Thursday, August 04, 2005

First day of fourth year JULY 26 TH

Someone is b@nging my door, got to be sandy.I check my watch and see just as the minute hand crosses the 2 digit marks and the hour hand already passed 8 i roll over to the other side just as the second hand ticks over other numbers.Morning lectures not my kind of an idea, 80 % percent attendance insty rules. So i collect all the energy in my god damn body and get my a$$ off the bed. I look outside the window to see the rains are pouring so heavily as if there is a hole in the sky. So i get back to where i was.MY first day's lectures are ruined.
This time time when i woke up someone was calling "JUNTA LUNCH TIME". i get up and get down to have my lunch .The rains are taking no break infact they got heaviers and faster. Came back to enjoy my share of BLOODSHED in the CS arena which turned out to be pretty good my hands were steady as rock each and every bullet which i was firing was making holes in some bloody terrorists body.Then the usual stuff and tiffin time we all go back again to the mess the lift is not working so we all slide 5 floors down only to see there is a so much water in the mess that boating or kiaking seemed a better idea to get to the other end of the mess.MY tiffin is ruined.
8 pm in the night we all are starving the rains are not in the mood of stopping no not tonite. We call up the Dominos guy they are not picking up the phone and so was the case with SP o nutan or any fucking restaurant in the vicinity.
Suddenly an idea strikes us all to get out there right in the middle of this watery mess to have our dinner. We grab our gears and take the keys.All dressed up in cargos or shorts with wind cheaters .

Gupta me sandy munna narbhakshi robin n lappoo.We guys decided we ain't setting down for anything less than a Dominos pizza tonite. the rains were hitting hard and right in the face the windcheaters were no help. my cargo was all drenched even before we left the outer area of h 13. water upto knee level logging at every place giving 50 k priced 150 CC engine of pulsar a tough ride. we parked our bikes at main gate and started walking to HN . it was amazing and adventurous.Pizza hut was closed cars were moving with water level knocking at the windshield. Somehow we reach Dominos had our pizzas they tasted never so good.By the time we came bakc we all were shivering but still there was a satisfaction beacuse we all had a tiem of our life.

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I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link