Sunday, August 21, 2005

So i am back and this time after a long time but yeah i was having a hard time regarding few things
Last week was mixed a great oppurtunity and i saw it slipping through my fingers but still i got something out of it.
So the mega weekend ( friday to monday being 15th aug) comes we all decide to hit down the roads and make this weekend last in our heads for some time. THe GANG :- GUPTA, SANDY LAPPU and ME.
The brain starts to wander around brawling through the names of all the probable hang out joints. we nailed it to SHOOTERS yes blazing ,music a wooden dance floor open till 4 am in the night and the people are lively this place has got everything wat any guy wants.
THis time unlike the othere days since out KACHU ( tortoise ) sandy acted fast and he wasted lil less time on his face pack so we left our hostel on our bikes at 7:30.
NOw comes the real scoop Gupta promised one of his frnd to be there we never met that guy before so we thought he is going to be a real stud as he promised us that he will get us a stag entry on a friday night.Now we all are waiting outside the bandra station for this guys, I will call him "escort boy" . Suddenly a skiny chap dressed in the outfits which looked like a straight adaptation from some govinda's flick this guys walks in and says one more his frnd is coming who is a kool chap and another female is coming who is a dopist. We thought who cares for the cool guy but the dopist is worth the wait :P. No one showed up for the next 10 minutes and we were getting restless to get ourselves drowned in beer. Escort boy then told lets go to zenji a decnt pub we walk in that place looked like bandstand's lovers spot to me guys and gals sitting together the music was too light the lighting was also very bright no grooviness at all.

Escort Boy is still on the cell trying to get the dopist and by this time we lost the interest in the dopist and we all were like "FUCK HER" we don't need her here . SO now we tell this escort boy to be on his way as we are getting late and we need to go to SHOOTERS.

These guys have a very modest outer area you won;t even realise there is a hell lot of fun inside. You walk in and you are tattooed with some of the most childish marks a smiley :). Wateva we move in and as always we started our order. WHen u go to a PUB our golden rule is don;t eat anything inside beacuse if we guys will start eating inside we will be ending up by payin them in ways which i think are not appropraiate to expalin,ALL we do it run rounds of beer and more beer. We were inside at 10:30 pm thts when first round came in then till 3 :30 am in the morning beer came in and we ended up with 12 bottles of beer in 4 guys.

SHooters is kool the music is lively the gals are great and the dance floor rocks. we were dancing all night suddenly ESCORT BOY moves in the same place with his friend. Now we got out chance. LAPPOO was all drunk lost all of his senses and he literally started beating up tht guy while he was dnacing. EXCORT BOY came to me for rescue and told me "be yaar issko roko isne infinite pee li hai". and we were like abe enjoy kar yaar dance kar.

Around 3:30 am in the morning the music stopped and some heavy sounds came from my backside as i turned back a bottle of beer flew pass by me, giving my forehead a 2 inch margin from SIX STICHES on the forehead. MAN tht bottle was gyrating in the air and as it passed by me i felt the air moving my hairs. ACtually what happened was there were two HOT HOT HOT looking two females who from every angle looked like lesbians .They were wearing the hottest dress in the neighbourhood. They were dancing all night and when ever a guy approached them they said no . Two groups of guys had a fight for these gals so one guy hit another guy with a bottle on his head . IT was so filmy even the gals were fully drunk and they were also equally involved in the fight one chick was trying to hit a guy with a mug of beer.

ANYWAY we left the place but still it was only 3:30 am so we thought of having chicken kebab at the AirPORT.Biked whroomed and we left for airport.BUt before that as always our tradition BANDSTAND walk in front of barista. THe sound of the ocean makes you feel stronger and for few moments you forget all your worries the submissions the tests the quizzes of iit.

ITS fun to ride in mumbai late in the night it is so cool. The same roads are filled with four wheeleres oozing out smoke and the traffic moving snail's pace in the evening. In the night things are all different the street light makes the highway looks like a runaway and the pulsar which i was driving was no less than an airplane.

WE went over to airport had our chicken at arnd 4:30 am hanged arnd till 5 am.
By the time we came back in the hostel it was 6 am in the morning. I came back and the only thought that was on my mind was to hit the bed.

I got up at 10 am strangely god knows how that happened and i was feeling fresh.I took the newspaper only to see MANGALA PANDEY is on and Lifestyle sale is on SO asked around the wing for a movie only narbhakshi agreed we went to RMALL saw the movie pretty okie dokie did some shopping and then came back next day i had my MOCK CAT so studied a bit .
THEN came sunday morning the mock cat did pretty okay as compared to last time wateva i was happy.
ENUFF ............
Again a weekend sucessfully helping us all to terminate the week long worries and agony.Though a bit heavy on the pocket.

CURRENT MOOD :- confused



Anonymous said...

why did'nt u mentioned about the GIRL whom u flurt just for a while in ,shooters..;)

Ankit said...

Abe everything can't be mentioned..

anks said...

arre yaar i wanna know bout tht gal. post kar nahi to bajata hu teri.

Ankit said...

BE i was drunk i don't even remember her face plus (though i rem she was sexy) i was shouting THE F&*& WORD so loud tht even the cooks inside the kitchen of the pub wud have heard me. Us time par woh milli thi plus she had a bf who was wearing a 38 waist ki jeans so just imagine :P