Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mr. NICE GUY vs BAck door Charlie

I normally dont write this stuff but this is my concept which many of my frnd do know.
I dont remember where i picked this up probably some episode of Friend or may be sm site but this is very funny and happens all the time around you.

Now u all know what a mr nice guy .... i have a kind of definition of it ... u know that guy who is always the GOOD GUY....the NICE FRIEND of the ladies.Now this is what happens the girls goes around with other guys comes back and BITCHES in front of you how bad tht guy was so what am i supposed to do kick his ass ??? or how good it is to be in love n you are like oh yes girl i know but why the hell are u telling me this.

This thing is kool coz most of the times our Mr Nice Guy is thinking tht this girl will leave that DORK and realize tht our Mr nice guy is not only good for bitching stuff but also good enough to fall for. I have never seen it happen though .

Now there is another theory i came across its the Mr Back Door CHARLIE you see a girl who is already having a BF so then still u try for her then after some time u start playing ur tricks and then one day either she walks back or she is all urs .

These two are confusing but interesting theories at the same time. Mr Nice guy and Mr Back door Charlie are two guys on the same track trying to woo a girl who is already engaged but chances of being sucessful for the Mr nice guy are very few.......

Friday, December 02, 2005

A month --CATastrophe

Yes its been a month since i wrote anything other than academia. Well november was an exciting month whenever end sems are there its going to be a tense time.
So u take end sems add the B Tech project to it then add the Almighty CAT then the fearful XX trauma add the lab end sems the final submissions ...for the icing my SIS's marriage for tht i took a break of 5 days from my schedule.

So i guess now u have a picture or a feel of my last month n that explains my absence.
Well End sems were not good as usual sis marriage was fantastic loved everything about it.

THe biggest unexpected diaster was CAT, MAN wat a shocker trust me i expected the worst of it b4hand but this one came out all together diff.The moment i got the paper in my hand i knew people will be bumped but i thought i can handle this, now i laugh how wrong i was.
i made my strategy the moment i got the paper nuthin fancy abt it 40 min each section 15 min 1 mark qs n 25 min for 2 mark qs. started with quant as always it was tough smhow did it then came VERBAL, fuck me .......what the heck.It was so confusing by the time i finished reading the derrada wala passage i felt like my head is already chopped off. Anyways done wth vA n i had tht kind ofa feeling which u have when somone punches u in the stomach. DI was also on the same lines....n one after the other each question stuffed tht up an inch more.

Now it is over n I m done with my BTP presentation n all n now I M 87.5% iit grad.

Monday, October 31, 2005

dilbert IIT again

Well this is kool since dilbert featured IIT for the third time i guess. Wel i identified to the previosu two quite a lot but this one is like way too much still who cares makes me feel good though i won't comment about the real PICTURE :P

todays Yahoo status "There's a difference between beauty and charm. A beautiful woman is one I notice. A charming woman is one who notices me."

current music avril lavigne

Sunday, October 30, 2005

SUNDAY the 30th

Second last day of the month last sunday and the final three tests of TIME mock cat started. Well in this sem all my sundays were same i get up at 8 or 8:30 thnks to the good old aloo parathas of breaker which is the only motivation to go down 5 floors on a beautiful sunday morning.then come back listen to some good music glance thru the paper or few sites check my inbox( which i already checked at 4 am before sleeping) ANd every grey cell of my body knows no soul on this earth wud have sent me a mail between 4 am to 8 but still . This is a strange habit in IIT no matter if u checked ur inbox just fieve minutes before u do it again everytime u walk into ur room .:p
Well i gave my test as usual its a weekly routine earlier i used to worry abt my %tile n all now i m cool with it .who gives a damn anyhow.

LAst week was hectic with this new attendance rule coming into picture i had to do a lot of running n had to suck up to my profs to get those extra attendance ..but i kool with it just imagine how much time i saved by bunking all those lectures n in return all this hard work is a negligent thing to do.
I didn't see any movie today but watched few episodes of frnds n scrubs.

Todays yahoo status "Few women admit their age......Fewer men act it."
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29th of october

Since i m one of those unfortunate souls who had to stay back in my diwali vacation its obvious i m feeling nostalgic. The lively wing of 26 people is reduced to a minimal 10 people lounge. To add to this in my half only jashi gandhi jangale sandy gupta me narbhakshi n pari are there. To add to this jangale n sandy are also leaving but i like it when the wing is quite n silent. though i miss my regular LUKKHA GIRI but this is cool..
So its obvious i didn;t study as i was feeling lonely n i got a reason to stay away frm that thing which holds up few papers together n is a great tranquilizer ( books).

i saw PULP FICTION yeah man for the third time n its gets better n better everytime my fav dialog frm the movie is one by tarantino himself
Jimmie: No, let me ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you see a sign out in front of my house that said Dead Nigger Storage?
Jules: Jimmie, you know I ain't seen no...
Jimmie: Did you see a sign out in front of my house that said Dead Nigger Storage?
Jules: [pause] No. I didn't.
Jimmie: You know WHY you didn't see that sign?
Jules: Why?
Jimmie: 'Cause it ain't there, 'cause storing dead niggers ain't my fucking business, that's why!
I won't say much abt the movie since much has been written and said abt it. BUt one word which defines the movie for me iS COOL this movie totally got me n so did SIN CITY.
This pulp fiction kinda defines my todays timepass.But yeah i did the other regular crap tooo suddenly today FIFA bug bit me again, yeah its happens when u are all alone and got nutin to do these BLASTS FROM THE PAST
enthrills u again. i was frustated coz i was eliminated in the first round of FIFA tourny gandhi had to face the music i thrashed him 9-2 Shevchenko made the ball touch the nets 5 times ..:d
well current music is strangely very very senti .....NUSrat fateh ali khan

Monday, October 17, 2005

mp3 breast implant :P

Coming soon: the mp3 breast implant

By Lester Haines
Published Thursday 13th October 2005 10:46 GMT
Here's an appealing thought: an mp3 breast implant which will allow surgically-enhanced girls to store and play back their entire music collections from their 36DD assets.

We kid you not. According to UK tabloid the Sun - ever watchful for life-enhancing technology, especially when it's got a big jubs angle - BT Laboratories bod Ian Pearson reckons breast implants may as well do something useful if they're to be permanently installed, rather than just looking decorative.

Accordingly, he's proposed sticking an mp3 player in one dug, and a storage chip in the other. Quite how playback is achieved we're not quite sure*, but it may well involve the listener burying his or her head in the cleavage for a full stereo effect.

