Sunday, April 23, 2006

Main pass to ho jaunga na!!!

Since the final exam of my gradution is just 46 hours and 22 minutes away this question is haunting me like Jigsaw. Now since this is my final exam i should be studyin but when u are up till 5 am and made a fool out of urself last night its tough to concentrate on "Safety measures in chemical processes".
My life is getting monotonous the ususal masti is not helping me at all i need a xing to recharge my MOJO. But wat m i writing lets concentrate on wat i intended to write here.
The reasons why i can flunk in this sem........

Classes :
Since iit gives u a liberty to bunk 20% of ur course lectures i utilize it to the fullest. Now you tell me if they want us to attendt only 80% of the lectures why on earth any human soul will attend more than tht. But since i utilize this liberty in the first month itself then comes in the support of my lovley frnds .who save the day by PROXIES. Infact in reality i attend 20 % of the lectures but its the wonder of proxy which inverts the real ratio of 20/80 to 80/20.

Backbencher Yes i always laugh at guys who sit in the front bench ..u cant sleep , u cant play su doku , u cant even pass chits i mean common wats the fun in there . Infact in the past 4 years this back bench thing has affected me so much tht now if i sit in the first bench the prof looks like a giant anaconda with big red eyes thursty for my blood.

Sleepy hollow The AC is on the bench is comfortable and the sweet lullaby of prof is on... yes the sweetest sleep of ur life is the one which starts at 8:30 lectures and ends at the end of the 9:30 one. When u end up as a backbencher sleeping in the class comes in package. U slept at 4 in the morning and someone wakes u up at 8:30 to attend the lecture.. 4 hours of sleep is just not enuff for me .

Notes ... I nevr make notes ...reason excluding the above three is my hand writitng. If you will look at my copy it looks like a ISI's secret message to Al qaida encrypted in morse code. My teachers had a hard time in my school and the saga continues in here. Infact i got extra marks in some of my answers coz the teacher thought by the time she will figure out wat crap i have written she will check 5 other copies..

Prof's Fav You do the above mentioned things, screw up ur quizzes and mid sems and i gurantee u tht u get a special listing in the Prof's Most wanted list. He is waiting for jut one wrong move of urs and he can unleash the terror of the dreaded F grades.

Now since i lost another 20 minutes in writing this and I still dont knw the course of my final exam i m sure one more knot has been added in my hanging rope..
I hope i will survive this final bump in my ride.


Anonymous said...

nice 1! gr8 sense of humour and al da best 4 ya xams! im sure u will survive through them

preeti said...

ha zaroor paas ho jaoge..u ll definitely survive your final bump..All the best
waise i am a frontbencher(if that word existed!)..kya kare, i cant see from back benches lol!!!

just_a_girl said...

hahah!! just like me,,,!!
i am reading your blog instead of working on this 3d resentation i have to finish by tommorrow!!
Dont feel like starting!!!!

pandora said...

hahaha..senses of humour!..i likes it.
u've gotta say...egg-jac-tly..:P

priya said...

hey ankit......that was so hilarious......specially that noted part...!awesome.all the very best for the exams....go and rock...coz backbenchers rock!!!

sahibi said...

well u knw wat i always thought iit guys must be pretty dry, but im sure im wrong.
u definitely look like mortal beings like we are.
neways i totally agree with u when it comes to sitting on last benches(indeed i have always fought with my classmates and say last bench is my property).
the best place to sleep is class, itni achi neend aatih hai it feels heaven ,sunder si teacher apni loorih gaa rahi hoti hai.
had fun reading ur blog.

anu said...

dekho simple sa logic hai..jab mai ye saare kaam karte hue paas ho gayee to no doubt u wil not pass...even rt now thr is class goin on upstairs n m in lab coz d prof is not less dan a sleeping pill...n meri ma ne kaha hai jyada nahi sona i m simply following her advice..c how obedient im...

Shakhi said...

Back benchers Jindabad!
I have always been a back bencher, people who haven't experienced it can't imagine the fun a back bencher has! The whole boring, monotonous world changes when viewed through the creative eyes of a back bencher !
U'll surely pass, if being a back bencher I have come so far, u too will! Best of luck To u!

anon_iitian said...

hmmm, so u used to laugh at me
koi nahin
everyone is different

nice post though
but ab thoda saa mag le

Niharika said...

well ankit with such strong reasons backing your survival till now passing the final hurdle will be a cake walk!!
well i too was the perenial back bencher and an "out"standing pupil!! and i mean it! standing out of the class most of the time did give me that reputatn.. but then not my fault.. if the lecturers could not understand me what to do man!

Ankit said...

@anon..thnks wud like to knw who are u ?
@preeti...Arrey but we need front benchers too otherwise kisske notes xerox karwayenge last moment mein.waise bhi u are in CSE..things are diff in cse in che :)

@girl Dont worry we will clear the hurdles for sure there ,,ab to aadat si ho gayi hai

@Neha ...Sorry!!!!!

@Priya front bencher are great scholars but the backbenchers rule this world :)

@sahibi ,.. I m glad tht i corrected ur misconception..who spreads these kinda rumors abt poor iit guys x-(

@anu..arrey bhai tum to mat hi bolo , u score 79% n u are talking abt passing ...

@niharika ...I can trust u sound like a back bencher. Waise bhi log asli talent kahan pehchaan pate hain :p
@shakhi... wahi to main bhi apne frnd ko bolta hoo but being a backbencher needs a lots of guts and courage sabke bas ke baat nahi hai :P
@anon_iitian abe tu front bench par to ladkiyon ki wajah se baitha karta tha ....:d

Aditi said...

arre pass ho jayege.. if u made it to iit .. u will make it out as well
=)besides these little 20 minute breaks rejuvenate the brain to study harder (err.. logic works right?)

