Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I m still in calcutta surviving and loving every second of it.
BUt i m in huge huge trouble coz I dunno how, but a lizard sneaked into my room. Now i cant stand lizards n this one is a killer i tried all the measures to scare her(wats the gendre i dunno) off like throwing my broom at her i even played Himesh Reshamiya's songs continuosly for 4 hours.I left the room hoping she wont be able to bear the groovy beats. I came back to my room but this little bastard was still there.

Waise my hostel is a bit scary infact the whole campus is... u can find creatures in this place which will make u revisit the whole Darwin's theory. I mean one day i spotted a brownish fella with 8 legs n two wings..... n here i was thinkin when the IIMC brochure said Discover a NEW SELF they were talkin abt the students.

Mess food is good but the mess boy sorry ASIF DADA always gives me a strange look when i politely refuse for fish.He offers me fish n i say "na DADA" ..His facial expressions changes as if somebody called aishwarya rai ugly n he is like dada aaap FISH nahin khate lekin chicken khate ho??? AFAIK there is no section in IPC or under Maneka gandhi's rulebook that if u eat chicken u got to eat fish.

Life@iim is busy for sure, the whole concept of NIGHT sounds like a distant thought to me. I m not new to night outs but those were all fun night outs when i spent the whole night watchin movies or on bike or some beach etc. But here people study till 5 in the morning and still they are all there in the lecture.Back at home Mom used to say "vicky beta raat ke barah baj gaye ab so ja"..n here the whole timeclock runs on a different note.
Kuch dinon se mera gala kharab tha.I was talking to my sis n suddenly there was a small cough ...bas this lead to the opening up of a whole medical encyclopedia for me. Since she is a doctor she thinks she can do the diagnosis of anythin accurately n she started like tu phir se smoke kar raha hoga thanda pani mat peena $%#%$#%$ capsule le lena.........
though this time she was right i was smokin a bit.... but in the middle of all this there is a good news I quit smoking :)
I screwed up my quizes ....so i m a bit sad :( but things will be better :)

Monday, July 17, 2006


Its been ages since i wrote anything here... Well to start off now I m in calcutta finally settled and now I m loving this place. I can say this thing proudly for my institute but for calcutta its too early to pass a judgement.
My batch junta is pretty kool ... but they gave me a stupid sa nick "Chunnu" bloody iit mein Laddoo yahan chunnu .....aisa mere saath hi kyun hota hai:(

A trip in the streets of Kolkata will make u feel the need of globalization.ITC generates 80% of their gross revenue frm Bengal alone......Bongs really smoke a lot.
The single most talked abt thing abt Bong land is the Bong beauty but I didnt see much of tht during my two outings.
BUt God is great thnkfully in our batch there are 47 females to add to this God gave me a golden oppurtunity in the form of my hostel.
Now abt my hostel its a mixed hostel, But i m a big big jerk. I m very very bad at this dating game. This legacy is contuining right frm my school days. I m very bad at this flirting thing. I tried it many times but failed miserably everytime. All my crushes were crushed...
It started off with my class 8th crush (isse pehle ke bachpan ki bhool they)
Nice female we were good frnds then came the deadly day of rakshabandhan ....... n the story ended there.
Class 9th/10th things were going oaky(i was the chipkoo frnd)but i was enjoying every moment but still one fine day it all ended(here also the rakhi thing but verbally)

Class 11th one of the most famous gal of the school ..so mnay guys were fighting for this female i was one of them. But before i cud have made my move. This gals gave me straight signals tht i m not invited .. we were good frnds once I lost the frndship too:(
But i mention here, all the time i never told the gal in question explicitly tht i Like/love her...I was always in the building up stage n in most cases i was the frnd whom they later ignored.I guess i will never have the courage to tell a girl how i feel abt her.
All this doesnt gives u an insight of my desperate efforts but this can be a help
I met one of my class 12th crush after a looong looong time n the first thing i said to her was " Yaar tu moti ho gayi hai".
I cud have said anything "u are looking gorgeous" or just plain hello or any other damn thing but MOTI. I dont knw much abt female psychology but i knw for sure no gal, let her b the last one alive, will like that.
School life ended n i reached the dream land Bombay for my graduation ...but i was in iit the worst place in mumbai for dating thing.
In iit Demand exceeds supply.... so the competition is pretty tough and Bombay females hate iitians for two reasons
IITians dont have any money( true in most cases)
they are geeks (a misnomer)
But i tried hard in bombay but my great dating skills came to the rescue of the gals there too,n they were saved from me.
So sticking to my SIngle--ship i dont have any hopes from calcutta too.....
Two weeks are left for midsems and i knw nuthing abt wats going on in the classes its 6:46 am right now n here i m worrying abt my NOgf history.
Old habits die hard :(