Likewise, God alone knows how you select tracks, but breasts do come equipped with a pleasing alternative to the iPod's selector wheel. We can imagine the scenario: Girlfriend: "Oi, what the bloody hell are you doing?" Boyfriend: "Hold on, I'm just scrolling down to Stairway to Heaven." ®

*Oh, OK then - Ian Pearson said "flexible plastic electronics would sit inside the breast. A signal would be relayed to headphones, while the device would be controlled by Bluetooth using a panel on the wrist". We prefer our solutions, naturally.


The idea sounds a crazy imagination of a naughty mind. It doesn;t have a significance but i wud love to have such a musical girlfriend. Just imagine how a female wud be able to express herself musically. I would love to store data on such a device WHICH COMES IN SUCH A GREAT PACKING......:d

Saturday, October 15, 2005

15th octtober

i wanted to write smthing for all these days but i was not jsut ready . the workload is getting me with only a month to go this final days tension is getting me. Anyway all this is boring n i know but still i m writing this blog as my personal diary to keep a record of all the things going on arnd me .
This week few ppts were there soem good ones liek ZS package > 6 lakhs but some crap ones liek fexitronics (2.65) then there were the regualr ones like IBM (3.5 )I m confused since the packages are low and the competition is too tough.

ENUFF of studies well i guess the preps for my sis marraige are all done i m done with the clothing and OMG tht was a hell lot of task looking for a fien tailor trying to get things right i m not a perfectionist but i need things to reach a certain level . I m sure those 3-4 days i m gonna have a blast but i"ll miss the ladies.

this week after a lon g logn time i saw many movies the common ones none of them was worth a mention very general movies though chocolate came as a surprise since it is inspired by one pof my all tiem fav "THE usual suspect" strangely the movie is not a complete looser like the other copies are " Usual " is a tough movie to copy n the director agnihotri did a decent job of keeping the movie intact n on tracks .

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Liverpool VS Chelsea CFC 28th sept UEFA cup

Match Result 0 - 0
But the game was in each n every way dominated by Liverpool They made their point right from the start and were in an awesome attacking mode.
Crouch teamed up with Cisse n seein this Jose's side had to back off . Drogba lead the CFC attack. Garcia alomost made it to the back of the net at arnd 47th min but CFC were lucky.
Here is the full report :-

Thursday, September 29, 2005

29th sept

Today is Shooo's B'DAY well he had his share of BUMPS last night to which I too contributed quite a lot.
But BAD day for me a bad start at present 9:30 am is the time and i m sittin in front of a comp in LAppoo's room. Reason being i was thrown out of the class by Prof. MAllik.
I was sleeping in the class and he asked me to leave and like a good student i followed his orders. I m sad not because i was asked to leave but coz he got hold of my roll no.
When u sleep at 4 in the night wake up at 8:15 rush to the department w/o having ur breaker and then DASH thru the corridors so tht you can make it up b4 8:30 in the class room so tht u don;t miss tht most CHERISHED attendance , SLEEPINESS comes in package.
Its hard to keep up to the boring heuristics of chemical design and i always thought Prof Mallik is smart enuff to understand tht.
Well its not like i never sleep in the class its just tht today i was caught. Prof MAllik shud understand the basic fact tht at any time even if i m not sleepin in the class then also I m not contributing to any proceedings of the lecture. Most of the time i m either joking arnd solving Su -Doku , going thru the newspaper or planning a new move of BSF. Well tht almost defines my activities in the class.
This is the second time this has happened last time the person in charge was Prof Preeti aghalayam.I don;t blame myself the course was chemical kinetics and any Human soul can fall a prey to the deadly combo of kinetics and Prof preeti.
Well wats the point of being sad abt anything its just the begining of the day and i"ll figure out a way to make up for my bad start . To start off with i m going back to sleep so tht i don't feel the same in the afternoon lectures.

Current MOOD : sleepy
Current Music: Dilnashin ( aashiq banaya aapne)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Henry's Move to BARCA :-?

Latest news says chances are Henry will be leaving Arsenal to make a move to BARCELONA . This year his contract will be ending and chances are this French striker will be catching a flight to spain.
Thiery Henry's caliber is well proved and from the last few seasons he has been a key player in the arsenal squad. Infact Arsenals whole attack is centered arnd Henry.Viera already retired and now if henry moves this is going to be a big blow to arsenal. They really need to work hard to keep henry n this season's start of EPL is not a promising one loosing 2 games out of initial 5 and a a 7th position in the table is not a good sign.
Arsenal won EPL two season's back and were runner ups last season ..the reason being the flamboyant CHELSEA. Now arsenal is loosing its touch and that is obivous from their performance.
Barcelona has a better chance to win UEFA and the spanish permiera too with a squad which includes some of the world's finest and def a great coach Rijkaard BARCA might be the place tailored specifically for HENRY. It would be great to see ronaldinho deco ETO puyol ..all together wearing the same red and blue stripes.
Barca's acquisition of henry may shiver down the spines of their rival Madrid who are already having a tough time by loosing their opening match 3-0 in Uefa.
Well Owen's move to Newcastle was a heart beaker i was so excited to see Owen joining liverpool again and revive the old 2001 golden days but tht didn't work out so i m keeping my fingers crossed tht this works out. But once Henry will be gone Arsenal will be in vain i guess they must start lookin for a striker who will accompany Reyes .

old classics

there is a new Buzz in the entertainment world
they are releasing the old B&W classics in new colored prints. Mughal e Azam is already been done SAhib Bibi aur ghulam is already on the cards then madhumati. The sucess of the K Asif's Mughal e Azam new release gave confidence to producers to explore this new dimension .
BUt is this justified i mean this can be the beginnin to wat happened to old songs by the remix era.
Not all remixes are bad and same will be the case with the re-release of old movies. Mughal e Azam was a huge success because the whole point was abt the huge sets the lovely costumes and great art direction was a major incentive for people to watch this epic again.
Now lets give this a thought.. can we imagine the scene of Gurudutt walkin down the theatre in Kagaz ke phool in anyway other than the way it has been picturized or Rehman n meena kumari in SAhib bibi aur ghulam.The big issue is many directors chose to make movies in B&W when colored movie options were there.
Even in the new movie age there are many movies which are made in B&W like Edwood Sincity Schindler's list.
the whole idea can become messy if once this trend kicks off.
But its not like redoing old classics is a wrong move alltogether. people will get a chance to watch their fav artists in a new lively mode and its gives people an option.
well most of us don;t care for old movies but i think one thing is there in the classics which seriously lacks in new movies is the "SOUL" when i say soul the golden era gave us some performances and moments which are milestones and will be like tht forever.Movie making has improved a lot these days but the emphasize of good packaging and a better product takes over the feel of art. Welll this goes on with time and it is necessary and even in current time there have been many movies which have redifined the indian cinema liek Devdas Black etc.

