Thursday, May 18, 2006

Leaving Bombay

Today i"ll be leaving Bombay, i"ll be going to indore then bhopal then Bhilai and finally calcutta.

My frnds are happy as the noisiest person( coz of my 24x7 winamp) is going. My mom is happy coz unka pyara vicky ghar aa raha hai. My profs are happy coz they wont have to deal with me anymore, IIT is happy tht one more graduate is getting out of this institute to add to the IITB alumni association, My gali ka kutta rambharose is happy kyunki ab main roj usse bread khilaunga...mere ghar ke aas pass rehne wali ladkiyan are happy kyunki unka ek aur secret admirer wapas aa raha hai. Raheem kasai is happy kyunki usska ek murga har do din mein bikega.

But i m a bit sad , sad abt leaving this great place iit , sad abt leaving my frnds here, sad abt my department junta sad abt leaving Bombay. frnds ka naam nahin likhunga kyunki i"ll miss few of them rounga nahin kyunki woh valfy ke time mein ro chuka hoon. But i knw this was the best phase of my life pata nahin aage kab aise frnds milenge.

Aur blogging junta/orkut junta.( sab ke sab to orkut par ho hi) to please touch mein rehna kuch din ke liye gayab rahunga har jagah se but main WAPAS aaunga. Aur haan bambai ki is concrete wali mitti ki saugandh wapas aaunga.


Archana said...

rambharose n raheem kasai must be happy!
but dont be sad
life is still colurful n worth enjoying!
have fun!
all the best for future!

Strictly for my friends said...

I wouldn't worry so much if I was you. You'll always make friends wherever you go. Good luck!

Jetru said...

So, what are your plans? Going to US, kya?

Ankit said...

@archana ...rambharose ki to life ban gayi.waise wohhai bada pyara.Yesh life is full of colors thnks for the wishes

Strictly... Bhagwan kare aapke muhn mein ferrero rocher ho ....thnsk again

@jetru nahin bhai hum AMRICA ka jaunga
Bush bhaiya BISA nahin denge, Main to BOng land calcutta ja raha hoon apne MBA ke liye :)

Aditi said...

Well I am sure that all your friends around at iit will miss u a lot as well.
In the meantime blogland will miss your humourous entries =)

Anonymous said...

hi ankit

i have been reading ur blog from pretty long time but never posted any comment todays post is very touching all the very best
keep writing in ur blog
by the way i am supriya

Anand Singh said...

We will miss you yaar.
Happy journey!!...

Priyankari said...

Never mind coz you are finally coming to Kolkata.The people here are very friendly and they'll surely draw you into their circles before you get the scope to befriend them. Nice blog yaar.(nyway didn't know you too are an orkut member!)

Rai said...

happy journey!!

zep said...

all rhe best fr joka...

n hey..dont u dare to call HR boring..

tk cr!

pandora said...

haha...secret admirer..ahem ahem.. :P
anyway..good luck for future. :)

Tarun said...

@Ankit :Hi, just happened to visit your blog.First IIT then IIM, your life is all set man !
Rock On !!!and best of luck for your (bright)future.


RefleXtion said...

Just keep blogging dude..we'll all be here! All the best with everything!

Jetru said...

Arre, tum IIT logon ko BISA milne ke liye very easy hai na? Aur MBA kyun? Ek aur Engineer jaa rahi hai. (I don't know hindi *properly).

Rose said...

Mumbai grows on u doesnt it? Its strange how the plc u live in can becum a part of u..

Al the best n keep blogging!



praveen said...

Good luck...

Btw,Wht plans next?

richunderconstruction said...

well at some stage we need to move on..(as im learning too :) )
all the best dude!

(gosh i sympathise, bombay is one grt city!!)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Bombay has its own charm ... when i left the place for London .. i was kinda happy ...

But now .. even though my hometown is Delhi ... i miss Mumbai more ... even though i dont have any family in mumbai .. i miss it a lot more ...

i guess u'll hv to change ur yahoo id too now ;p
like ankkolkata or somethin ;p

but anyway ... so a lot of jeev-jantu s are gonna be happy ... so why u sad ...

have fun and a nice journey :)

d diary said...

