Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fourth year's starting blast

SO finally I m back I mean we are back this time of year and our brain starts to wonder to catch the last glimpse of freedom just before the shackles of classes and lecture restrict us. Again Khandala 3 bikes 5 people and bang you got yourself a group consisting of three loaded guns ( Sandy , Gupta and me) ready to shoot out even before you pull the trigger and two lazy bums(munna and Linda) who thinks vacation is all about meditation and giving your mind a zone of ultimate comfort.

Time check :- 9 o clock in the morning and the alarm clock is beeping making my head feel like twice of its size what it was last time I checked. I get up n start shouting at other guys to wake up and smell the coffee we better get going but to I m amazed to c that everyone is up but GUPTA is missing( he left for his TRACTOR’s servicing).
Finally we leave Bombay at 4 pm just as we were about to cross the city limits a THULLA starts showing us a way making our bikes way to his run way. FIRST Q SIGNAL NAHIN DIKHTA KYA? We all thought Signal to tha hi nahin to dikhega kaise?? Watever second trouble LINDA baby has got no license but we smhow buy our escape with 200 cash I start driving. Second hault McD.

We manage a decent timing and reached khandala at 7 pm then started the quest for finding a decent bed to ease ourselves out took a room and we darted to a Diamond restaurant booze chicken n music till 3 am when we walked out of the place to we saw all our bikes tyres flat smone did tht intentionally but instead of solving who did that and why we started looking for a petrol pump by this time LINDA and MUNNA were completely exhausted but me gupta and sandy were enjoying every moment of the hardships.

Then the morning time we checked out at 6 :30 am and straight away made our way to BHUSHI dam man its awesome place with all the dames and the water that place makes you leave all your worries on a Space shuttle destined to outer space. We did some trekking and headed to the waterfall above and the final product makes all your efforts worthwhile.

Enuff of Dam thing and then the best part of khandala visit a Bike ride to the Sahara Amby Valley. The rain drops were hitting so hard on my face that the doctor’s needle now seemed to me a gentle touch. The hills were covered with clouds making everything after the range of 10 m almost invisible to eyes. It was hell lot of an experience driving in those conditions by the time we reached the top were were drenched and our teethes hitting so hard each other that they started making sound. Then gupta pops up an idea and that’s it we got out own cure way of dealing with the rain and cold. We took few hard shots of vodka and whiskey and that’s the rain no longer bothered any of us. Though mixing it was not a smart idea getting intoxicated and driving but anyhow it was gupta’s brain wat else you an expect.

FINALLY WE left khandala at arnd 5 pm reaching Bombay at arnd 9 pm
MAN I WAS AWAKE FOR 37 HOURS STRAIGHT. By the time we were back every MUSCLE in my body was promising me thousands of pain which were about to hit me but finally when I slept I had a feel of satisfaction coz I knew I started this sem again with a bang.

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