RefleXtion said...

I have an interesting exam story....I should blog about will read it in my blog...but I’ll give the two line version here...all through my MS I was working and studying at the same time…so I barely got 2-3 hours of sleep during exam weeks….cuz there was so much of technical stuff I had to MUG…anyway, I was living on RedBull to keep me awake through the night...and Beer to help me get high and get that 2-3 hour crucial quick sleep...good fun that was....anyway all big monsters end up looking like small squish-able critters in the end...hang in'll see!

fartcritic said...

hehehe............worry not buddy!!..

kyaa baat hai!! ;)...lotsa non-males reading ur blog!!

laddoo ki to nikal padi!! hehe!

Ankit said...

@aditi...u know wat they say "If u thought getting into iit was tough try gettin out of here.." still i m hanging in there..hopefully things will turn in a good way.

@reflection...wud love to read the whole incident..waise i never find redbull effective enuff for me black tea is the life saver.

@neha_farcritic..Limit of no wait a sec limit of desperation.
Tu hi bata blog padhne wale ka gender kaise important hai??
and lady u promised me abt tht sophiya thing i dont see development on that front.

Sumit said...

i read 5 point someone recently .. hope u hav been inspired by it as well :) .. a must read

Bruce Almighty said...

Great post dude...

Yups you will get thru the exams without much ado, after-all therez no fun in passing the exam studying throughout the semester... isnt it?

keep posting

Neha said...

lol.. too funny!!
i hope u still pass inspite of all this ;)

Proxies.. believe me i'v seen people do 100-0 with tht!

the advantages of having an illegible one!

Mon said...

nice post :D... well, i'm sure u'll do well.

richunderconstruction said...

;)) witty! truer words of public acknowledgement have never been said!
(as for sahibi... misconceptions abt iitians occur, one visit to the campus, n a couple of interactions vanish all such beliefs!!)

all the best man!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

sheesh ... another iitian!!! goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... i so hate the very word engg !!!

nice post ... lol ... and i thought iit is a lot full of geeks .... ;p

yeah i know how great it feels sleepin durin da lecture ... lol ...... and hey since u have a bad handwritin u MUST take notes coz am sure tiz gonna be quicker for u to do so!

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Suresh said...

dude..u got a gr8 female following! gr8 going....

its me said...

hey you forgot eating the lunch sitting in the last bench... that is the best part...

ALL THE BEST by the way....

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Oh ... is there someone countin da female following here? *raises an eyebrow*

Ankit said...

Okay enuff abt female counting i already told neha i m tellin Suresh and cheesy..
How the hell someone's gender affect my blogs???

@sumit .. five point someone is a classic i was able to relate myself to a lots of things only drawback..i never had a chance to meet any of the prof's hot daughter..:(

@rohan .. haan yaar last night mein padhai karke pass hone ki baat hi kuch aur hai

@neha..aaj ek subject ki grade aa gayi aur mein ussmein pass ho gaya :) i hope baaki bhi aise hi nikal jaye

@mon.. glad to knw tht u have faith in me unfortunately my profs and my mom will beg to differ frm u .

@construction ...thnks for the complement:p how many iitians have u met..they are of many types and kinds

@cheesy... U visit iit once and u will come to knw wat great place it is.Its the best i had my life's best 4 years in here and yes i hate engg too.

@suresh..yaar aapko sirf females dikh rahi hain kitne saare BHAI LOG bhi to hain .

@its me ..nahin yaar mere lectures morning mein hi hote ahin n now my body is prgrammed to work without breakfast

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Your post reminded of the day when I was in class and put proxy for 6 of my friends(it was my turn that day). After lecture prof checked the attendance sheet. There were signatures for more than 50 students and there were only 12 in class.

sandipan said...

great post dude and good sense of humour!! proxies are good but sometime it put you in hell lot of trouble. i remember two of my friends unknowingly giving proxies for me for the same same class!! u can think what happened to 3 of us. :D

sandipan said...

and yeah paas tho hoye jayega tu!! kyon beta bong beauties nahi dekhna hai?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

LOL! IIT geeks also talk like that? :P

the prof looks like a giant anaconda with big red eyes thursty for my blood
ROTFL! Exactly, exactly...teachers have this eerie ability to look more dangerous than ever when viewed from the front benches.

Oh, and I agree with Cheesy that there IS a huge female following here...*ahem*.

By the way, are you a Nirvana fan? Just guessing from that awesome pic of Kurt's. :P

Ajay said...

haha cool one
dont worry
for notes : what r frnds for ?
for being prof's fav : well what can i say
u cud try a course on Pr
i guess ull do fine
Best of luck

Ankit said...

@abhishke... :)) 12 people and 50 signs i guess u guys made a new record back then.

@sandipan haan yaar wahi ek motivation hai bong beauties.bhagwan kare mein pass ho jaun

@The girl who sold the world. Many iitians talk like....
Yeah I m a big big nirvana Fan kurt cobain was amazing.

@ajay haan yaar doston ke dum par hi abhitak pass hua hoon to shayad aage bhi ho jaun

anon_iitian said...

so what happnd,
exams over naa
kaise hue
senti kaa asar aaya kee nahin??

Mon said...

i've changed my blog link to


Nals said...

You reminded me of my college days. well! I did sit on the second bench but me and my friend had a book to write and say what we wanted to tell each other. We filled in pages while we spoke about various things and the prof thought we were writing what they were lecturing :))).

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starry nights said...

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praveen said...

really nice one....