Friday, September 23, 2005


i m back really its been a long time reasons are many ...but mainly workload mid sems and all.Its tough to be regular blogger though i love the stuff but smtimes just i don;t get the time.Last few days were not good, a mental unrest is going on inside my head. But as always MUSIC always helps while i was surfing thru the net jsut came across the lyrics of this beautiful song by junoon

Meri awaz suno mujhe azad karo
Meri awaz suno insaf do
Azad karo Insaf do
Karon kuon ghulami teri
Ghulami teri kuon zalaman
Mangon na Khudai teri
Mangon men to haq zalama
Tere sang zamana sara
Khuda he mere sang zalama
Meri awaz suno mujhe azad karo
Meri awaz suno insaf do
Azad karo Insaf do

The idea of break free the state of Nirvana are all ways of breaking the shackels and running away from ur tensions
just once. The human tendency of getting attention to be heard is an imp thing its complicated yet we all know how
it feels like. Hardly a person gets time to do tht there can be few small breaks of vacations holidays but everyone has to
comeback the idea of going to a new place where u have a new identity no one knows u and a new life is waiting for u down the horizon is great
Maybe all this is an outcome of the recent material i have been reading Indian philosphy i just now saw LAst Days and
then i read "the partner" but wateva it is i felt like writin abt it .
I know I m too materialistic to do anything like tht but its excitig to give it a thought.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Suncity -WING TREAT 26 th aug

New sem starts and a new beginning new hopes and a new feeling and determination to do better than the previous sem. Oh come on whom m i trying to fool NEW SEM begins a lots of birthdays in the vacations and few foreign pts few other things to rejoice and BINGO we got enff cash to do a wing treat yes my frnds WING TREAT the second most pleasing words wat u can hear in IIT first one definitely is AA although that faces stiff competition from the word BABE.
OKies so this time we decided to keep the venue SUNCITY no 5 star buffets this time since we were running a bit low on the cash department moreover most of the guys had better palns then just to eat and that means hard core booze Booked the rooftop of SUNCITY left the hostel on bikes at arned 8:30 and before the rain gods showered their blessings on the sleezy streets of mumbai at 9 :15 we were safe inside the hotel . OKies i have never been to this place before but heard a lot abt it really economical and good service and when i saw the place i was convinced tht my fellas were not wrong.We already asked for a music system so i burnt a cd before leaving the hostel consisting all the kool songs some hard core metal grunge n hip hop to desi gaane like dilli ki sardi. Now simce here we ordered a buffet so food was out of concern the starters were served and so was the case with the booze.

TIME check 9:45 pm everybody one peg down the music is LOUD and the floor was vibrating the things started to get a bit nasty as people started dancing oh wait a sec tapping on the floor.
MUSIC : smells like teen spirit wat else can be better to start the day off the woofers were balsting and my head already started feeling tht gyrating feeling which u feel after a carzy ride.

TIME check 10:15 pm well at this time most of the guys including me were running on their second glass but the race winners SHOOO, GUPTA infact even sandy were doing bottoms up on their third peg and were roaming arnd the bartender to get that extra large fourth one too.Now this was HIP HOP and fusion bahngra time songs like " kala chasma" " SHUT UP " "kangna" were rocking the rooftop and we were danicing out like carzy brats .
MUSIC : SHUT UP .Black eyed peas

TIME check 10:45pm by this time every body was ...FUCK THIS now no had the account of how much he drank everyone was on the dance floor This was killer time LIMP BIZKIT METALLICA PEARL JAM one after the other METAL PUNk everything was coming out of the speakers we guys made a mosh pit hell lot of HEAD BANGING morshing pulling jumping right in the middle we were hitting eac other so hard the hotel people got scared a bit :P. ( later i talked toi tht bartender he told me whenver IIT junta comes in they are on their toes coz they always break things or create hell lot of chaos.) well thts in our nature tht we can't help.

TIME 11:15 pm onwards we had to lower the music coz of the new rules of no loud music after 11 pm so now the music was on at a lower decible level. Now came the msoit interesting part of any DAARU party
THE VICTIMS ( men with the GOLDEN mouth...... those guys in which this divine drink induces a strange power or strength tht they can bug anyone) :-

FEW KEY PLAYERS among the 17 sinners

THE SHOW STOPPER : - yes the most prestigious award for the guy who made other people feel like stabbing him to death the man who bugged the most and made sure everyone got a part of it .
PUT UR HANds together it goes to LAPPOO. yes this guy being a DUAl degree student got senti tht inhis last year he is going to be all alone and he wil miss the rest of subzero fellas and they are gonna forget hima n on n on n on. Thsi guy was crying at the top of his voice trying to make sense out of useless crap.

THE VICTIM : - this is the guy who is intoxicated to the core the DAARU did some weird things to his nervous system n by the time he ws 7 pegs down standing still or walking was a mammoth task for this GUY total out subah utha to kuch yaad nahin ki kal raat ko kay hua.
HERE it is my friend whose hand was burnt a glass piece pierced thru it but nuhtin cud keep him away from his glass yes he is the ONE N ONLY GANDHI

SENTAP KA KANTAP :- yes this is another guy who gets senti buy seein tht other people are senti its like a back reaction when lappoo was crying and we were taking care of him so he felt neglected or watever do he also started crying so tht we care for him too we did but eventually lappoo was the main concern : EVEn wehen we came back this guy was crying and still tryin to get some attention some of hsi dialogs were GUPTA mere bahi hai usse phone do, koi bahi ko bhi bhoolta hai kya n blah n blah n blah..........

THE PUKER : 6 is the count yes thts the number of pukes he did last night few came naturally others were forced by inserting his fingers down his throats. This is the MR AASHIQ of our wing anshu aka SHO aka BHA#WA.

THE TANK : 8 pegs down still pouring in everything wat was coming near to his mouth and when we walked out he said aaj do teen peg aur hote to main out ho jata yes this is the TANKI SANDY .

THE NO NO GUY :- MUNNA pehle to main daaru nahin peeonga agar signature nahin hai to main na peene wala Now this guy walks in phir to jo samnne sab andar baad mein when i was giving neat rum then also nahin laddoo aur nahin but har baar sab kcuih andar .

