Monday, July 04, 2005

3rd July

Now I m changing my mind ..instead of using my blogs just about myself let it be a place to express myself about the society i live in.
i just saw a debate on the Imrana rape case where a 26 year old woman, mother of 5 , was raped by her own father in Law n the village panchayat instead of punishing the culprit turned their fury to the victim herself. She was asked to leave the village and her marriage was abjured by the people who call themselves as preachers of sheriyat.
The question is not that this happened to a muslim woman and there is smthing wrong with the islamic law or smthing beacuse there have been cases where the HINDU panchayat asked the woman to marry the person who raped her and call it justice.
THe problem lies in the fact INDIA doesn't have a UNIFORM CIVIL LAW. In a country like india where religion is such a strong belief having a UNiform civil law could be a problem. BUT IS RAPE A CASE OF CIVIL ACTION?? No not at all, when it comes to marriages or inheritence etc having a religion based law is fine. BUt considering a heinious crime like rape under civil law and giving right to a panchayat who abides by some sheriyat laws is stupidity at its best.

The most disturbing thing what i find about this whole thing is that the whoel debate is about the woman no one is talking about that guy who raped her in the first place.In all this turmoil the basic need of punishing the cuprit is faded somewhere.

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