Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mr. NICE GUY vs BAck door Charlie

I normally dont write this stuff but this is my concept which many of my frnd do know.
I dont remember where i picked this up probably some episode of Friend or may be sm site but this is very funny and happens all the time around you.

Now u all know what a mr nice guy .... i have a kind of definition of it ... u know that guy who is always the GOOD GUY....the NICE FRIEND of the ladies.Now this is what happens the girls goes around with other guys comes back and BITCHES in front of you how bad tht guy was so what am i supposed to do kick his ass ??? or how good it is to be in love n you are like oh yes girl i know but why the hell are u telling me this.

This thing is kool coz most of the times our Mr Nice Guy is thinking tht this girl will leave that DORK and realize tht our Mr nice guy is not only good for bitching stuff but also good enough to fall for. I have never seen it happen though .

Now there is another theory i came across its the Mr Back Door CHARLIE you see a girl who is already having a BF so then still u try for her then after some time u start playing ur tricks and then one day either she walks back or she is all urs .

These two are confusing but interesting theories at the same time. Mr Nice guy and Mr Back door Charlie are two guys on the same track trying to woo a girl who is already engaged but chances of being sucessful for the Mr nice guy are very few.......

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