Saturday, September 24, 2005

Henry's Move to BARCA :-?

Latest news says chances are Henry will be leaving Arsenal to make a move to BARCELONA . This year his contract will be ending and chances are this French striker will be catching a flight to spain.
Thiery Henry's caliber is well proved and from the last few seasons he has been a key player in the arsenal squad. Infact Arsenals whole attack is centered arnd Henry.Viera already retired and now if henry moves this is going to be a big blow to arsenal. They really need to work hard to keep henry n this season's start of EPL is not a promising one loosing 2 games out of initial 5 and a a 7th position in the table is not a good sign.
Arsenal won EPL two season's back and were runner ups last season ..the reason being the flamboyant CHELSEA. Now arsenal is loosing its touch and that is obivous from their performance.
Barcelona has a better chance to win UEFA and the spanish permiera too with a squad which includes some of the world's finest and def a great coach Rijkaard BARCA might be the place tailored specifically for HENRY. It would be great to see ronaldinho deco ETO puyol ..all together wearing the same red and blue stripes.
Barca's acquisition of henry may shiver down the spines of their rival Madrid who are already having a tough time by loosing their opening match 3-0 in Uefa.
Well Owen's move to Newcastle was a heart beaker i was so excited to see Owen joining liverpool again and revive the old 2001 golden days but tht didn't work out so i m keeping my fingers crossed tht this works out. But once Henry will be gone Arsenal will be in vain i guess they must start lookin for a striker who will accompany Reyes .


loveuamy said...

well, hope it's just rumor!

lovey said...

no mattter who u play fuh ah still loving yuh.Bao lover........