Sunday, January 22, 2006


I wonder how we get away with the most difficult situations in life with these three golden words :-- "CHALTA HAI YAAR".Now wat are its advantages*its better than sorry*Its very personal and informal.*Its the voice of the crowd.
If you guys are having a trouble trying to figure out how this whole chalta hai yaar funda works i will give u an insight.
We went over to watch a movie KING KONG now the best thing about the movie was definitely the 20 foot tall CHIMP but the whole centre of attraction shifted to we guys as we started yelling like sissy gals everytime the kong appeared on screen.Now as we came out of the night show we took an auto to get to iit. The metre read 17 as i gave him my hard saved 20 rupees the rickshaw driver gave me a smile n he said chalta hai yaar and he zoomed his 100 cc Auto like a BMW not even caring for my reply, and there i was standing feeling tall for my great sacrifice of 3 rupees.
Many of u must be lauging thinking it was just three rupees chalta hai yaar but here in IIT 3 rupees can be a life line for many.
Just imagine how precious three rupees are ...*its exactly the cost of a watery tea in the night canteen which can be differentiated from hot water only by its color.
* add 50 paise to it and EUREKA!! u have a classic regular for yourself.* but the best addition is that of another 3 rupees which means you hv 6 rupees and which in iit lingo means AP AKA Aloo ka Paratha. AP is the night food of the technocrats of tomorrow's world, I wonder how many important conversations and decisions are taken over a plate of AP like: kal proxy kaun marega , PAF ki script kya hogi or the most imp line NOTES KISSKE PASS HAIN
Now coming back to Chalta hai yaar syndrome we all will agree that at some point of time or other we all have used it and wat the hecl if I like it or not i need to dance to the tunes of the world around me the end CHALTA HAI YAAR.


Anks said...

btw this cudnt b ur line. it better suits me. whn u've got no calls thn u've gotta say chalta hai yaar. btw kudos...for ur posts.

Ankit said...

Abe calls to rehne de convert karna impossible lag raha hai . To add to my worries NAUKRI nahin lag rahi :(

The Errtist.. said...

whoz dis anks ?/? its u again!!

Ankit said...

anks is ANKIT BISWAS a good school time friend of mine.. BTW who are u fartcritic??? nice name indeed

Ankit Biswas said...

FARTCRITIC...ohh jeez. daym funny. lmao