Saturday, September 24, 2005

old classics

there is a new Buzz in the entertainment world
they are releasing the old B&W classics in new colored prints. Mughal e Azam is already been done SAhib Bibi aur ghulam is already on the cards then madhumati. The sucess of the K Asif's Mughal e Azam new release gave confidence to producers to explore this new dimension .
BUt is this justified i mean this can be the beginnin to wat happened to old songs by the remix era.
Not all remixes are bad and same will be the case with the re-release of old movies. Mughal e Azam was a huge success because the whole point was abt the huge sets the lovely costumes and great art direction was a major incentive for people to watch this epic again.
Now lets give this a thought.. can we imagine the scene of Gurudutt walkin down the theatre in Kagaz ke phool in anyway other than the way it has been picturized or Rehman n meena kumari in SAhib bibi aur ghulam.The big issue is many directors chose to make movies in B&W when colored movie options were there.
Even in the new movie age there are many movies which are made in B&W like Edwood Sincity Schindler's list.
the whole idea can become messy if once this trend kicks off.
But its not like redoing old classics is a wrong move alltogether. people will get a chance to watch their fav artists in a new lively mode and its gives people an option.
well most of us don;t care for old movies but i think one thing is there in the classics which seriously lacks in new movies is the "SOUL" when i say soul the golden era gave us some performances and moments which are milestones and will be like tht forever.Movie making has improved a lot these days but the emphasize of good packaging and a better product takes over the feel of art. Welll this goes on with time and it is necessary and even in current time there have been many movies which have redifined the indian cinema liek Devdas Black etc.

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