Saturday, October 15, 2005

15th octtober

i wanted to write smthing for all these days but i was not jsut ready . the workload is getting me with only a month to go this final days tension is getting me. Anyway all this is boring n i know but still i m writing this blog as my personal diary to keep a record of all the things going on arnd me .
This week few ppts were there soem good ones liek ZS package > 6 lakhs but some crap ones liek fexitronics (2.65) then there were the regualr ones like IBM (3.5 )I m confused since the packages are low and the competition is too tough.

ENUFF of studies well i guess the preps for my sis marraige are all done i m done with the clothing and OMG tht was a hell lot of task looking for a fien tailor trying to get things right i m not a perfectionist but i need things to reach a certain level . I m sure those 3-4 days i m gonna have a blast but i"ll miss the ladies.

this week after a lon g logn time i saw many movies the common ones none of them was worth a mention very general movies though chocolate came as a surprise since it is inspired by one pof my all tiem fav "THE usual suspect" strangely the movie is not a complete looser like the other copies are " Usual " is a tough movie to copy n the director agnihotri did a decent job of keeping the movie intact n on tracks .

current mood : fucked up
current music : Bad medicine

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