I see u r also free from the shackles of the system..

Congrats to u too :)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Arre bahuit din ho gaya bhai.
kahan ho?
Orkut pe mere scrap book mein aapka attendance bahut kam hai.

anu said...

badhayiya mubaraka, finally u passed n left d place wid alumni tag...

Ankit said...

@aditi...u r the best:P waise mere frnds ne yeh kaha" chalo ek kameena kamhua iit se"

@anon. aap sunshine to nahin??? anyways main khudb kafi touchy touchy feel kar raha tha yeh likhte time.

@singh..arrey yaar tum logto abi bhi iit mein hi ho ..miss to main karunga tum sabki..tu Poems likhte rehna be :)

@priyankari... haan hopefully kolkata will be anice place. Waise main orkut par member hi nahin expert hoteja raha hoon.Justwait and watch how i"ll find u there.:P

@rai..thnks for the wished journey bahut happy thi.

@AgentJ me he is gettin monotonous still as u say agent J otherwise u"ll erase my memory

@neha...tumne mere street ki gals ko dekha nahin hai ..dekh lo to u"ll also start admirin them

@tarun...haan yaar dekho kismat kahan le jaye:)

@relextion ..haan yaar i cherish this small blog community of minea lot..thnks a ton .

@jetru ..abe kaisa indian hai hindi nahin aati???x-9 very bad koi baat nahin tujhe main apni special hindo crash course de doonga

@GULAB..haan this is strange but live in mumbai for few years u"ll fall in love with the city thingon agenda is still to get a gf :P

@underconstruction ..yeah we all need to keep to move on thts why JOHNY WALKER THE great said Keep Walking

@cheesy..haan yaar sabhi PRANi infinite happy hain to hum bhi happy hi hoon :)

d diary haan yaar khatam hua jhanjhat but yeh to batao aapki thesis thi kis cheez ki

@abhi aata hoon mere bahi aata hoon thoda patience to dharo

@anu ...kyun bhai tumhe confidence nahintha kya ki main pass ho jaunga :P

anon_iitian said...

koi nahin yaar dukhi hone kee zaroorat nahin hai
life goes on
i am also trying to make way from similiar type of thigs

milte hain kabhi

Raam Pyari said...

All the best..

Neha said...

a nostalgic post with a tinge of humour.. now thts different :-) well ull remember these good days forever.. time flies by, memories stay!

priya said...

na na...bachhe rote are more emotional than i thought you to be!!!

wapas jaldi aayeyo....orkut par everybody's waiting for you.

Sweet Poison! said...

All the best!

I must say...2 years later you would be missing your C's stay much that would be the END of your student life...

And then you'll face the realities ;)

Btw, a free at C is gonna be prepared...get out of the "I got into IIM" hangover asap...

ketki said...

it really feels bad when u leave ur frnds i mean u get that sick feeling in the throat!
but anyway cheer up!
as ur frm iit , a bright future is a foregone conclusion!

Ankit said...

@anon ...haan yaar its tough to get over. BTW kb ja raha hai Bisuit banane? mujhe cream treat ki regular supply chaiye

@raam pyari ...thnu jee for visiting my blog..pairi paina

@neha vey well said ...only memories stay

@priya..orlut par to maine aaj hi enty maar di uar aapne crack ..

@sweet poison..thnks for the advice but yaar abhi se kyun dara rahe ho..well tht goes with ur name sweet poison :P

@ketki ,...future ka to bhagwan hi malik hai :)

tanvi said...

Keep blogging or we will miss your humour
Take care!
*happy journey*

Ankit said...

@tanvi ..thnku thnk u

Anonymous said...

ankit , do well in life ,
treasure ur great movements in life ,
and in case u write a book on ur college life give it a gd name ,
u reminded me right now of the 5 point someone book .

tk cr anyway .

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