Saturday, July 23, 2005

22nd July Day before Lonavala trip

Well today was friday and last working day of this week, to give final touches to our PT work me n sandy went to ONGC, after a gap of 15 days. We thought it is going to be a cake walk but no my guide Mr A.K. Gupta was all set to pour down his rage on our poor souls.Well i don't blame the guy he had evry reason n right to kick our A$$ but in the end i think he was way too kind. He helped us a lot today and gave us all the required material, now i think our report work will be done.

Then the big news Gupta came back and to follow our tradition we are again plannin to visit Lonavala and khandala only diff Linda and Sandy are goin to be the new additions . Chuza will be missing :( he is in kanpur and jeet is also back inhis hometown :(.
BUt still i guess this time it is going to eb more fun and masti.

Current MOOD : sleepy
Current Music : Bad medicine ..bon jovi


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