Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Probably this is not of interest for most of the people. But i was bound to write this . Two great movies a serious and brave attempt to make cinema which we can truly call as beautiful. I saw Magnolia a year back i loved the movie and today saw CRASH and was bound to write something about it.

Magnolia (1999) Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson Writing credits : Paul Thomas Anderson

“Things fall down. People look up. And when it rains, it pours.”

CAST :Tom Cruise Pat Healy Julianne Moor Genevieve Zweig Mark Flannagan William H. Macy

Crash (2004) Directed by Paul Haggis Writing credits Paul Haggis (story) Paul Haggis (screenplay)

“You think you know who you are. You have no idea.”
CAST Sandra Bullock Don Cheadle Matt Dillon Jennifer Esposito William Fichtner Brendan Fraser

As obvious from the above the CAST of both the movie need no introduction it got to be a powerful performance packed movie.
What really en thrills me is the approach both the directors adopt to convey the message. Its is so simple yet so powerful.

The mood and stories and characters keep building and building and building, and when it finally comes down, I feel this immense sense of relief and wonder these two movies were able to come up with something so clever and intertwining and wondrous, and was able to pull it off. This "movie" is not for everyone. It is thinking-hat required.

Magnolia and CRASH both are stories of 6-7 strange people all leading their life marooned from each other but how a series of events lead them to come together. ITs about the agony, the pain , the stress, the emptiness,the joy, the ecstasy, the sweet smile which comes to your face when see your child sleeping , the incomplacency you feel when u see a loved one in pain the humiliation of being molested and the warmth for the same person when he saves your life, the feeling of being lost the feeling when everything seems to go the wrong way the FEEL of coming back to life from death, the sense of indifference when people judge you on the basis of your skin color, the feeling of loosing the faith of your own mother the fear when you don't feel safe in your own home the moment ,you realize your friends are not the real friends the feeling when the whole world consider you as a winner but deep down inside you know what you really are, the shine of red roses when you are in love or the neverending black dakness where hope seems to be move away from you every moment. Life has got many shades and many chores..............

Both movies share one common feature the the characterization is so intense and strong that as the camera moves over each of the characters, allowing us to see their lives, there's a constant feeling that we are seeing the characters souls laid bare on film. The camera work is amazing the long shots to the converge scenes all are brilliant and so is the SOUNDTRACKS. As the story unwinds and the camera moves the music gets you into the mood.

ONLY controversial thing about magnolia is the ending scene of falling frogs which is a big debate in itself.

THIS IS THE CINEMA everbody must watch because somewhere it helps you to understand life and its colors in full spectrum.


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