Friday, September 23, 2005


i m back really its been a long time reasons are many ...but mainly workload mid sems and all.Its tough to be regular blogger though i love the stuff but smtimes just i don;t get the time.Last few days were not good, a mental unrest is going on inside my head. But as always MUSIC always helps while i was surfing thru the net jsut came across the lyrics of this beautiful song by junoon

Meri awaz suno mujhe azad karo
Meri awaz suno insaf do
Azad karo Insaf do
Karon kuon ghulami teri
Ghulami teri kuon zalaman
Mangon na Khudai teri
Mangon men to haq zalama
Tere sang zamana sara
Khuda he mere sang zalama
Meri awaz suno mujhe azad karo
Meri awaz suno insaf do
Azad karo Insaf do

The idea of break free the state of Nirvana are all ways of breaking the shackels and running away from ur tensions
just once. The human tendency of getting attention to be heard is an imp thing its complicated yet we all know how
it feels like. Hardly a person gets time to do tht there can be few small breaks of vacations holidays but everyone has to
comeback the idea of going to a new place where u have a new identity no one knows u and a new life is waiting for u down the horizon is great
Maybe all this is an outcome of the recent material i have been reading Indian philosphy i just now saw LAst Days and
then i read "the partner" but wateva it is i felt like writin abt it .
I know I m too materialistic to do anything like tht but its excitig to give it a thought.

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