Saturday, July 23, 2005

22nd July Day before Lonavala trip

Well today was friday and last working day of this week, to give final touches to our PT work me n sandy went to ONGC, after a gap of 15 days. We thought it is going to be a cake walk but no my guide Mr A.K. Gupta was all set to pour down his rage on our poor souls.Well i don't blame the guy he had evry reason n right to kick our A$$ but in the end i think he was way too kind. He helped us a lot today and gave us all the required material, now i think our report work will be done.

Then the big news Gupta came back and to follow our tradition we are again plannin to visit Lonavala and khandala only diff Linda and Sandy are goin to be the new additions . Chuza will be missing :( he is in kanpur and jeet is also back inhis hometown :(.
BUt still i guess this time it is going to eb more fun and masti.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Gimme a BREAK

First, Aishwarya files a complaint against Salman.
Next Vivek Oberoi claims to be her knight in shining armour and threatens Salman.
Then comes the disgusting MidDay carrying pictures of Kareena and Shahid smooching before the release of their movie together.
Then the worst sting operation on a person who hardly represents the film industry Shakti Kapoor he became a victim to the so called DARING JOURNALISM.
Then there comes the MMS scandal of Ashmit Patel and Riya sen.
Then comes a series of MMS scandals including Ms. Mallika Sherawat who after all her ‘titillating act’ suddenly goes very ‘coy’.

Okay, so what’s the latest publicity stunt??

The release of the Salman –Aishwarya telephonic conversation.
After four years the police suddenly decided to release the recorded telephonic conversations between Salman and Aishwarya stating it carries Salman’s confession about having connections with the underworld. Well, listen to the tape there is more of verbal abuse and unnecessary boasting of sexual conquest. The police also releases the tape after 4 years can u smell something?? Yes I can these are cheap publicity stunts

So a drunk boyfriend who is also a actor calls his girlfriend who is also an actress and abuses her, boasts about his conquests and accuses her of sleeping around. Do i really care?? AISHWARYA rai loved someone and it didn't work out.

We all read gossips and enjoy it but are these really gossips this is breach of smone's privacy.

Do I really care?

Do I care who Salman bashed up or who Aishwarya slept with?

Somebody… Somebody please explain to me how reading a personal phone conversation between Sallu and Aish going to increase my IQ? Who does it benefit.. definitely not me! PLEASE, I am NOT interested in knowing about anybody’s personal life.

It’s all a publicity stunt for HT to increase sales and to increase Salman and Aishwarya’s PR ratings. Same allegations were made on tht Riya sen's MMS clip.The stiff competition in todays world forces people to get out of the way to snatch an extra edge over others.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top Ten Bollywood Comedies ( MY picks)

  Movies are considered as one of the best recreation resource

known to man. We all grew up watching our stars on the silverscreen and

this silverscreen has shown us all kinds of wmotions feelings. Here is

my list of the Top ten hindi movie comedies of all time

Image hosted by  GOLMAAL(1979)   one of the

classic tale of fake twin brothers ram prasad and dashrath prasad Amol

Palekar playing the duo role one of the honest and hard working Clerk

and the other part as the carefree so called "Modern" guy.Utpal dutt

givin a performance of life time making the movie memorable.

Bombay TO GOA (1972)  A

classic comedy by the king of of comedy himself MEHMOOD. BOmbay to Goa

is a movie about a bus trip from Bombay to Goa and how the events

unfold on the way. AMitabh bachan's few of early movies

the movie is a pack of comedians and from first shot to last cut the

movie makes u roll on the floor.With songs like "DEkha na " the movie

catches your attention your thrill and keeps you involved for the whole


Image hosted by PADOSAN(1968)  Great

teaming up of Kishore KUmar Sunil Dutt Om Prakash and MEHMOOD yes this

movie defines pure humor. BHOLA (Sunil dutt) plays the yound chap who

falls in love with his next door neighbour  (padosan) BINDU (Saira

Banu) but he is unable to express his love for the girl so he tries to

impress her by the singing skills of his friend and GURU (Kishore Kumar

) the only problem in the way is Master ji (MEhmood) and this leads to

a fight for BINDU in which BHolas wins in the end . Where songs like "

ek chatur naar " meri pyari bindu " gave a new touch to comic songs

then songs like " Meri samne wali " and "Kehna hai' took melody to new

heights . A true classic and timeless comedy.

Image hosted by Andaz APna Apna (1994) a

manic ride with two useless dreamers from small towns Amar( amir) and

Prem(salman), they both want to marry a rich foreign return girl

Raveena ( raveena tandon) they both try to impress her and outdo each

other karishma plays ravina's frnd and there is Paresh Rawal palying

the double role of Teza Seth and Bajaj . Shakti Kapoor playing the

ultimate Crime <Mastrer GOGo . the movie is full of geek activities

salman khan saying "oyee ma" and Amir "Hai la " the movie is  fun

ride absolutely brilliant.