The POOR GUYS : this is a very small clan of non drinkers one guy gave up drinking two nevr tried n another was holding back till he drank arnd 90 ml of neat rum in one shot . PONDY chodu and kox. they were the spectators of the whole game

The survivor : YEs this is a new category since every one was trying his level best to get this guy in the zone by convinving him in HAZAAr ways to drink more n more but this guy in a very smart way fooled evryone and kept himself to a peg or two . THIS IS PAPPu the HARAMIII of the wing.

The GENERAAL JUNTA : well these are the guys who had their share of drinks but they knew their limits and were either under drunk or they hit the sweet spot.JANGALE, HILAYE robin me junta and all were the sharin candidates

THE LEADER : - IT got to be the only person before i say anything u all are screaming hsi name yes JUNTA the organizer from arranging the money to clearin the bills this guy did all

BEEN there DONE tht : GOne are the days when DAARU used to intoxicate him now he drinks it like water 8 9 the number is futile tht never makes a diff . KAL HE was saying abe LADDOO yaar ab mujhe WITHOUT DOPE chadti hi nahin hai . GOD knwo where and when he is gonna stop .

THE KILLER : - Yeah i knwo THE Bartender is more appropriate but lets face it this is my blog and i will give myself a cool name.:P. SO at arnd 12:30 we all were out and the general acts of sentis drinkin pukes were over BUT just at tht momenbt i saw the Almost 3/4th of the rum was still left so a thought came to my mind i started making my own dessert TOOK icecreams and rassgullahs and added NEAT RUM to it . I tasted it myself and the next thought wat came to my mind was ab aage main ek baar bhi isse nahin kha raha sirf logogn ko kahilounga. WOrds like " pla yaar ek aur ..:" " chal yeh wala mere naam par " ...yeh dosti ka were coming out of my mouth my hands were running and people were having this neat rum . I FINISHED the whole bottle yes the 3./4th rum although next mornign i had to hear all kind of GAALIs for this GRAET act .

LAST PIC when lappoo was senti and SHO was out

CHALO YAAR finally nice treat we are palnning to do it again after mid sems

We came back at arnd 1:30 am and after tht wing ki normal masti n back to sleep .

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Probably this is not of interest for most of the people. But i was bound to write this . Two great movies a serious and brave attempt to make cinema which we can truly call as beautiful. I saw Magnolia a year back i loved the movie and today saw CRASH and was bound to write something about it.

Magnolia (1999) Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson Writing credits : Paul Thomas Anderson

“Things fall down. People look up. And when it rains, it pours.”

CAST :Tom Cruise Pat Healy Julianne Moor Genevieve Zweig Mark Flannagan William H. Macy

Crash (2004) Directed by Paul Haggis Writing credits Paul Haggis (story) Paul Haggis (screenplay)

“You think you know who you are. You have no idea.”
CAST Sandra Bullock Don Cheadle Matt Dillon Jennifer Esposito William Fichtner Brendan Fraser

As obvious from the above the CAST of both the movie need no introduction it got to be a powerful performance packed movie.
What really en thrills me is the approach both the directors adopt to convey the message. Its is so simple yet so powerful.

The mood and stories and characters keep building and building and building, and when it finally comes down, I feel this immense sense of relief and wonder these two movies were able to come up with something so clever and intertwining and wondrous, and was able to pull it off. This "movie" is not for everyone. It is thinking-hat required.

Magnolia and CRASH both are stories of 6-7 strange people all leading their life marooned from each other but how a series of events lead them to come together. ITs about the agony, the pain , the stress, the emptiness,the joy, the ecstasy, the sweet smile which comes to your face when see your child sleeping , the incomplacency you feel when u see a loved one in pain the humiliation of being molested and the warmth for the same person when he saves your life, the feeling of being lost the feeling when everything seems to go the wrong way the FEEL of coming back to life from death, the sense of indifference when people judge you on the basis of your skin color, the feeling of loosing the faith of your own mother the fear when you don't feel safe in your own home the moment ,you realize your friends are not the real friends the feeling when the whole world consider you as a winner but deep down inside you know what you really are, the shine of red roses when you are in love or the neverending black dakness where hope seems to be move away from you every moment. Life has got many shades and many chores..............

Both movies share one common feature the the characterization is so intense and strong that as the camera moves over each of the characters, allowing us to see their lives, there's a constant feeling that we are seeing the characters souls laid bare on film. The camera work is amazing the long shots to the converge scenes all are brilliant and so is the SOUNDTRACKS. As the story unwinds and the camera moves the music gets you into the mood.

ONLY controversial thing about magnolia is the ending scene of falling frogs which is a big debate in itself.

THIS IS THE CINEMA everbody must watch because somewhere it helps you to understand life and its colors in full spectrum.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

So i am back and this time after a long time but yeah i was having a hard time regarding few things
Last week was mixed a great oppurtunity and i saw it slipping through my fingers but still i got something out of it.
So the mega weekend ( friday to monday being 15th aug) comes we all decide to hit down the roads and make this weekend last in our heads for some time. THe GANG :- GUPTA, SANDY LAPPU and ME.
The brain starts to wander around brawling through the names of all the probable hang out joints. we nailed it to SHOOTERS yes blazing ,music a wooden dance floor open till 4 am in the night and the people are lively this place has got everything wat any guy wants.
THis time unlike the othere days since out KACHU ( tortoise ) sandy acted fast and he wasted lil less time on his face pack so we left our hostel on our bikes at 7:30.
NOw comes the real scoop Gupta promised one of his frnd to be there we never met that guy before so we thought he is going to be a real stud as he promised us that he will get us a stag entry on a friday night.Now we all are waiting outside the bandra station for this guys, I will call him "escort boy" . Suddenly a skiny chap dressed in the outfits which looked like a straight adaptation from some govinda's flick this guys walks in and says one more his frnd is coming who is a kool chap and another female is coming who is a dopist. We thought who cares for the cool guy but the dopist is worth the wait :P. No one showed up for the next 10 minutes and we were getting restless to get ourselves drowned in beer. Escort boy then told lets go to zenji a decnt pub we walk in that place looked like bandstand's lovers spot to me guys and gals sitting together the music was too light the lighting was also very bright no grooviness at all.

Escort Boy is still on the cell trying to get the dopist and by this time we lost the interest in the dopist and we all were like "FUCK HER" we don't need her here . SO now we tell this escort boy to be on his way as we are getting late and we need to go to SHOOTERS.

