Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fish curry , durga pooja, b0ng beauties and joka

"Ma !!! Arre Ma suno jara"
Haan beta kya hua?
Ma tera ladla cat do hazaar paanch mein pass ho gaya ma aur usse IIM Calcutta mein pravesh milla hai Ma.
Sach!!!!(yeh kaise ho gaya) Bhagwaan tera lakh lakh shukra hai

Yes light up the candles, break the chinaware and shake the wine coz this person is coming to IIM Calcutta. The land which gave us Rani mukherjee , sushmita sen and yes offcourse Aishwarya Rai.

Bengal the doorway to the east . I like so many things abt bengal like girls with big eyes, durga pooja, fish curry , tramps , rassagulla and yes again bengali girls they are so so sweet.
Though people are trying to scare me saying Calcutta is a dirty city a trip to the streets of calcutta really forces a human mind to think " We need gobalization".
Still the land of "hasiya hathoda and taara" sounds good to me .

Strangely i converted K also the stupid RDB question moved in my favor.
Indore also converted
I got kicks frm B n L
so the final conversion is 3/5
Thanks a lot to all the people who prayed for me n their best wishes :)


OrganizedChaos said...

Hey COngrats.. u must be on top of the world... anyways try arranging for a cyber treat!

Anonymous said...

whoa! congrats.
btw. aish is not from kol. :P
manglore-mumbai she is frm..

Ankit said...

@chaotic girl ... haan yaar i m on the top of this world thoda sa hangover abhi tak hai :P

@pallav_anonymous.. abe jo bhi ho hai to bengali and kyu mere sapne barbaad kar raha hai mujhe yahi soch soch kar happy hone de.

RefleXtion said...

Ha ha think you elation is making curry outta your brains! Anyhow, keep it in there till you finish your MBA! Congrats man!!!

anu said...

logo ko itna faltoo mai apne ap ko underestimate karne mai maza kyoon ata hai..i just read comment on my blog..n u declared me good student, i thought lets c dis man's blog n clear his misconception..wot i c is just d oposite image..whatever congrats..i m really bad at saying things at first place..bear wid me .

rachana said...

hi ankit..congratulations!!!

Mon said...

IIM - Wow! Congrats!! I dnt really like Calcutta...but anyways, all the best ;) Cheers!

Mon said...

hey, dnt worry abt wht others say abt Cal. I dnt wanna spell out wht all i dnt like abt Cal. but anyways...who knws, u might like tht place!

Anonymous said...

congrats ladoo !!! u 've done us all proud
and like they say
all's well that ends well ..

hang in there, for another 2 years. AFAI am concerned, one more reason to visit Calcutta.

Best wishes and prayers

ps: here's ur long awaited comment for a blog

Vivek John Cherian

The Light-House. said...

Congrats,I hope u do well and I pray that your dreams are beyond a fat pay salary and chocolaty perks.

Niharika said...

hey ankit..congratulations!!!
see i did tell you to look out for the silver lining... at the end it is your attitude and nothing else!! all the best...

Ankit said...

@resolution ....yes i m still not in the best mental condition.

@anu...Underestimate nahin kar raha tha but maine poore iit ke career mein kabhi 6.5 se jyada CPI nahin maari isliye 79% is like :O :O

@rachna...thnks a ton

@mon.. wud love to knw wat are the things u dont like abt calcutta?

@john...tu to CHumma hai yaar!!! thnks for the much awaited comment :)

@Tarun.. yeah sure money is not on the topmost priority on my list.

@niharika ...U are the best thanks for the wishes :)

Ankit Biswas said...

arre bhai...dont forget ur langotiya yaar...saale 1000 times congos. ab jaldi aa n treat de bhai

priya said...

hey ankit....hearty congratulations to u....i never knew about it...but now that i do,i m happy for u...all the very best for ur future.

Neha said...

my first visit to ur blog :) and i see such great news! congratulations! u must b on cloud 9 right now ;)
njoy ur dasy of freedom before u get into the grind :D
atb to ya!

Ankit said...

@biswas... Abe saari treats de doonga yaar thoda wait to karo.

@priya.. yeah i m really very very happy.

@neha -- thnks for the first visit.
But my days of freedom are yet to come abhi final year ke submissions n projects are killing me.

Sue said...

Hey congrats, and yeah, Cal's a great place to live in, even though IIM Cal's a bit out of the way :-)

But may I point out that Aishwarya Rai is from Mangalore in the South? and we don't think too much of her over here anyway, sorry.

Anonymous said...

bere baap ankit ... sirf soch ke kush hoge kya? :P Rai bengali nahi hote .. south indian hote hain .. tu Roy se confuse ho raha hain ..
kat gaya tera.
so kindly remove that aish thing so u dont go dumb infrnt of ppl ;)
"iss ch***** ko aish kaha ki hain bhi nahi pata aur iim nikal diya" bolenge.


thats kooooool
many congratulations!!!!

mebbe anks talkin about Aishwarya Rai from chokher bali!!..hehe!

Ankit said...

@Sue... thnks for the wishes and thnks for being the first person to say smhing nice abt bong city.

@anonymous... Matlab bache ki le hi lo. Arrey yaar ek galti kya kar tum sab ko mauka mil gaya. I always thought aish is a bong. Moreover i like preity zinta and katrina kaif more than her so i knw very lil abt her.

@neha ..thnks for defending me and thnks for the wishes...:)

Kaps said...

phod diya boss!..congrats :)

anon_iitian said...

sahee hai yaar
enjoy life and two more years of fun
zindagi ke raaston par tum apna nishaan zaroor banaoge
best wishes

Abhay said...

congrats buddy.....IIM C too cool.....

sandipan said...

hey dude, congrats!! you will surely enjoy the city. trust me. i being from calcutta can tell you some of the best places where you can enjoy fish curry:).
i'm not sure how religious u about durga puja but surely bong beauties are common in puja pandals. so good luck!!

preeti said...

3/5 ... great, lots of congrats
hope you will enjoy a lot in my state.. Durga Puja and fish and gals and traffic jam :)

Priyankari said...

Hi,this is my first visit to your blog, and got a great news. Congrats!I see you are absolutely in love with Kolkata.It's a really nice city, if not always to look at, but always to live in. It has got a charm of it's own, and the people here just make it sweeter.

Anirban Halder said...

Hi Ankit
Don't let negative remarks bog you down. Just come to Kolkata and you will look at it objectively.

To keep tabs on the changing Kolkata, read my blog

Anirban Halder