Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ek saal baad

Wooohooo!! One year yes its almost a year thats a lot of time. So, I just came back to my blog and saw 19 comments and I am like oh my god people actually missed me.Well I always knew that I was in the zone when I was writing down the big boss post and I knew I nailed it but then from 1 comment in the last post to 19 comments, well that’s like a growth rate of …ummmm well a really good growth rate, right right !!!

So I decided to reply to each and every comment and that’s when my heart was broken, this blog looks like some classified page, I mean from bad loans, French cheese, escort services to penis enhancement everything has been sold here. I feel sorry for this blog and sorry for my sister and my cute Nepali friend Thapa from Kathmandu (they were the only two regular readers of this blog).But any other visitor if you got benefited from these ads good for you.

So it’s been a year and what has changed in my life, from a strategy role in a Bank (yes they do exist), I have moved to a sales role with in the bank. This is my third job profile in 2 and a half years with in the same company, talk about career mobility. Well that can mean only two things, every team wants me or nobody wants me in their team. I guess you know the answer and yes it’s the first option.

So now I am in a sales role and I sell collections & payments solutions to corporates.That means go to your friend "Google " dig out some contacts and call them, send them emails talking about how great we are and how we can bring in so much transparency and efficiency in your existing processes which will lead to a lot of cost savings etc.

Remember the last time you banged the phone on the guy who was trying to help you by offering a personal loan @18%, or insurance for your credit card.The other time when you were contacted by a female, with a husky voice and just to feel good you tried to prolong the conversation by talking about all the nitty gritty of the product, when you yourself knew that there are higher chances of Ajit Agarkar making it to the national team then you buying that product. So please I request you all not to do that, it hurts it really does. You know you raise the hopes of that person and then you crash it with a sledgehammer.

So as you can see professional life is going on okaish even with all the moves and all the job life remains same more or less. Well right from my childhood I always knew my career choices were limited to studies only because:-

1) Nobody in my family is into politics

2) Nobody in my family has got any connection with the film industry

3) I never had any innate talent in sports/music.

Well if you have tick marks in the either of the above two options, third one is possible.

I tried to explore other facets of my personality to Like I joined cricket coaching at the age of 9 but soon I figured out I can’t wake up at 6 in the morning everyday run for half and hour and do some stretching for another 30 minutes. Only then we were allowed to take on the bat and play. I mean who wants to wait for an hour before playing some real cricket. I felt cheated and decided I am not going to pursue it. Parents were happy only, my father never liked it in the first place you know the usual middle class comment. Cricket khel kar kuch nahin milta, padhai is the only way to arrive in life.

My father bought me a Casio Keyboard too, Roja was released in 93 I was 8 then and I read about Rahman, I started believing how hard it could be right, to create that water drop sound effect in "Dil hai Chota sa". I mean there were 14 modes of producing the same sound on my keyboard. But again wrong within two months I was happy with the pre recorded soundtracks on that casio and inc/dec the tempo was all I could do to create my own music and yeah the famous 6 block of disco beats. Bappi Da built his whole career on those six buttons in early eighties. But I just missed the bus I was just too late

So that leaves one universal option Woking for yourself .

It is a dream we all cherish, and its always at the back of your mind just like other dreams involving Megan Fox. But very few have the courage to accomplish.

My conditions are also kinda stiff ... I don't have any business plan, I don't have any money and yes I am definitely not willing to work hard. So that keeps my options very very limited.

So the only option left is, work enough to keep the monthly paycheck rolling and keep the pik slip at bay.

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