These guys have a very modest outer area you won;t even realise there is a hell lot of fun inside. You walk in and you are tattooed with some of the most childish marks a smiley :). Wateva we move in and as always we started our order. WHen u go to a PUB our golden rule is don;t eat anything inside beacuse if we guys will start eating inside we will be ending up by payin them in ways which i think are not appropraiate to expalin,ALL we do it run rounds of beer and more beer. We were inside at 10:30 pm thts when first round came in then till 3 :30 am in the morning beer came in and we ended up with 12 bottles of beer in 4 guys.

SHooters is kool the music is lively the gals are great and the dance floor rocks. we were dancing all night suddenly ESCORT BOY moves in the same place with his friend. Now we got out chance. LAPPOO was all drunk lost all of his senses and he literally started beating up tht guy while he was dnacing. EXCORT BOY came to me for rescue and told me "be yaar issko roko isne infinite pee li hai". and we were like abe enjoy kar yaar dance kar.

Around 3:30 am in the morning the music stopped and some heavy sounds came from my backside as i turned back a bottle of beer flew pass by me, giving my forehead a 2 inch margin from SIX STICHES on the forehead. MAN tht bottle was gyrating in the air and as it passed by me i felt the air moving my hairs. ACtually what happened was there were two HOT HOT HOT looking two females who from every angle looked like lesbians .They were wearing the hottest dress in the neighbourhood. They were dancing all night and when ever a guy approached them they said no . Two groups of guys had a fight for these gals so one guy hit another guy with a bottle on his head . IT was so filmy even the gals were fully drunk and they were also equally involved in the fight one chick was trying to hit a guy with a mug of beer.

ANYWAY we left the place but still it was only 3:30 am so we thought of having chicken kebab at the AirPORT.Biked whroomed and we left for airport.BUt before that as always our tradition BANDSTAND walk in front of barista. THe sound of the ocean makes you feel stronger and for few moments you forget all your worries the submissions the tests the quizzes of iit.

ITS fun to ride in mumbai late in the night it is so cool. The same roads are filled with four wheeleres oozing out smoke and the traffic moving snail's pace in the evening. In the night things are all different the street light makes the highway looks like a runaway and the pulsar which i was driving was no less than an airplane.

WE went over to airport had our chicken at arnd 4:30 am hanged arnd till 5 am.
By the time we came back in the hostel it was 6 am in the morning. I came back and the only thought that was on my mind was to hit the bed.

I got up at 10 am strangely god knows how that happened and i was feeling fresh.I took the newspaper only to see MANGALA PANDEY is on and Lifestyle sale is on SO asked around the wing for a movie only narbhakshi agreed we went to RMALL saw the movie pretty okie dokie did some shopping and then came back next day i had my MOCK CAT so studied a bit .
THEN came sunday morning the mock cat did pretty okay as compared to last time wateva i was happy.
ENUFF ............
Again a weekend sucessfully helping us all to terminate the week long worries and agony.Though a bit heavy on the pocket.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005


THe lights are off the door is closed the speakers of my computer are screaming at the highest decibel level and their electronic diaphrams are vibrating so hard that it gives my 4 month old woofer a time of its life.Ladies and gentlemen its Showtime --SINCITY IS ON.i saw it for the 6th time today.the last 4 shows were in the last 3 weeks only ( thts the time when i got hold of the DvD of the movie).

"Dwight: It's time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people."

Sincity is not a movie its a piece of art which doesn;t touches ur heart or titlates ur inner soul it penetrates throught he hard skull of your head and hits you hard smhwere in your brain. each and evry character in the movie is portrayed so well that they all have a prsona of their own. packed with dames like goldie SHELLY , BEckY , GAIL , NANcy , MIHO who give seduction and art of killing a whole new definition. MAchoism was never so machoi before hartigan marv and dwight hit the silver screen.

John Hartigan: An old man dies. A young girl lives. A fair trade. I love you, Nancy.

AFter watching sincity i got hold of the orginal sincity graphical novel n each and every dialogue in the movie is a straight outcoem frm the novel. the movie justifies its R rating in hte first half an hour and lives upto the expectation till the end of the movie.plenty of Blood shot babes boobs wounds dead bodies chopped hands pistols and crashing cars. its definitely the best comic adaptation till date.

Marv: Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

First day of fourth year JULY 26 TH

Someone is b@nging my door, got to be sandy.I check my watch and see just as the minute hand crosses the 2 digit marks and the hour hand already passed 8 i roll over to the other side just as the second hand ticks over other numbers.Morning lectures not my kind of an idea, 80 % percent attendance insty rules. So i collect all the energy in my god damn body and get my a$$ off the bed. I look outside the window to see the rains are pouring so heavily as if there is a hole in the sky. So i get back to where i was.MY first day's lectures are ruined.
This time time when i woke up someone was calling "JUNTA LUNCH TIME". i get up and get down to have my lunch .The rains are taking no break infact they got heaviers and faster. Came back to enjoy my share of BLOODSHED in the CS arena which turned out to be pretty good my hands were steady as rock each and every bullet which i was firing was making holes in some bloody terrorists body.Then the usual stuff and tiffin time we all go back again to the mess the lift is not working so we all slide 5 floors down only to see there is a so much water in the mess that boating or kiaking seemed a better idea to get to the other end of the mess.MY tiffin is ruined.
8 pm in the night we all are starving the rains are not in the mood of stopping no not tonite. We call up the Dominos guy they are not picking up the phone and so was the case with SP o nutan or any fucking restaurant in the vicinity.
Suddenly an idea strikes us all to get out there right in the middle of this watery mess to have our dinner. We grab our gears and take the keys.All dressed up in cargos or shorts with wind cheaters .

Gupta me sandy munna narbhakshi robin n lappoo.We guys decided we ain't setting down for anything less than a Dominos pizza tonite. the rains were hitting hard and right in the face the windcheaters were no help. my cargo was all drenched even before we left the outer area of h 13. water upto knee level logging at every place giving 50 k priced 150 CC engine of pulsar a tough ride. we parked our bikes at main gate and started walking to HN . it was amazing and adventurous.Pizza hut was closed cars were moving with water level knocking at the windshield. Somehow we reach Dominos had our pizzas they tasted never so good.By the time we came bakc we all were shivering but still there was a satisfaction beacuse we all had a tiem of our life.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fourth year's starting blast

SO finally I m back I mean we are back this time of year and our brain starts to wonder to catch the last glimpse of freedom just before the shackles of classes and lecture restrict us. Again Khandala 3 bikes 5 people and bang you got yourself a group consisting of three loaded guns ( Sandy , Gupta and me) ready to shoot out even before you pull the trigger and two lazy bums(munna and Linda) who thinks vacation is all about meditation and giving your mind a zone of ultimate comfort.

