Tuesday, May 17, 2005

End of THird year

Came back from home just today and shockingly the result of 6th sem is pretty okay.The way things were going i was sure this time somethign bad is goona happen but what a relief.Now comes the next problem, PT in ONGC and the decision of joining the classroom contact of TIME or IMS. I am sure both things will get along smoothly.BAck at home things wer fine but man 17 days were more than enough to squeeze me out. This time i had some good time the visit to BIT was the best move. I met so many of my school time friends. Sonal , Tathagat , Abhik , radhika all got through Cognigant. This time when i was in BIT I met soem of my friends almost after 3 years ( kuch ladkiyon ke to naam bhi nahin yaad they :P) but still it was fun. THe next good thing was pinky di was there so for the major part of the day Killing time was not a big problem.FOrtunately Nikita was also there this time so io met her almost after 5 years face to face in the mean time the only mode of contact we had was mobile n all.She has drastically and in a good way. I remember her as the sweetest girl in the class most quiet and shy but now she is a different person much more smart n much more expressive.
Papaji loved the CD collection which i burnt for him includign his all tiem fav movie TEESRI KAsam.

currently people in the wing are Sandy , Kox , Linda, Ingale, Junta , Joshi , Pondy , GAffoor , anshu shabby robin and Nattu.

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