Jaane Bhi do YAARON( 1983)  Packed with some

of the best actors of Indian film industry many of them coming straight

from the drama school. One of the best Dark Comedy  of Bollywood.

This one hits the system ,It is a satire with Vinod

(Naseeruddin Shah) and Sudhir (Ravi Vaswani) as photographers in search

of work.

They get an assignment from the editor of a magazine called

�Khabardar�. They witness a murder and are dragged into the corrupt

real estate deals with politicians and bureaucrats. THe "MAHabharat's

play" scene are some of the most hillarious moments on indian

silverscreen.and yeah SAtish Shah def playing the best dead body role.

Image hosted by CHACHI 420 (1998)

This is Indian style of doing things and for the first time an indian

movie outshined an Hollywood movie. AN adaptation of Robbie william;s

Mrs Doubtfire this movie includes had the brigade of actors like Kamal

hasan playin the desperate father( jayprakash) who in his efforts to

stop his family from fallign apart starts baby sittin his own daughter

as CHachi .. things go fine but then Seth Durga Prasad (Amrish Puri) falls in love with chachi and then Jay's land lord Hari Bhai Paresh Rawal also falls in for Chachi.In the course of time CHachi also developes an enemy his father-in-law�s secretary (Om Puri). then there is endless cofusion and comedy to roll you off ur seat.

Chupke Chupke (1975)
Dr. Parimal Tripathi

(Dharamendra) is a Botany professor who falls in love with Archana (Sharmila
Tagore). She thinks the world of her brother-in-law or

Raghav (Om Prakash) as she calls him, thinking that he is one of the smartest guys around.Parimal decides to take him on with his comic Hindi (as
is a stickler for purity of language), impersonating as a driver. The plot thickens when he ropes in his friends Sukumar (Amitabh Bachchan), Prashant (Asrani) and Archana�s brother (David). He totally perplexes the poor old �jijjaji� with unheard of
words and phrases. He throws a bombshell when he elopes with Archana leaving
jijjaji and her sister completely
shocked and helpless. Meanwhile Sukumar posing as Dr. Parimal Tripathi falls in
love with Prashant�s sister (Jaya Bhaduri) adding another dimension to
this funfest. The highpoint of this comic caper is the perfect timing that
Dharamendra and Om Prakash share making their scenes a treat to watch. The
comedy is not in your face or slapstick instead its situational and

Image hosted by Hera Pheri 2000 One

of the biggest surprise excep paresh rawal Both AKshau Kumar and suneil

shetty were not considered as comedians but this movie defied all

speculations. Priyadarshan made a movie full of commotion and enuff

slapstick humor. Shyam (Sunil Shetty) and Raju

(Akshay Kumar) are paying guests at the

home of a generous garage owner, Baburao (Paresh Rawal). All three are

broke and

dream of becoming millionaires. Raju hatches a plot of rescuing the


granddaughter of a rich businessman and keeping the ransom. Things get


chaotic when they get stuck between the kidnappers, the businessman and


police. Om Puri and Asrani play interesting cameos in the film. BAburao

played by paresh rawal is one of the greatest character portrayed in


MUNNA BHAI M.B.B.S. (2003 )
Sanjay Dutt plays Murli Prasad Sharma or Munna, a local

bhai turned fake doctor. His parents live in a village and think that their son

is as upright and respectable as them. He has made them believe that he is a

doctor. When they visit him, his transition from a bhai to a doctor makes you

roll with laughter.

Munna decides tht he wil become a real doctor and tries to fulfill his

parent's dreams but the problem in the way to success is

Asthana (Boman Irani) is brilliant as the hyper

doctor who believes in �laughter therapy' he is the person who in the

first place exposed Munna's mockery to his father (Sunil Dutt). 

Munna gets help from his whole gang including hsi best frnd CIRCUIT(

arshad warsi ). then there is also a love angle going on between MUNNA

and the Doctor SApna( GAuri ) Best part of the movie are the scenes of

Dr Astahan and Munna . " MAMU" catching its way after the movie

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Terrace of A-4

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Well today it is raining again and wat a lovely sight it is, so a

thougth came to my mind to write about one of the most cherished

possession by my wingies n tht is OUR TERRACE.

Night outs are an integral part of life@iit. You come in as a freshie n

at tht moment only SENIORS glorify about their regular night outs which

inludes MEGA MOVIE MARATHON or a game of footer taken too long or walk

to the lake side or jus CACK . The freshie is awestruck by listening to

these courageous deeds of his seniors is fascinated and decides tht he

won't remain an exception to this great tradition.

Same was the case with me and with few of my fellowmates .

Well first year went by n then we came to hostel 13 and here we found

our biggest possession and a venue to have an easy and smooth nightouts

apna very own TERRACE.

As it is obvious from the pics this palce is worth a visit . 

Subzero people have been intelligent enuff to use its potential to its

fullest. Our first DAARU party was held here and since then we all have

come a long way the farewell treat of NATTU n yeah the daily afetr

dinner sutta joint,.

a breeze of cool air .....the bluriness of the white smoke n few

useless talks have now become an integral part of our daily routine.