Time check :- 9 o clock in the morning and the alarm clock is beeping making my head feel like twice of its size what it was last time I checked. I get up n start shouting at other guys to wake up and smell the coffee we better get going but to I m amazed to c that everyone is up but GUPTA is missing( he left for his TRACTOR’s servicing).
Finally we leave Bombay at 4 pm just as we were about to cross the city limits a THULLA starts showing us a way making our bikes way to his run way. FIRST Q SIGNAL NAHIN DIKHTA KYA? We all thought Signal to tha hi nahin to dikhega kaise?? Watever second trouble LINDA baby has got no license but we smhow buy our escape with 200 cash I start driving. Second hault McD.

We manage a decent timing and reached khandala at 7 pm then started the quest for finding a decent bed to ease ourselves out took a room and we darted to a Diamond restaurant booze chicken n music till 3 am when we walked out of the place to we saw all our bikes tyres flat smone did tht intentionally but instead of solving who did that and why we started looking for a petrol pump by this time LINDA and MUNNA were completely exhausted but me gupta and sandy were enjoying every moment of the hardships.

Then the morning time we checked out at 6 :30 am and straight away made our way to BHUSHI dam man its awesome place with all the dames and the water that place makes you leave all your worries on a Space shuttle destined to outer space. We did some trekking and headed to the waterfall above and the final product makes all your efforts worthwhile.

Enuff of Dam thing and then the best part of khandala visit a Bike ride to the Sahara Amby Valley. The rain drops were hitting so hard on my face that the doctor’s needle now seemed to me a gentle touch. The hills were covered with clouds making everything after the range of 10 m almost invisible to eyes. It was hell lot of an experience driving in those conditions by the time we reached the top were were drenched and our teethes hitting so hard each other that they started making sound. Then gupta pops up an idea and that’s it we got out own cure way of dealing with the rain and cold. We took few hard shots of vodka and whiskey and that’s the rain no longer bothered any of us. Though mixing it was not a smart idea getting intoxicated and driving but anyhow it was gupta’s brain wat else you an expect.

FINALLY WE left khandala at arnd 5 pm reaching Bombay at arnd 9 pm
MAN I WAS AWAKE FOR 37 HOURS STRAIGHT. By the time we were back every MUSCLE in my body was promising me thousands of pain which were about to hit me but finally when I slept I had a feel of satisfaction coz I knew I started this sem again with a bang.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

22nd July Day before Lonavala trip

Well today was friday and last working day of this week, to give final touches to our PT work me n sandy went to ONGC, after a gap of 15 days. We thought it is going to be a cake walk but no my guide Mr A.K. Gupta was all set to pour down his rage on our poor souls.Well i don't blame the guy he had evry reason n right to kick our A$$ but in the end i think he was way too kind. He helped us a lot today and gave us all the required material, now i think our report work will be done.

Then the big news Gupta came back and to follow our tradition we are again plannin to visit Lonavala and khandala only diff Linda and Sandy are goin to be the new additions . Chuza will be missing :( he is in kanpur and jeet is also back inhis hometown :(.
BUt still i guess this time it is going to eb more fun and masti.

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Current Music : Bad medicine ..bon jovi

Monday, July 18, 2005

Gimme a BREAK

First, Aishwarya files a complaint against Salman.
Next Vivek Oberoi claims to be her knight in shining armour and threatens Salman.
Then comes the disgusting MidDay carrying pictures of Kareena and Shahid smooching before the release of their movie together.
Then the worst sting operation on a person who hardly represents the film industry Shakti Kapoor he became a victim to the so called DARING JOURNALISM.
Then there comes the MMS scandal of Ashmit Patel and Riya sen.
Then comes a series of MMS scandals including Ms. Mallika Sherawat who after all her ‘titillating act’ suddenly goes very ‘coy’.

Okay, so what’s the latest publicity stunt??

The release of the Salman –Aishwarya telephonic conversation.
After four years the police suddenly decided to release the recorded telephonic conversations between Salman and Aishwarya stating it carries Salman’s confession about having connections with the underworld. Well, listen to the tape there is more of verbal abuse and unnecessary boasting of sexual conquest. The police also releases the tape after 4 years can u smell something?? Yes I can these are cheap publicity stunts

So a drunk boyfriend who is also a actor calls his girlfriend who is also an actress and abuses her, boasts about his conquests and accuses her of sleeping around. Do i really care?? AISHWARYA rai loved someone and it didn't work out.

We all read gossips and enjoy it but are these really gossips this is breach of smone's privacy.

Do I really care?

Do I care who Salman bashed up or who Aishwarya slept with?

Somebody… Somebody please explain to me how reading a personal phone conversation between Sallu and Aish going to increase my IQ? Who does it benefit.. definitely not me! PLEASE, I am NOT interested in knowing about anybody’s personal life.

It’s all a publicity stunt for HT to increase sales and to increase Salman and Aishwarya’s PR ratings. Same allegations were made on tht Riya sen's MMS clip.The stiff competition in todays world forces people to get out of the way to snatch an extra edge over others.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top Ten Bollywood Comedies ( MY picks)

  Movies are considered as one of the best recreation resource

known to man. We all grew up watching our stars on the silverscreen and

this silverscreen has shown us all kinds of wmotions feelings. Here is

my list of the Top ten hindi movie comedies of all time

Image hosted by  GOLMAAL(1979)   one of the

classic tale of fake twin brothers ram prasad and dashrath prasad Amol

Palekar playing the duo role one of the honest and hard working Clerk

and the other part as the carefree so called "Modern" guy.Utpal dutt

givin a performance of life time making the movie memorable.

Bombay TO GOA (1972)  A

classic comedy by the king of of comedy himself MEHMOOD. BOmbay to Goa

is a movie about a bus trip from Bombay to Goa and how the events

unfold on the way. AMitabh bachan's few of early movies

the movie is a pack of comedians and from first shot to last cut the

movie makes u roll on the floor.With songs like "DEkha na " the movie

catches your attention your thrill and keeps you involved for the whole


Image hosted by PADOSAN(1968)  Great

teaming up of Kishore KUmar Sunil Dutt Om Prakash and MEHMOOD yes this

movie defines pure humor. BHOLA (Sunil dutt) plays the yound chap who

falls in love with his next door neighbour  (padosan) BINDU (Saira

Banu) but he is unable to express his love for the girl so he tries to

impress her by the singing skills of his friend and GURU (Kishore Kumar

) the only problem in the way is Master ji (MEhmood) and this leads to

a fight for BINDU in which BHolas wins in the end . Where songs like "

ek chatur naar " meri pyari bindu " gave a new touch to comic songs

then songs like " Meri samne wali " and "Kehna hai' took melody to new

heights . A true classic and timeless comedy.

