai..Hann Bhartiya naari rocks but french Naaris are On the Rocks :)

@niharika ..i hv said it b4 n i say it again u are the best... haan bas woh train jaldi se mil jaye.

@the girl... Hot chicks trains mein to nahin hi milegi..Ek baar job jaye then JEt Airways ki Air hostess par fight maarunga :P

@ITS me .... ab main train mein bandon ko to dekhta nahin hoon so i wont comment on tht . u are also frm the same school of thought ..haan ab to Allah Miyan hi kuch kar sakte hain :(

@Anu...Lajwanti se to divorce ho gaya ....jab main bombay se aa raha tha to woh bahut royi but kya karta ..(

@rose....i believe marriage is a beautiful thing ..BUt itna closely kabhi observe nahin kiya but now as u are sayin i"ll pay more attention :)

anu said...

oye hoye kya baat itni jaldi divorce ...tum konse india mai rahte ho ?...india is really shining i need to believe now...btw blogrolled u on mine !

preeti said...

sahi bola... the ones .."Ma beti" and "Akeli nari" .. when i go to and fro my home and ghty, the moment sm1 comes to know tht i m travelling alone, i get 2 c one of these looks on their faces :
1. "o my God, what a girl !!!!!!! travelling alone, how can she" lol
2. "oh so u r alone.. where r u from, wht do u do" huh...

Shakhi said...

who knows, someday u might meet ur dream girl in a complete "filmy" style.
loved ur post, was really too good!

Strictly for my friends said...

Good to see you back. Interesting classification. I'm quite sure you missed out some too. But who cares??


richunderconstruction said...

awesum post!!
good categorisation... ;))

mayb i shud do a post on the guys in the train too,
never met any interesting enuff!

Priyankari said...

nice post yaar!you've got a really good observation.nice to read.

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