In the last few months i have discovered a new potential of this place is very effectiuve in getting over ur hangover.

Sorry guys gtg ...

current song :- paheli.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

4 th of JULY ( ANshu's BIG NIGHT)

Image hosted by

What you see above is a serious case of
HUMAR EMOTIONS MALFUNCTION. Yes, this guy is in love unfortunately
everytime he needs the boost up and morale support of HIGH QUALITY
liqour along with some of his helpful read bastard frnds to dispaly his
emotions tonite was just another nite.

 Tonite these bastards were me and sandy. SO 4th of JULY wats so
great about it ??? AMERICAN independence day, no not at all the day
started as usual crap bunking my PT trip to ONGC :P. then there was
usual adrenaline rush of counter strike and the dullness of TIME's
material. today i got the funda of recording demos of CS( thnks to
shabby ) so it added a new dimension to the identity of KURT COBAIN(
yeah thts my screen name for CS).

TO SPICE THINGS UP ..... we missed dinner ( 5th day in a row ) so we
landed at our GURUDWARA ( Sujata Palace) my partners in crime were the
usual ones SANDY ANSHU n the surpirse element BHAIYA( kapil's elder
bro). Anshu though he had his dinner still accompained us (thnks to me
:P) sayin we will jsu sit n talk. But the moment he said those words
and i saw the light in his eyes i knew this guy is gonna drink his a$$
off tonite. When you say DAARU how can i miss the pleasure of feeling
close to GOD..:D??? SO now we started ordering RC(Royal challenge)
quarters and  anshu started  lighting his inner soul read

Finally by the time we left SP ANSHU fell the victim of
EUPHORIA.Although we were on an ill mantained PULSAR of jangale on our
way  back to the hostel but still at tht moment tht bike felt like
a CRUISER to me..

So we finally come to the hostel GUESS WAT there is BACHA TF team gang
partying in narbhakshis room PLAYIN NIRVANA ( don't ask abt the whole
discocgraphies wat they played later because just remembering those
songs shiver my spines ) to the  great  great ILA ARUN ( thnk
god i was not there at tht timebr>


Image hosted by

So while we were throwing and bashing each other ANSHU calles his love of life SHU&#$ .

NONE of you is aware of the affair of anshu n shu@## so instead of
boring u all with the BORING MUSHY MUSHY stuff i"ll give u the real

ANSHU never saw this gal she is doin her studies in lucknow and jsut by
talking over the phone ANSHU fell in love with this gal ( yes my frnds
these kinda things do happen in real life) well strangely enuff this
gal also never met anshu and jsut saw his photograph and as it is
obviosu from the pic above how photogenic our ANSHU is the chances of
wooing this gal were next to impossible.( BTW don't go by the pic he is
HUNK 6feet tall fair n blah blah ) TO add to the credential of our MR
romeo he has  this divine power of literally killing anyone yes
anyone jsut by his talks.

So once upon a time ( i guess a week ago) this dude got high and
proposed this female over the phone .....which is a  great task
considering the fact she stays in lucknow and ANSHU has no internal
ties wiht MTNL its heavy on the pocket too. to give u all an idea about
this he spent 2k in the last 10-15 days for his phoen bills..:O...NOW

SO well finally i dunno wat they talked about but it turned out tht at 12:55 am of th JULY she said I LOVE YOU to anshu

THTS IT no more details and stuff the pic wat you see above is taken at 1 AM yes 5 min after the big night ..

WELL after tonite ANSHU got the LOVE of his LIFE and we guys got yet

another reason to DRINK and CELEBRATE ..FAIR DEAL isn't it???

Monday, July 04, 2005

3rd July

Now I m changing my mind ..instead of using my blogs just about myself let it be a place to express myself about the society i live in.
i just saw a debate on the Imrana rape case where a 26 year old woman, mother of 5 , was raped by her own father in Law n the village panchayat instead of punishing the culprit turned their fury to the victim herself. She was asked to leave the village and her marriage was abjured by the people who call themselves as preachers of sheriyat.
The question is not that this happened to a muslim woman and there is smthing wrong with the islamic law or smthing beacuse there have been cases where the HINDU panchayat asked the woman to marry the person who raped her and call it justice.
THe problem lies in the fact INDIA doesn't have a UNIFORM CIVIL LAW. In a country like india where religion is such a strong belief having a UNiform civil law could be a problem. BUT IS RAPE A CASE OF CIVIL ACTION?? No not at all, when it comes to marriages or inheritence etc having a religion based law is fine. BUt considering a heinious crime like rape under civil law and giving right to a panchayat who abides by some sheriyat laws is stupidity at its best.

The most disturbing thing what i find about this whole thing is that the whoel debate is about the woman no one is talking about that guy who raped her in the first place.In all this turmoil the basic need of punishing the cuprit is faded somewhere.