Wednesday, July 06, 2005

4 th of JULY ( ANshu's BIG NIGHT)

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What you see above is a serious case of
HUMAR EMOTIONS MALFUNCTION. Yes, this guy is in love unfortunately
everytime he needs the boost up and morale support of HIGH QUALITY
liqour along with some of his helpful read bastard frnds to dispaly his
emotions tonite was just another nite.

 Tonite these bastards were me and sandy. SO 4th of JULY wats so
great about it ??? AMERICAN independence day, no not at all the day
started as usual crap bunking my PT trip to ONGC :P. then there was
usual adrenaline rush of counter strike and the dullness of TIME's
material. today i got the funda of recording demos of CS( thnks to
shabby ) so it added a new dimension to the identity of KURT COBAIN(
yeah thts my screen name for CS).

TO SPICE THINGS UP ..... we missed dinner ( 5th day in a row ) so we
landed at our GURUDWARA ( Sujata Palace) my partners in crime were the
usual ones SANDY ANSHU n the surpirse element BHAIYA( kapil's elder
bro). Anshu though he had his dinner still accompained us (thnks to me
:P) sayin we will jsu sit n talk. But the moment he said those words
and i saw the light in his eyes i knew this guy is gonna drink his a$$
off tonite. When you say DAARU how can i miss the pleasure of feeling
close to GOD..:D??? SO now we started ordering RC(Royal challenge)
quarters and  anshu started  lighting his inner soul read

Finally by the time we left SP ANSHU fell the victim of
EUPHORIA.Although we were on an ill mantained PULSAR of jangale on our
way  back to the hostel but still at tht moment tht bike felt like
a CRUISER to me..

So we finally come to the hostel GUESS WAT there is BACHA TF team gang
partying in narbhakshis room PLAYIN NIRVANA ( don't ask abt the whole
discocgraphies wat they played later because just remembering those
songs shiver my spines ) to the  great  great ILA ARUN ( thnk
god i was not there at tht timebr>


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So while we were throwing and bashing each other ANSHU calles his love of life SHU&#$ .

NONE of you is aware of the affair of anshu n shu@## so instead of
boring u all with the BORING MUSHY MUSHY stuff i"ll give u the real

ANSHU never saw this gal she is doin her studies in lucknow and jsut by
talking over the phone ANSHU fell in love with this gal ( yes my frnds
these kinda things do happen in real life) well strangely enuff this
gal also never met anshu and jsut saw his photograph and as it is
obviosu from the pic above how photogenic our ANSHU is the chances of
wooing this gal were next to impossible.( BTW don't go by the pic he is
HUNK 6feet tall fair n blah blah ) TO add to the credential of our MR
romeo he has  this divine power of literally killing anyone yes
anyone jsut by his talks.

So once upon a time ( i guess a week ago) this dude got high and
proposed this female over the phone .....which is a  great task
considering the fact she stays in lucknow and ANSHU has no internal
ties wiht MTNL its heavy on the pocket too. to give u all an idea about
this he spent 2k in the last 10-15 days for his phoen bills..:O...NOW

SO well finally i dunno wat they talked about but it turned out tht at 12:55 am of th JULY she said I LOVE YOU to anshu

THTS IT no more details and stuff the pic wat you see above is taken at 1 AM yes 5 min after the big night ..

WELL after tonite ANSHU got the LOVE of his LIFE and we guys got yet

another reason to DRINK and CELEBRATE ..FAIR DEAL isn't it???

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