Saturday, January 17, 2004


Hard to believe but yeah this is true been a long since i posted anything.So this is all about the month of dec, It was kind of hard month to start off with. I left for home just after endsems reason i needed a break but jus after two days i got some bad news so i had to leave bhilai immediately n went over to dadaji's place.

Well then i came back to bombay via bhopal. The moment i was here in the insty Tf fever was on high.
everyday office n loads of work n things to think n worry abt. But i was enjoyin every moment of it after all this is wat for which i bcame a manager.BUt tf office was not always abt work one night we all guys sat down n watched Gunda together :P i mean common though it is weird but it did make sense in a strange way.

There were other big things too happening we made one of the most daring decision of inviting 70 more teams of survivor and now it makes me feel so good that i made that decision at that time.
the elimination funda is never fullproof plus many teams who were not in top 40 ended up being in top 8 or 16 .

Then came MI it was not all that great though this year they had great ideas but the feel was lacking. I liked vogue Gupta was amazing :P . i haated that hazi ali guys remo was good. The pro fashion show was amazing.

New year i missed everyone coz robin gupta avsc lappu all went to goa n we ended up at marine drive n late night biking.

enuff i m feelin sleepy current music NIB