Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Terrace of A-4

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Well today it is raining again and wat a lovely sight it is, so a

thougth came to my mind to write about one of the most cherished

possession by my wingies n tht is OUR TERRACE.

Night outs are an integral part of life@iit. You come in as a freshie n

at tht moment only SENIORS glorify about their regular night outs which

inludes MEGA MOVIE MARATHON or a game of footer taken too long or walk

to the lake side or jus CACK . The freshie is awestruck by listening to

these courageous deeds of his seniors is fascinated and decides tht he

won't remain an exception to this great tradition.

Same was the case with me and with few of my fellowmates .

Well first year went by n then we came to hostel 13 and here we found

our biggest possession and a venue to have an easy and smooth nightouts

apna very own TERRACE.

As it is obvious from the pics this palce is worth a visit . 

Subzero people have been intelligent enuff to use its potential to its

fullest. Our first DAARU party was held here and since then we all have

come a long way the farewell treat of NATTU n yeah the daily afetr

dinner sutta joint,.

a breeze of cool air .....the bluriness of the white smoke n few

useless talks have now become an integral part of our daily routine.

In the last few months i have discovered a new potential of this place ..it is very effectiuve in getting over ur hangover.

Sorry guys gtg ...

current song :- paheli.

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