Thursday, October 05, 2006

Long long time ago.....

Its been a long long time since i blogged n a lot happened in between.
My end sems got over n now I m officially 1/6th corporate bastard read manager. End sems are over and unlike the expectations of most of my frnds I m still in IIMC n they didnt kick me out of the place. Go thru my scrap book n u can find scraps like..."ABe tu pass ho gaya??". If i got frnds like these then i m sure Satan cant do any worse. But i dont blame them for this afterall i earned this reputation after 4 years of consistent efforts at iit.
Now the vacations are on and I m at my home. Sitting at home doing nuthing gives u a lot of time to think abt imp issues of life like why ARjun SIngh is still alive, why katrina's skirt is creating a big chaos n why my neighbour's daughter is not hot.

When u get back to home ur parents treat u as if u were stayin in a food deprived refugee camp of bangladeshis.Day in day out mummiji asks me " Beta Vicky!! kya khayega?" Its okay mummiji main wahan bhi khana kha leta hoon. But when mom's hand cooked food is conmbined with SAffola 0 % cholestrol food ....resistance is futile.
Pehle mom used to ask me ki beta koi gf bani n all but now my mom has the complete confidence on me ki yeh mere case mein to nahin hi ho sakta now she doesnt asks me this anymore. BUt the new bike ignited some hopes still no success....

Besides this i do one more imp thing n tht is changing channels . If tv channels wud have paid for clickin their channels everytime on the same lines of Google....main abhi tak millionaire hota. By this time i m a complete TV guide. I mean if u will wake me up at 2 am in the night i will be able to tell u which show is running on which channel. But this perfection in terms of F TV is only for late nigth shows. :)
Movies come in for rescue... i have seen deewar, viajy path, kaliya , gande ladke 2(bad boys 2) katil sherni (lara croft) ... last two title coz my cable wala shows english movies dubbed in hindi
Now when i got back to home mataji got all religious n all and she arranged a puja in my name. Though i enjoyed it but sittin there right next to the HAWAN KUND made me realize how difficult it is to get married where u have to sit thru the whole thing for whole night.
Now comin back also means meeting all the unclejis n auntiyaan> I m kool till the discussions stays to hows calcutta ?? Hows ur hostel ?? But my anxiety rises from 0-100 in 2 secs as soon as the discussion evenly remotely touches my engg marks or generaaaal Studies. But by this time i hv mastered the art of evadin the whole point cleanly with an innocent look a sweet smile and a dialouge....." Ji kafi padhai karni padti hai ...time hi nahin milta".
I m leaving in two days to the beloved Jokaland.....Dengue is the big thing these days so mataji already started stuffing up my bag with odomos all out n all... unka bas chale to MACHHAR DANI (mosquito net) bhi pask kar de.

Current mood .... bored ...
current music ....Deewana hua badal