Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Final sem's MID SEM exams

Mid sems the deadly term whose thought only can give you a run for your money in ur first sem strangely doesnt affects you any how in the final Semester. yes today starts the mid sem week and I m writing this so that gives you an insight in to my mind state. I hardly study, but this mid sem, that hardly term got a new difnition since i broke all my previous records. I am sure a BABU's register in a government office has more number of useful papers than my college notes of this sem.
Since i changed the setting of my room and set my bed on the floor and the comp just by its side my life has changed drastically. Now all day I m lying in the bed(not sleeping) and watchin movies or some series. My room is a lounge now not only for me but also for my wingies .

Last weekend i saw almost 2 seasons of "two guys and a gal" thts almost 1000 minutes of runtime.And only two things stopped me from doing that and those were Ind VS PAk match n food. I was not even sleeping but then suddenly i started watchin Brokeback mountain . Ab 8 oscar nominations so this one got to be special but the moment i saw 2 GUYS KISSING bas it crossed my limit.I switched it off and tried to sleep. It amazes me how when two girls are kissing watching them is such a nice experience and things change drastically as u replace the gals with guys.
Then on 19th n 20th sis n mom''s bday ....b4 i cud have even wished them i got the warning..."BETA CHICKEN MAT KHANA". Damn bird flu. anyways now no chicken for atleast a month and i will hv to bear with hostel food. I love chics ..both of them.Whenever an incident like this breaks out i feel bad.
I only hope tht this mid sem also goes like my previous ones and I clear all the courses and these guys may give me my degree time.

BTW this is my 50th blog and i m here raising my KEYBOARD to the monitor speakers CPU. Its just the cricket hangover nuthing more i guess.


Abhi said...

haha ! bhai advice le le - kabhi bed and computer ko saath mat rakhiyo.jis term mein maine yeh galti kari hai baal baal paas hua hoon.sacchi.

Ankit said...

nice to see you here ...I m still wondering abt the delloite T shirt. b4 geting into iim u were in delloite???

hrishi said...

good man, congratulations on 50th blog.. send me ur email id so that i can send u an invite to the chemjunta02 blog....

Ankit said...

send me an invite at ankit.dohare@gmail.com

GrasshopperBoy said...

i miss chicken too :(((

Kaps said...

arey yaar..mujhe apne aakhri sem ki yaad aa gayi..:).
i finished up whole season of smallville in 3 days flat..
life at a lan-addicted hostel is like that..i hope u know abt that letter, one of IITB alumni wrote to the director abt Lan games, movies and its adverse affect on junta..it was quite stirring and recieved lots of responses..
apun ko 2 saal ho gaye hain..tab bahut acha lagta tha..ab i want to say ki thoda control kar lo to accha hai...i read that u got a job..congratulations!