Sunday, October 30, 2005

SUNDAY the 30th

Second last day of the month last sunday and the final three tests of TIME mock cat started. Well in this sem all my sundays were same i get up at 8 or 8:30 thnks to the good old aloo parathas of breaker which is the only motivation to go down 5 floors on a beautiful sunday morning.then come back listen to some good music glance thru the paper or few sites check my inbox( which i already checked at 4 am before sleeping) ANd every grey cell of my body knows no soul on this earth wud have sent me a mail between 4 am to 8 but still . This is a strange habit in IIT no matter if u checked ur inbox just fieve minutes before u do it again everytime u walk into ur room .:p
Well i gave my test as usual its a weekly routine earlier i used to worry abt my %tile n all now i m cool with it .who gives a damn anyhow.

LAst week was hectic with this new attendance rule coming into picture i had to do a lot of running n had to suck up to my profs to get those extra attendance ..but i kool with it just imagine how much time i saved by bunking all those lectures n in return all this hard work is a negligent thing to do.
I didn't see any movie today but watched few episodes of frnds n scrubs.

Todays yahoo status "Few women admit their age......Fewer men act it."
Current music Preacher's song
Current mood relaxed

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