Image hosted by Andaz APna Apna (1994) a

manic ride with two useless dreamers from small towns Amar( amir) and

Prem(salman), they both want to marry a rich foreign return girl

Raveena ( raveena tandon) they both try to impress her and outdo each

other karishma plays ravina's frnd and there is Paresh Rawal palying

the double role of Teza Seth and Bajaj . Shakti Kapoor playing the

ultimate Crime <Mastrer GOGo . the movie is full of geek activities

salman khan saying "oyee ma" and Amir "Hai la " the movie is  fun

ride absolutely brilliant.

Jaane Bhi do YAARON( 1983)  Packed with some

of the best actors of Indian film industry many of them coming straight

from the drama school. One of the best Dark Comedy  of Bollywood.

This one hits the system ,It is a satire with Vinod

(Naseeruddin Shah) and Sudhir (Ravi Vaswani) as photographers in search

of work.

They get an assignment from the editor of a magazine called

�Khabardar�. They witness a murder and are dragged into the corrupt

real estate deals with politicians and bureaucrats. THe "MAHabharat's

play" scene are some of the most hillarious moments on indian

silverscreen.and yeah SAtish Shah def playing the best dead body role.

Image hosted by CHACHI 420 (1998)

This is Indian style of doing things and for the first time an indian

movie outshined an Hollywood movie. AN adaptation of Robbie william;s

Mrs Doubtfire this movie includes had the brigade of actors like Kamal

hasan playin the desperate father( jayprakash) who in his efforts to

stop his family from fallign apart starts baby sittin his own daughter

as CHachi .. things go fine but then Seth Durga Prasad (Amrish Puri) falls in love with chachi and then Jay's land lord Hari Bhai Paresh Rawal also falls in for Chachi.In the course of time CHachi also developes an enemy his father-in-law�s secretary (Om Puri). then there is endless cofusion and comedy to roll you off ur seat.

Chupke Chupke (1975)
Dr. Parimal Tripathi

(Dharamendra) is a Botany professor who falls in love with Archana (Sharmila
Tagore). She thinks the world of her brother-in-law or

Raghav (Om Prakash) as she calls him, thinking that he is one of the smartest guys around.Parimal decides to take him on with his comic Hindi (as
is a stickler for purity of language), impersonating as a driver. The plot thickens when he ropes in his friends Sukumar (Amitabh Bachchan), Prashant (Asrani) and Archana�s brother (David). He totally perplexes the poor old �jijjaji� with unheard of
words and phrases. He throws a bombshell when he elopes with Archana leaving
jijjaji and her sister completely
shocked and helpless. Meanwhile Sukumar posing as Dr. Parimal Tripathi falls in
love with Prashant�s sister (Jaya Bhaduri) adding another dimension to
this funfest. The highpoint of this comic caper is the perfect timing that
Dharamendra and Om Prakash share making their scenes a treat to watch. The
comedy is not in your face or slapstick instead its situational and

Image hosted by Hera Pheri 2000 One

of the biggest surprise excep paresh rawal Both AKshau Kumar and suneil

shetty were not considered as comedians but this movie defied all

speculations. Priyadarshan made a movie full of commotion and enuff

slapstick humor. Shyam (Sunil Shetty) and Raju

(Akshay Kumar) are paying guests at the

home of a generous garage owner, Baburao (Paresh Rawal). All three are

broke and

dream of becoming millionaires. Raju hatches a plot of rescuing the


granddaughter of a rich businessman and keeping the ransom. Things get


chaotic when they get stuck between the kidnappers, the businessman and


police. Om Puri and Asrani play interesting cameos in the film. BAburao

played by paresh rawal is one of the greatest character portrayed in


MUNNA BHAI M.B.B.S. (2003 )
Sanjay Dutt plays Murli Prasad Sharma or Munna, a local

bhai turned fake doctor. His parents live in a village and think that their son

is as upright and respectable as them. He has made them believe that he is a

doctor. When they visit him, his transition from a bhai to a doctor makes you

roll with laughter.

Munna decides tht he wil become a real doctor and tries to fulfill his

parent's dreams but the problem in the way to success is

Asthana (Boman Irani) is brilliant as the hyper

doctor who believes in �laughter therapy' he is the person who in the

first place exposed Munna's mockery to his father (Sunil Dutt). 

Munna gets help from his whole gang including hsi best frnd CIRCUIT(

arshad warsi ). then there is also a love angle going on between MUNNA

and the Doctor SApna( GAuri ) Best part of the movie are the scenes of

Dr Astahan and Munna . " MAMU" catching its way after the movie

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Terrace of A-4

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Well today it is raining again and wat a lovely sight it is, so a

thougth came to my mind to write about one of the most cherished

possession by my wingies n tht is OUR TERRACE.

Night outs are an integral part of life@iit. You come in as a freshie n

at tht moment only SENIORS glorify about their regular night outs which

inludes MEGA MOVIE MARATHON or a game of footer taken too long or walk

to the lake side or jus CACK . The freshie is awestruck by listening to

these courageous deeds of his seniors is fascinated and decides tht he

won't remain an exception to this great tradition.

Same was the case with me and with few of my fellowmates .

Well first year went by n then we came to hostel 13 and here we found

our biggest possession and a venue to have an easy and smooth nightouts

apna very own TERRACE.

As it is obvious from the pics this palce is worth a visit . 

Subzero people have been intelligent enuff to use its potential to its

fullest. Our first DAARU party was held here and since then we all have

come a long way the farewell treat of NATTU n yeah the daily afetr

dinner sutta joint,.

a breeze of cool air .....the bluriness of the white smoke n few

useless talks have now become an integral part of our daily routine.

In the last few months i have discovered a new potential of this place is very effectiuve in getting over ur hangover.

Sorry guys gtg ...

current song :- paheli.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

4 th of JULY ( ANshu's BIG NIGHT)

Image hosted by

What you see above is a serious case of
HUMAR EMOTIONS MALFUNCTION. Yes, this guy is in love unfortunately
everytime he needs the boost up and morale support of HIGH QUALITY
liqour along with some of his helpful read bastard frnds to dispaly his
emotions tonite was just another nite.

