Friday, December 02, 2005

A month --CATastrophe

Yes its been a month since i wrote anything other than academia. Well november was an exciting month whenever end sems are there its going to be a tense time.
So u take end sems add the B Tech project to it then add the Almighty CAT then the fearful XX trauma add the lab end sems the final submissions ...for the icing my SIS's marriage for tht i took a break of 5 days from my schedule.

So i guess now u have a picture or a feel of my last month n that explains my absence.
Well End sems were not good as usual sis marriage was fantastic loved everything about it.

THe biggest unexpected diaster was CAT, MAN wat a shocker trust me i expected the worst of it b4hand but this one came out all together diff.The moment i got the paper in my hand i knew people will be bumped but i thought i can handle this, now i laugh how wrong i was.
i made my strategy the moment i got the paper nuthin fancy abt it 40 min each section 15 min 1 mark qs n 25 min for 2 mark qs. started with quant as always it was tough smhow did it then came VERBAL, fuck me .......what the heck.It was so confusing by the time i finished reading the derrada wala passage i felt like my head is already chopped off. Anyways done wth vA n i had tht kind ofa feeling which u have when somone punches u in the stomach. DI was also on the same lines....n one after the other each question stuffed tht up an inch more.

Now it is over n I m done with my BTP presentation n all n now I M 87.5% iit grad.

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Anks said...

saale iss CAT ne to maa hi c**d di. chal koi baat nahi. we'll get som jobex 1st