Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweet home Alabama :)

Right now I m at my home with no other job other than stuffing up myself with my mom’s hand cooked food. My mother is trying everything in her power to make my 30 inch waist jeans useless, but I m holding my grounds and to rescue my self from the extra nutritious diet prescribed by my mother I play football daily for around 1 hour. But since my “Studious” friends decided that they need to study hard for their end semester examinations I m thinking of other options like swimming or badminton.

But staying at home has got its own plus points and negative points, its like a 24x7 free ticket to a spa especially when your home visits are just twice a year than u need to do nothing just sit back and enjoy. The morning tea is in the morning in the real sense and also the food menu is decided by my VETO Power.

When I m at my home I watch a lot of TV. I love news channels and talk shows. But these days football is on so it’s really fun to watch late night football matches and in between take a look at the beautiful models walking down the ramp on Fashion TV.

But watching television whole day long is a big task in itself. Sometimes I feel the only people creating news in this country are the news channel people themselves. Let it be India losing in WI or Rahul mahajan taking cocaine they got a half an hour show for everything.

Music channels always come for rescue. But wait a second something is seriously wrong with MTV people its not at all cool anymore…after every song there comes in an irritating promo of GHOOM or some stupid model will be blabbering bullshit. I thought it’s a MUSIC television only if it’s showing any Music. To add to this of the few songs they actually show more than half of them are Himesh Reshamiya’s songs.

Half the time ESPN n star sports are showing India’s old matches when they actually won. I mean common in a country like India even my mother must be knowing the few series we actually won but they keep on showing them again n again.BUt martian hingis made a come back thts a good news :)

Don’t even get me started on star plus n sony the K series is still on and every other day a new show pops in where some aunties n few teenagers are pissed off with their life and the family melodrama goes on.

The comedy shows on the television will make u curse the no free arm rule of India. It wud have been so easy to shoot the producers in a free arm nation like USA.

The movie channels keep on repeating the few good movies they have i saw The italian job twice this week on HBo. okay its a nice movie

Have u seen the new talent hunt matter how bad a person sings those guys are always ready with their ass licking comments....Kya gaate ho beta matlab tum to cha gaye... Bas sur taal is missing baaki everything is perfect.

Kabhi raat ko "Sansani" n Crime Reporter dekhan i m sure u"ll die out laughing the hosts looks like a by product of ramsay brothers camp and these guys will make u beleive u are living in Old town

okeis the cafe time of 1 hour is up :(( so i m leaving kyunki i cant sit here for another half an hour


vishnoi said...

he he!!

nice post! u sure took out all ur anger on the indian tv channels! but come-on, u've not been used to seeing it for 4 years now.. so obviously u can't really "Appreciate" the changes that it has undergone!

vishnoi said...

he he!!

nice post! u sure took out all ur anger on the indian tv channels! but come-on, u've not been used to seeing it for 4 years now.. so obviously u can't really "Appreciate" the changes that it has undergone!

SUNMAY said...

homeland in its true bliss !

pandora said...

cool refreshing post.

Rose said...


I gues u can write a thesis on Tv channels..



Archana said...

"Bas sur taal is missing baaki everything is perfect."
too funny
btw did a nice resarch during holidays
never knew so much about these channels and shows

"okeis the cafe time of 1 hour is up :(( so i m leaving kyunki i cant sit here for another half an hour "
hope u'll be fully online in a month :)
till then enjoy this "24x7 free ticket to a spa"

Strictly for my friends said...

Try VH1. Its a good music channel(if you're into English music). No Himesh Reshammiya, no models and hardly any ads. Besides two channels I really favour are Travel and Living and History Channel.

Happy spa-ing and eating till then!

Niharika said...

woah u one heck of a TV critic my friend!! matlab ki full time dhajjiyaan uda di!!! lage raho india!!

dushy said...

good one!

Aditi said...

damn i think your new post is like a tv guide channel summary..
step away from the remote boy

RefleXtion said...

welcome back dude!! Football is on ..yeah! France Vs Switzerland...and brazils first game ...good show on today! I see you're catching a LOT of TV too.

starry nights said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Lots and lots of channels to surf. It is true so much out there and still nothing interesting to see.

richunderconstruction said...

u truly sound home after long ;)

hav fun...!

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Main bhi ghar aaya after a long time.After princely treatment for a week....I am treated like lame dog....koi bahv hi nahi deta.

TV dekh dekh ke bore ho gaya yaar....

Yeh Alabama kaise pahuch gaya tu?

Rose said...

Hey.. U stl wallowing in Sweet Home Alabama???



Arora said...

enjoying hols is really gud na,u get bored but u still want more of it after all no work and only masti liked by all

ketki said...

gr8 post!!!!!!!!


Ekta said...

I can so relate to your post!
Even though my parents are visiting me in whole lifestyle has changed--dont recall the last time I went to the kicthen even to fetch a glass of water!
Its all taken care of..sigh!:-)
Am spoilt rotten!

Shakhi said...

Agreed totally with u...
But I don't get to watch tv at all nowadays...
Leaving for office at 8 and coming back at 9pm...
And then have to let mom watch some bengali serials..
Thank god she has long recovered from the K-bug...
I hardly get half an hour and that I use to skip between catoon channel and mtv,
But yes... This "ghoom" thing is really getting on the nerves...

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