 Tonite these bastards were me and sandy. SO 4th of JULY wats so
great about it ??? AMERICAN independence day, no not at all the day
started as usual crap bunking my PT trip to ONGC :P. then there was
usual adrenaline rush of counter strike and the dullness of TIME's
material. today i got the funda of recording demos of CS( thnks to
shabby ) so it added a new dimension to the identity of KURT COBAIN(
yeah thts my screen name for CS).

TO SPICE THINGS UP ..... we missed dinner ( 5th day in a row ) so we
landed at our GURUDWARA ( Sujata Palace) my partners in crime were the
usual ones SANDY ANSHU n the surpirse element BHAIYA( kapil's elder
bro). Anshu though he had his dinner still accompained us (thnks to me
:P) sayin we will jsu sit n talk. But the moment he said those words
and i saw the light in his eyes i knew this guy is gonna drink his a$$
off tonite. When you say DAARU how can i miss the pleasure of feeling
close to GOD..:D??? SO now we started ordering RC(Royal challenge)
quarters and  anshu started  lighting his inner soul read

Finally by the time we left SP ANSHU fell the victim of
EUPHORIA.Although we were on an ill mantained PULSAR of jangale on our
way  back to the hostel but still at tht moment tht bike felt like
a CRUISER to me..

So we finally come to the hostel GUESS WAT there is BACHA TF team gang
partying in narbhakshis room PLAYIN NIRVANA ( don't ask abt the whole
discocgraphies wat they played later because just remembering those
songs shiver my spines ) to the  great  great ILA ARUN ( thnk
god i was not there at tht timebr>


Image hosted by

So while we were throwing and bashing each other ANSHU calles his love of life SHU&#$ .

NONE of you is aware of the affair of anshu n shu@## so instead of
boring u all with the BORING MUSHY MUSHY stuff i"ll give u the real

ANSHU never saw this gal she is doin her studies in lucknow and jsut by
talking over the phone ANSHU fell in love with this gal ( yes my frnds
these kinda things do happen in real life) well strangely enuff this
gal also never met anshu and jsut saw his photograph and as it is
obviosu from the pic above how photogenic our ANSHU is the chances of
wooing this gal were next to impossible.( BTW don't go by the pic he is
HUNK 6feet tall fair n blah blah ) TO add to the credential of our MR
romeo he has  this divine power of literally killing anyone yes
anyone jsut by his talks.

So once upon a time ( i guess a week ago) this dude got high and
proposed this female over the phone .....which is a  great task
considering the fact she stays in lucknow and ANSHU has no internal
ties wiht MTNL its heavy on the pocket too. to give u all an idea about
this he spent 2k in the last 10-15 days for his phoen bills..:O...NOW

SO well finally i dunno wat they talked about but it turned out tht at 12:55 am of th JULY she said I LOVE YOU to anshu

THTS IT no more details and stuff the pic wat you see above is taken at 1 AM yes 5 min after the big night ..

WELL after tonite ANSHU got the LOVE of his LIFE and we guys got yet

another reason to DRINK and CELEBRATE ..FAIR DEAL isn't it???

Monday, July 04, 2005

3rd July

Now I m changing my mind ..instead of using my blogs just about myself let it be a place to express myself about the society i live in.
i just saw a debate on the Imrana rape case where a 26 year old woman, mother of 5 , was raped by her own father in Law n the village panchayat instead of punishing the culprit turned their fury to the victim herself. She was asked to leave the village and her marriage was abjured by the people who call themselves as preachers of sheriyat.
The question is not that this happened to a muslim woman and there is smthing wrong with the islamic law or smthing beacuse there have been cases where the HINDU panchayat asked the woman to marry the person who raped her and call it justice.
THe problem lies in the fact INDIA doesn't have a UNIFORM CIVIL LAW. In a country like india where religion is such a strong belief having a UNiform civil law could be a problem. BUT IS RAPE A CASE OF CIVIL ACTION?? No not at all, when it comes to marriages or inheritence etc having a religion based law is fine. BUt considering a heinious crime like rape under civil law and giving right to a panchayat who abides by some sheriyat laws is stupidity at its best.

The most disturbing thing what i find about this whole thing is that the whoel debate is about the woman no one is talking about that guy who raped her in the first place.In all this turmoil the basic need of punishing the cuprit is faded somewhere.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Movie with ANshu

YEAH the tittle is pretty shady but i can't help it< had to go with anshu because after Komal ditched the idea i had no one but anshu. So well inspite of all the horrible reviews by the fellow iit junta we both decided to go ahead just for the sake of RANI.BUt believe me wasn't a bad idea at all here is my comment on the movie ( ) i loved the movie.
On our way we had a figth with an autorickshaw guy n BLAH BLAH ..don;'t wanna get into tht stuff now,
I m tryin to be more sincere regarding my blogs ....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

End of THird year

Came back from home just today and shockingly the result of 6th sem is pretty okay.The way things were going i was sure this time somethign bad is goona happen but what a relief.Now comes the next problem, PT in ONGC and the decision of joining the classroom contact of TIME or IMS. I am sure both things will get along smoothly.BAck at home things wer fine but man 17 days were more than enough to squeeze me out. This time i had some good time the visit to BIT was the best move. I met so many of my school time friends. Sonal , Tathagat , Abhik , radhika all got through Cognigant. This time when i was in BIT I met soem of my friends almost after 3 years ( kuch ladkiyon ke to naam bhi nahin yaad they :P) but still it was fun. THe next good thing was pinky di was there so for the major part of the day Killing time was not a big problem.FOrtunately Nikita was also there this time so io met her almost after 5 years face to face in the mean time the only mode of contact we had was mobile n all.She has drastically and in a good way. I remember her as the sweetest girl in the class most quiet and shy but now she is a different person much more smart n much more expressive.
Papaji loved the CD collection which i burnt for him includign his all tiem fav movie TEESRI KAsam.

currently people in the wing are Sandy , Kox , Linda, Ingale, Junta , Joshi , Pondy , GAffoor , anshu shabby robin and Nattu.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

1st Jan happy new year

Sorry for such a late post but i was kinda busy from past few days moreover i m becomin a lazy bum even writin a blog is like a big deal for me now.
Anyways this year's new years eve waas not all that great for me just had a ride to CST.
I missed the chance of going over to goa n now I m regrettin it gupta bachche shiva n mohit are out there havin fun .Now I m ready for techfest i dunno how these 26 days are past by its gettin closer day by day n i m gettin more n more confident I know things are gonna end well.
tonite namrata called me she is good but kinda confused wateva it was nice .

at present the time is 11:45 pm
song is tujhe jeevan ki dore se